Sunday, September 19, 2010

Come and get me (sounds like something a hooker would say)

Come and get me.

What the fuck does that mean?

Fuck Zeke is back maybe and I have no idea what the fuck is up. The talking in code seems pretty hollowed out to me but who knows. That code was from the ginger bread man, who gets eaten, which points to things being pretty shitty for Zeke behind that door, but then he commented on Damien's blog.

Who is dead.

I always sort of thought that Damien was probably fake but who knows. I sure as fuck don't need another story about the the horrible shit going on in my life but even so, it seems like all the people who were in the game for a long time die. I guess I've been thinking about that a lot recently. How long it really takes for people being followed by Him to die. It seems like we always do, which makes sense since it pretty hard to constantly run from a guy with no face, but still. I wondered how long I could out run Him.

I guess I got sort of depressed. It's getting cold here so I tried to find places to stay for the winter and it's been hard. Somebody told me the subway but that's not safe enough. I may have to start breaking into people's places again, but that's not as easy in New York. I really had no idea what to do and with all this I guess I was what you would call kind of mopey.

Which makes me a huge pussy.

But really who isn't after loosing over 2 people in the course of a month?

Then fucking Zeke came back. And you know what fuck that. Fuck Zeke being missing for months. Fuck giving up. Fuck being sad. Fuck the weird ass dreams I've been having. Fuck Slenderman. I started this blog to help beat this and to help people be safe and live. I'm not much a fighter. I never have been. I'm not a hero and I'm not the guy who goes out and saves the day. But there are ways to beat this. Ways to keep going. And even if that means running it's better then giving into fucking Slenderman.

Fucking Zeke. What the hell does come and get me mean? People have been saying it's a taunt but I'm not so sure. It seemed more like a request maybe. Like he wants people to help him. But then that doesn't sound much like Zeke. That's what makes me wonder if he's hollowed out. His comment seemed to make sense, but it didn't seem like him. I mean don't get me wrong, it's the same snarky asshole we all know and love, but still, not something he would really say. At the same time it doesn't seem hollowed out. The cdode seems a little weird, but the comment makes sense. And if he's not Zeke and he's not hollowed out what is he? Also I want to know what the fuck that door is. If Zeke is back we better get a good fucking explanation of what the fuck happened when he tried to shoot Slenderman. I want everything! What was he wearing, what was He wearing, what happened, what they talked about (which they didn't because Slenderman can't talk hint hint at somebody who I know is reading who's name rhythms with 'dawn'), was the door hard to open, did he see Lizzie somehow in a weird Gladiator kind of way, and most importantly, what the fuck was behind the door?

Before he left, for all his jack assery, Zeke seemed to know what he was doing. Since he's left this thing has grown. I don't know how many people are actually being followed by Slenderman, but it's a lot more then it was even a few months ago and that makes Him stronger. Something's been changing for a long time and it's reaching it's end. Something is going to happen soon. I can feel it sometimes just when I'm walking or just sitting there thinking. Something in the air will shift and it will be like somebody is behind me. I'm dreaming more then before, even more then when I started dreaming again, and they're all the same. My brother is there in a chair. He's watching me in a dark room. He's just smiling and looking at me. I try to tell him he's dead, but he just smiles and says no. Sometimes James is there too. I don't know what they mean but I feel like they mean something. They mean something like the other dreams meant something. The trees, the path with the voice leading me down it, my brother starting at me. I don't know what these mean but it seems stupid to brush them off as just dreams. I'm not going to run into a forest or anything so don't freak out at me, but still.

Something is happening, or something needs to happen. Zeke is back, I'm dreaming again, and it's getting too fucking cold to sleep outside.

No lesson for today, but I do have 3 things to leave you with. 1 is can people comment if they're being haunted by Slenderman at this time? I'd like a rough number of how many of us there are. I knew somebody who did this a few months ago and could only name about 20 or so but I think it's grown since then. 2 is tell me if you've been having any weird dreams. Again no like 'I'm a shark in the ocean and my mother is there' stuff, but like stuff that may have something to do with all this. and 3, if you're really out there, and not too much of an asshole since you went through the magic door, comment on here Zeke. Tell me if you're still you. Or just a meat puppet of somebody who use to be kind of a badass. Annoying as shit, but kind of a badass. And as always leave questions in the comments and keep the emails coming. And if it is you Zeke, I had some fucking awesome coffee today.

- M