Friday, May 27, 2011

This is what happens when I leave

When that kid comes back I'm going to make sure he never posts on anybody's blog ever again.

- M

Thursday, May 26, 2011

cold on the roof

I'm on my roof right now under the tent kind of thing we put on it. M finally came out of the bathroom and I gave him some food and stuff but he still won't talk to me. Now he's pacing around the roof, getting all wet and I'm on my lap top trying to figure out what to say to him. I feel like I should do something or give him new clothes but everytime I try to talk to him he just stares at me and there's this really awkward silence. The only thing he's said to me is when I gave him some coffee in the fish cup my friend sent me.
"Beth liked fish," he said.
"Who's Beth?" I asked.
Then he stared at me and went up to the roof. He seems pissed at me. Now I'm doing research on all this and reading all of the other stories now that I finished Seeking Truth. Some of the people are really good writers but some are pretty shitty. Right now I'm in that chat for the Everyman Hybrid thing, angora or whatever it's called, trying to get information. M keeps staring at me. Then he paces again. He touches his neck a lot where it's bruised. Sometimes he talks to himself. Just now he said something about 'getting the fucking shit out of there' and hallways and guns. I'm gonna keep an eye on him. At least there's stuff to do while the weather is bad I guess. Also people asked me how I was and I realized you guys kind of don't know anything about me and that's kind of weird so if you want to know anything about the person watching your friend just ask!

- Bondie

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In the bathroom

So I took M to the hospital and filled out all his forms mostly with 'unknown' on everything which was kind of weird but the doctors seemed ok with it so that's good. They said that M seemed like he was in bad shape but mostly just from probably not eating or drinking for a while and they Iv'ed him and let him sleep for a while. I went back home, told my room mate what had happened, and then after a while went back to the hospital. I stayed in the ER for a while until they said M was ready to be discharged if he was over 18 and I guess he told them he was after I told them I didn't know his age (he told them his birthday was in July so I guess it's his birthday soon) and they let him go. He seemed pretty pissed off on the walk home and kind of like he was going to run away. I tried to make small talk but it didn't really work and I didn't tell him I had posted on here.

After we got back to the house I told him he could rest in my bed but he said my house wasn't high enough. I asked him if that was a drug thing and he gave me a really pissed off look and said he didn't do drugs and then asked if I did drugs and we sort of had this weird moment of silence until I told him there was a futon he could use if he didn't want to use my bed. He then dragged it out of my closet and up to my roof which was weird but people on here said it was just something he liked to do. Either he really believes these rules or he's just a weird artist kind of guy, which is something I'm pretty use to since the school I go to has a lot of those kinds of people.

He slept for a while up on the roof and I slept in my bed (which was better then the couch I had planned to sleep on) and hung out reading this blog. I thought about looking into this slenderman stuff (I feel like this is the way so many of these shitty blogs start) but then decided against it. Seriously this stuff doesn't interest me. Slenderman isn't scary. He has no face yeah but so what? It's just a scary picture of a guy in a suit. Marble Hornets is well made but just isn't my thing. After a while I heard something outside my door and peaked out and saw M walking around the house. He then went into the bath room and hasn't come out since. I'm not sure when he eats or does normal people stuff but if he doesn't soon I'll drag him out of the bath room and make him a sandwich or something.

I guess people must be wondering why I would do this. Just to let you know, I'm not a creep. I grew up in a shitty orphanage and right before I left for college it closed and all the kid had to go to foster homes or other places and I just wanted to help them. I know it sounds stupid but I just wanted them all to come live with me. So I promise if anybody needed help I would help them in Chicago. Now this guy needs help so I'll help him. Even if he is some weird kid in my bath room. So yeah I'll pass on anything you need to tell M and keep an eye on him until he's ready to go I guess. I wish there was more I could do but I can't do anything until he talks to me. Is he usually this quiet? Also does he have any family I can contact? As somebody with no family I understand it happens but his blog says his family was killed by Slenderman and that can't be true. So if anybody has any information like I said that would be great. Also my room mate wanted to know if there's anything he really likes to eat or any way we can get him out of the bath room so we can shower and stuff. Anything would be good. Also I did start Seeking Truth which is really well written for a story about slenderman. I wish it was just a detective story, that would be cool.

- Bondie

Monday, May 23, 2011

Anybody know?

Hey so I found this kid in a library (which is where I am right now) that's near my house in Chicago passed out and he won't wake up and he looks pretty bad. I found a notebook in the pocket of his hoodie that had the password and URL for this blog and also some weird notes (probably stuff for the blog I guess?) and like a few pictures in it and stuff. I'm not really sure what to do but it seems like there's a lot of people on here, whatever it is (I think I've heard of Slenderman but I'm not really into that stuff), so does anybody know who this person is? They have no ID or anything and they look like they could use help since he's been here since I got here hours ago and hasn't moved.


- He is wearing a yellow hoodie, blue ripped jeans, and black boots
- He is about 5'4", white, with longish hair (it's super dirty so I can't really tell if it's really dark or not)
- His neck is bruised, but not like it's been strangled. Really weird.
- On him was the note book, a photo of a boy with a red beard and lots of tattoos, a knife (box opener kind of thing), and a piece of rope
- The weirdest thing is he has like these plastic bands, like the kind you get at a hospital, on his wrist but like they're all worn and you can't really read any of it. The things I can make out on it are 'Risk', on the tightest band, the next band is almost completely white except for some numbers or something I think, and the the next is the oldest looking and just has 'M. S' and then is all white

He looks like he's in pretty bad shape. I'll probably take him to the hospital and then to my house. If anybody knows him I would really like the information. Maybe somebody could come pick him up? He looks like a run away. I just moved here so this is kind of weird for me. Any information would be great. Thanks.

- Bondie