Sunday, June 27, 2010

'What the hell is (x)?'

When I was getting ready to write this entry I realized a lot of my entries have stories in them. I think it's the only way I can start an entry without being all 'Hi, guys, time for today's lesson! Yay!' (Talking of that kind of bullshit, anybody know if Everyman Hybrid is for real or not? Those kids are in deep shit if it is. Either way watching that shit pisses me off. If it's a joke it's like joking about some horrible war or something. Sorry if I don't get the joke but 'Oh shit Slenderman is stalking us while we do our exercise show' just isn't very funny to me. Like if you made a bunch of videos about like a flood or something, and showed it to a bunch of people who had just lost their houses in 1, or something. If it is real then I would say they are 90 percent fucked if they don't get their act together. That Evan kid is already going. I do like their friend's beard though. Wish I could grow 1.) Still I feel like it makes me sound like some old man.

"Did I eve tell you kids how I looked into the face of evil while my friend was torn apart by a ocean?"

Just like grandpa.

In any case it's the only way I know how to tell people stuff I guess. It's so hard for me to remember anything before all this happened. I don't know if it's is from Him, or just how things are when things like this happen to people. But I think I was always like this, telling stories to explain things. I don't know. Maybe I'm lying to myself by saying that this blog is for teaching people how to beat Him and more just about me venting out all my stupid feelings nobody wants or should hear, and thinking about all my stupid dead or missing friends. I mean yesterday's entry was pretty maudlin, so who knows.

Reading this back I guess I'm pretty unsure about this whole project.

Though I can't imagine why.

Anyway enough of my bullshit, time to get down to business the only way I know how. Everybody gather around grandpa! Time to learn about the ghastly horrors he has witnessed!

At 1 point, around the 6th month of being on the road I met a boy who lived in a small town I decided to stop in for a while who's name was James Mathews. James was a math genius who had been told about Slenderman by his cousin and was now be followed by Him. I liked James. He was good at thinking up rules and trying them out and figuring out what worked and what didn't. We had to leave his house at 1 point because he was afraid for his parents, but we stayed together for a while. When we were on the road we stopped at a library and looked up to see if anybody else was having our problem. While we were looking it up James asked me what the (x) meant.
"That's the operator symbol." I said.
"No shit, there are tons of operator symbols in math, but what does it mean?" he asked.
"I don't know, it shows up in Marble Hornets and Just Another Fool I think. People draw it when they get the notebooks." I said "haven't you seen them use it in the videos and photos and stuff?"
"Oh," said James after a pause "I had just thought that all those guys were math majors."

James was a genius, but sometimes he said stuff like that.

Still he had a point which was that I had no real idea what the symbol did. So I tried it out, or James did. And we realized something.

It's a giant eye.

Or maybe a face, but either way it acts like the masks, it makes Slenderman think somebody is looking at him and he won't come near it if you you draw it enough or big enough. It's not fool proof, like the other stuff, but if you put it on your clothing or something it keeps Slenderman away a little more then normally (I have it on the back of my hoodie). It's sort of like spraying something an animal doesn't like around where you don't want it. It may where off, or the animal may get wise to it after a while, but it keeps them away for a little while.

James decided to go to the sea. He thought that if you went to the sea then maybe Slenderman couldn't get you. Slenderman tends to use fire to do his dirty work, so maybe he couldn't cross into water or something like that. I wasn't convinced, but if anybody knows if that work, again let me know.

A few months ago when I was almost to New York I got something in a P.O. box I had set up. It was a post card with a picture of a waterfall. All it said was:

'i don't feel frightened not knowing thingS. I think it's much more interesting. - richArd FEynman.

- J.M.'

It had no return address. Still it made me feel good.

All these things are only things that help. Only all these things together can beat him. But maybe, if you're really smart, you can.

- M


  1. Are you sure that's all the operator symbol does? There's no deeper purpose?

  2. It's just what I've seen it do. Could have a deeper purpose. I'm not sure. Somebody told it 'summons Slenderman', but I'm not sure if that means it gets the idea in your head so that he starts following you, or that it actually summons him like a portal (I highly doubt that).

    1. M,
      I'm honestly afraid and overwhelmed and unsure of what to do right now. Ill probably post this on a lot of yor stuff just to try and make sure you see it. The other day I found my best friend Dylans sketchpad..he's an artistic genious so I thought it was kinda weird to see him writing instead of drawing but he kept mentioning slenderman and I got curious and looked it up and I think he's following me. I haven't seen him directly but ppl are dying and dylans getting worse and I'm 13 with no survival skills I can't run from him. I've been sleeping on the roof of my house and I've been keeping my eyes open but I don't think I'm gonna last long..

  3. A little late on the action, but either way, I've been wearing the symbol even before SM came into my life. It's the insignia I use for the survival group I've organized.

  4. If He uses Fire, you should use ICE agaisnt him.

  5. What, like liquid nitrogen? Doubt it.
    Well, winter is coming. Let's see if the tree man is an evergreen or not.

  6. o and i also know what the sybol represents
    the cyrcle is a head and the x over it means to cross it out, head x-out face...

  7. Capitalization in message spells SAFE.

    And I am assuming the (x) is the circle with the x through it? I thought He used it to mark his territory, or possibly those who are being followed use it to communicate.

  8. In Zeke's first blog, Sam Ford claims the symbol is something that the thin white douche marks his victims with to let them know they are next. He disappeared at the beginning of last April, right in the middle of a police station with two trained police officers standing guard. Seems contradictory.

    Entry can be found here:

  9. The March 30 entry specifically, sorry.

  10. the circle represents life in most religions and cultures (or rebirth), and the cross often represents an end or death of something, so the operator symbol may simply imply death/the end of life which coincides with many of the slendermans actions

  11. it s so late to write there, i think... but your article was interesting.