Sunday, June 27, 2010

'What the hell is (x)?'

When I was getting ready to write this entry I realized a lot of my entries have stories in them. I think it's the only way I can start an entry without being all 'Hi, guys, time for today's lesson! Yay!' (Talking of that kind of bullshit, anybody know if Everyman Hybrid is for real or not? Those kids are in deep shit if it is. Either way watching that shit pisses me off. If it's a joke it's like joking about some horrible war or something. Sorry if I don't get the joke but 'Oh shit Slenderman is stalking us while we do our exercise show' just isn't very funny to me. Like if you made a bunch of videos about like a flood or something, and showed it to a bunch of people who had just lost their houses in 1, or something. If it is real then I would say they are 90 percent fucked if they don't get their act together. That Evan kid is already going. I do like their friend's beard though. Wish I could grow 1.) Still I feel like it makes me sound like some old man.

"Did I eve tell you kids how I looked into the face of evil while my friend was torn apart by a ocean?"

Just like grandpa.

In any case it's the only way I know how to tell people stuff I guess. It's so hard for me to remember anything before all this happened. I don't know if it's is from Him, or just how things are when things like this happen to people. But I think I was always like this, telling stories to explain things. I don't know. Maybe I'm lying to myself by saying that this blog is for teaching people how to beat Him and more just about me venting out all my stupid feelings nobody wants or should hear, and thinking about all my stupid dead or missing friends. I mean yesterday's entry was pretty maudlin, so who knows.

Reading this back I guess I'm pretty unsure about this whole project.

Though I can't imagine why.

Anyway enough of my bullshit, time to get down to business the only way I know how. Everybody gather around grandpa! Time to learn about the ghastly horrors he has witnessed!

At 1 point, around the 6th month of being on the road I met a boy who lived in a small town I decided to stop in for a while who's name was James Mathews. James was a math genius who had been told about Slenderman by his cousin and was now be followed by Him. I liked James. He was good at thinking up rules and trying them out and figuring out what worked and what didn't. We had to leave his house at 1 point because he was afraid for his parents, but we stayed together for a while. When we were on the road we stopped at a library and looked up to see if anybody else was having our problem. While we were looking it up James asked me what the (x) meant.
"That's the operator symbol." I said.
"No shit, there are tons of operator symbols in math, but what does it mean?" he asked.
"I don't know, it shows up in Marble Hornets and Just Another Fool I think. People draw it when they get the notebooks." I said "haven't you seen them use it in the videos and photos and stuff?"
"Oh," said James after a pause "I had just thought that all those guys were math majors."

James was a genius, but sometimes he said stuff like that.

Still he had a point which was that I had no real idea what the symbol did. So I tried it out, or James did. And we realized something.

It's a giant eye.

Or maybe a face, but either way it acts like the masks, it makes Slenderman think somebody is looking at him and he won't come near it if you you draw it enough or big enough. It's not fool proof, like the other stuff, but if you put it on your clothing or something it keeps Slenderman away a little more then normally (I have it on the back of my hoodie). It's sort of like spraying something an animal doesn't like around where you don't want it. It may where off, or the animal may get wise to it after a while, but it keeps them away for a little while.

James decided to go to the sea. He thought that if you went to the sea then maybe Slenderman couldn't get you. Slenderman tends to use fire to do his dirty work, so maybe he couldn't cross into water or something like that. I wasn't convinced, but if anybody knows if that work, again let me know.

A few months ago when I was almost to New York I got something in a P.O. box I had set up. It was a post card with a picture of a waterfall. All it said was:

'i don't feel frightened not knowing thingS. I think it's much more interesting. - richArd FEynman.

- J.M.'

It had no return address. Still it made me feel good.

All these things are only things that help. Only all these things together can beat him. But maybe, if you're really smart, you can.

- M

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Late blog post today. All my stuff got stolen today and I tried to track it down. Didn't have much stuff but still. Now all I have are the clothes I was wearing. I have some money but not enough to buy new clothes and or anything like that. Food is more important.

Sometimes I wonder if this blog is all a waste and if really I'm loosing. I live on the street, I have no friends, I had to quit school, I don't know what I'm doing half the time. I don't know how I can help anybody. But at least I'm sane and still alive which is more then I can say for most people who have been in the same situation. I guess living on the street and roof tops is better then being dead.

New York is a pretty safe place to hide. Probably 1 of the stupider things people do when hiding from Slenderman is don't talk to anybody, or go out. You're safer around more people or in public. Slenderman doesn't really like to come out around other people. This doesn't mean that Slenderman won't get you if you have a buddy to hang out with you inside, or decide to live in a mall. A few months ago I met a boy named Sam Mark. Sam had the idea that if we stayed together at all times then Slenderman couldn't get us because he would only attack you 1 on 1 and somebody could always keep their eyes open. Sam and I got out into the woods at 1 point and I saw him get torn apart. This may have had something to do with the fact that Sam was already pretty far gone when I met him, and ran out into the wood yelling 1 afternoon, but still it was hard to see him flying through the air, his eyes wide and scared staring at me as he disappeared through the trees. He screamed for a long time. I ran and ran, but couldn't seem to find him, even though he had been pulled straight though the trees in front of me. The trees were like a maze, running under and through branches, cutting my face and hands. You can't keep your eyes open when you run through the forest like that. Only when you stop can you open them. There was blood everywhere. It was as if it had rained in the night, damp and smelling strongly of something not usually in the woods. The fallen leaves collected blood like cups. He hung on a tree branch, his limp body unmoving high up. The sun dappled his hair through the branches of the high trees. I got him down and buried him. He lived in a farm house and I buried him near the small work house near it, equally red and brick as the house. He had no family. I moved on and didn't take anything from his house. He gave me the watch I wear. He was the last on a long list of people I saw die.

That was a bad day.

Anyway staying near a bunch of people won't help you. If you don't know the rules then you're doomed. The buddy system doesn't always work just because Slenderman goes after kid. And He does go after kids. The stories are what He comes from and they all say He goes after kids.

All stories are true. Some are just more true then others. The narrator of each story is the only person you can count on to tell the story and you're the narrator of each of your stories.

I guess that's the lesson for today. You're the narrator. You can only count on yourself.

- M

Friday, June 25, 2010

The 3 Rules

I hate it when people who have no idea what they're doing cover that up with 'I have it under control.'

No you don't have it under control because if you had it under control you would know what you were doing. I have no idea what I'm doing and I don't have it under control. But I know what I can do and I know how to do it. So far it seems to be working, but I have no idea if it actually is or not. Either way it's all I can do, and I'm not dead yet so I think it's ok. It's not under control, but it's not out of control.

I guess I should start out with the 3 rules.

I don't want this blog to become some 'how to', lesson a day thing. That just sounds stupid. Maybe I'll have lessons sort of, but not straight up 'today's lesson is how to jump from roof to roof at night' kind of stuff (you have to learn that on your own, it's an important skill). But still, I need to put up the 3 rules. The 3 rules I've learned from being on the road for the past few months. The 3 rules that will keep you alive.

1. Get up high

I come from a place that's like 80 percent of America, meaning that it's covered in trees and woods and close enough to a road so that you could get to the mall or the 7-11 easily. I lived in a normal, wood house (ok maybe the wood wasn't a normal part, but my dad liked to build stuff so there you go), that was 2 stories high and had a view of nothing but trees. You could have jumped from the highest window and you would have been fine. So when stuff started to get weird I was confused as to where to hide. I thought that if you just stayed inside you would be ok. Away from the trees.

I was wrong. We were ok until people started disappearing. He takes everybody who comes between Him and who He wants. Friends, family, anybody. If you're thinking about them, then He'll come after them, just to get to you.

It's hard when you call everybody on your phone and nobody besides your brother picks up.

My brother was smart though. Near my house was a water tower. We had gone up there a few times when the weirdness started. Nothing weird ever happened up there. You could spend a whole day holed inside, hearing sounds outside your window, take a long drive and keep seeing things out of the corner of your eye, run from Him for half an hour though the fucking woods and still every time we went up to the water tower, things became like they were before. I think my brother realized that. I think that's why he stuck me in the water tower for a whole night. I don't think he actually knew if it would really work or not (how could he?), or how high you needed to be, or if the house was safe, but he knew something about the water tower worked. He went back to the house. I don't know why he did that.

It was only after I went back to my house I realized it.

My brother wasn't as smart as I thought he was.

My brother was gone.

But He wasn't. There's something about running down your own hallway in a blind fear that just makes you have epiphanies. And mine was 'Get to the roof.' I stayed on the roof for about 4 hours, though it seemed shorter. The whole time He never came to get me. I never saw Him . It was like He knew he couldn't get me and He left. And that's when it all fit together.

He can't get you when you're up high.

You have to be up pretty high. Like I said, 2 stories weren't high enough, but my roof was and that only 2 stories or so higher. I don't actually think it's the height either. That would be stupid. Slenderman is pretty tall, so the idea He couldn't get you just because you were too far up to reach is stupid. I think it more has to do with the fact that for some reason He can't see you as a person. That's the thing, it's not easy to out run Slenderman, but it's easy to trick him. I think being up high probably makes him confused and not read you as human. Humans are all shorter then Him, so a taller human makes no sense. That's the other thing about Slenderman, He's not that smart. I realized I had to go to a place that had lots of high places that were easy to get to. So I started to walk and I walked all the way to New York. And that brings me to the next rule.

2. Keep moving

You can't stay up high forever. As easy as it is to get onto roof tops and into tall buildings, there's not a lot of food or water up there. Even if there was you'd probably go crazy from being stuck inside all the time (which happens to a lot of people who are hiding from Slenderman). You need to go out and walk around for whatever reason and you will need to change location. Because even if Slenderman can't get you people can. And Slenderman is good at getting people to do things for Him.

You have to keep moving, whether it's around the city, or area of the country or wherever you are. And every few months it's good to move to a totally different area if you can. Walk, drive, take a us, it doesn't matter. Just keep moving, or else you are screwed.

3. Keep your eyes open

You probably already know this rule, since Marble Hornet pretty much single-handedly willed this into existence, but still it's important. You have to keep your eyes open, and always be watching because Slenderman can't get you if you look right at Him, or He think you're looking right at him. This by the way, doesn't mean filming Him or yourself all the time helps! People think that filming themselves at all times helps, but it doesn't! It does nothing! If you look at Him through a camera it doesn't work! It's just like closing your eyes. The only thing it does is mess up perfectly good film. This also brings me to another point which is, wearing masks can help, but they're not needed.Masks are good because Slenderman is easily tricked by masks into thinking your eyes are still open even if you're asleep or not looking at Him (this also falls into the Slenderman is stupid category). You don't really need them, but they're good if you're in a bad spot (in certain parts of India the people wear masks on the back of their heads so that tigers think that they're looking at them and won't attack them. It's sort of like that). So, keep your eyes open and He can't get you, or at least not as fast.

This rule of course has a problem which is that you need to sleep and again, He can get some of his friend to do annoying things like take your mask off (I just want to note really quick I don't actually own a mask, so it's not really necessary).

There is 1 exception to this rule and that's if you're blind. There's a girl out there who's name is Mimi Shrawts. I don't know what happened to her. I had to leave. But she's out there, with this problem and still she was beating it. I asked her how and said that even though she couldn't see she still had a pretty good mental image of what was going on around her. Not in the same way we do (I asked her to explain it and she couldn't really, but I think it was mostly in sound and touch), but still it was pretty accurate. So basically if she kept Slenderman in her mental image of the world when she knew he was there she was ok.

That's all for now. The people around here are giving me looks like I need to go. Also I need food. Try to stay alive, and Mimi, or anybody else, if you're out there, let me know.

- M

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Time to sit down

This is is all because of Fucking Something Awful.

Fuck Something Awful.

It all started out so fun. Lets make paranormal images, lets share them, try to find where I doctored this picture! Yay yay yay! Hide a ghost, find a ghost, watch other people find your ghost. Fun. A good way to kill 3 hours. It's weird to think it was only a year ago. Almost summer vacation. Everything was hot and sticky. People wanted to go to the mall, and I hated the mall so I stayed in and watched the nerdy horror thread and talked to other people who were doing the same. Fucking around the internet, looking for something to scare them. Then he posted it. The 1st pictures with it hidden away in forests and near kids and after fires. Can you find the Slenderman?

Great stories were posted. People made awesome pictures. That forum was more popular then ever. I woke up, checked my emails, went on twitter, checked that thread, every morning like clockwork. Sometimes there would be new stuff and sometimes there wouldn't, but still it was great. People were being creative, people were making a new story, and, most importantly, people were scared.

Then Marble Hornets came out. And the other blogs and videos, and everything started. So much stuff. So many people thinking about Slenderman. So many people fearing it. So many people writing about Slenderman.

Have you ever heard of The Philip Phenomenon?

In the 70's a group of people in Canada literally thought a ghost into existence. It took months. They would sit around a table and think about Philip and make up stories about him and try to will him into existence. And then they did.

It became Him.

It was fun until it wasn't.

Until my brother died.

This isn't a blog about how weird stuff will start happening to me, then I get paranoid, then I start to hear about Slenderman from other people and don't believe you until it's too late and He's sitting right in front of me eating a cookie and I'm screwed. That already happened to me. And I survived. Because I was smart, I learned the rules, I kept moving. That's what this blog is, a way to teach people how to win against Him. Because I don't know how many of these Slenderman blogs are real or not (fun fact: you can tell a Slenderman blog/vlog isn't real if it completely copies Marble Hornets, which is most of them), but I'm tired of seeing all these people make the same mistakes over and over.

The same mistakes I made.

The same mistakes that got my brother killed.

- M, a friend