Thursday, June 24, 2010

Time to sit down

This is is all because of Fucking Something Awful.

Fuck Something Awful.

It all started out so fun. Lets make paranormal images, lets share them, try to find where I doctored this picture! Yay yay yay! Hide a ghost, find a ghost, watch other people find your ghost. Fun. A good way to kill 3 hours. It's weird to think it was only a year ago. Almost summer vacation. Everything was hot and sticky. People wanted to go to the mall, and I hated the mall so I stayed in and watched the nerdy horror thread and talked to other people who were doing the same. Fucking around the internet, looking for something to scare them. Then he posted it. The 1st pictures with it hidden away in forests and near kids and after fires. Can you find the Slenderman?

Great stories were posted. People made awesome pictures. That forum was more popular then ever. I woke up, checked my emails, went on twitter, checked that thread, every morning like clockwork. Sometimes there would be new stuff and sometimes there wouldn't, but still it was great. People were being creative, people were making a new story, and, most importantly, people were scared.

Then Marble Hornets came out. And the other blogs and videos, and everything started. So much stuff. So many people thinking about Slenderman. So many people fearing it. So many people writing about Slenderman.

Have you ever heard of The Philip Phenomenon?

In the 70's a group of people in Canada literally thought a ghost into existence. It took months. They would sit around a table and think about Philip and make up stories about him and try to will him into existence. And then they did.

It became Him.

It was fun until it wasn't.

Until my brother died.

This isn't a blog about how weird stuff will start happening to me, then I get paranoid, then I start to hear about Slenderman from other people and don't believe you until it's too late and He's sitting right in front of me eating a cookie and I'm screwed. That already happened to me. And I survived. Because I was smart, I learned the rules, I kept moving. That's what this blog is, a way to teach people how to win against Him. Because I don't know how many of these Slenderman blogs are real or not (fun fact: you can tell a Slenderman blog/vlog isn't real if it completely copies Marble Hornets, which is most of them), but I'm tired of seeing all these people make the same mistakes over and over.

The same mistakes I made.

The same mistakes that got my brother killed.

- M, a friend


  1. Hi M. I'm a fan. I don't know if you will see this comment or not but I wanted to be a little conspicuous. I started a blog last night devoted to a journal of sorts as well as debunking most of the Slenderman related myth and I would really like to have your contribution. If this is all real, as you say, and you are creating a guide for people then let's talk and debate and maybe come to a middle ground on some of these issues. I said some pretty slanderous things about you but think about it more as finding the truth by examining from all possible angles. Hope to hear from you.

  2. so its like a Tulpa? people thought this thing into existence and now hes on the hunt?