Sunday, September 19, 2010

Come and get me (sounds like something a hooker would say)

Come and get me.

What the fuck does that mean?

Fuck Zeke is back maybe and I have no idea what the fuck is up. The talking in code seems pretty hollowed out to me but who knows. That code was from the ginger bread man, who gets eaten, which points to things being pretty shitty for Zeke behind that door, but then he commented on Damien's blog.

Who is dead.

I always sort of thought that Damien was probably fake but who knows. I sure as fuck don't need another story about the the horrible shit going on in my life but even so, it seems like all the people who were in the game for a long time die. I guess I've been thinking about that a lot recently. How long it really takes for people being followed by Him to die. It seems like we always do, which makes sense since it pretty hard to constantly run from a guy with no face, but still. I wondered how long I could out run Him.

I guess I got sort of depressed. It's getting cold here so I tried to find places to stay for the winter and it's been hard. Somebody told me the subway but that's not safe enough. I may have to start breaking into people's places again, but that's not as easy in New York. I really had no idea what to do and with all this I guess I was what you would call kind of mopey.

Which makes me a huge pussy.

But really who isn't after loosing over 2 people in the course of a month?

Then fucking Zeke came back. And you know what fuck that. Fuck Zeke being missing for months. Fuck giving up. Fuck being sad. Fuck the weird ass dreams I've been having. Fuck Slenderman. I started this blog to help beat this and to help people be safe and live. I'm not much a fighter. I never have been. I'm not a hero and I'm not the guy who goes out and saves the day. But there are ways to beat this. Ways to keep going. And even if that means running it's better then giving into fucking Slenderman.

Fucking Zeke. What the hell does come and get me mean? People have been saying it's a taunt but I'm not so sure. It seemed more like a request maybe. Like he wants people to help him. But then that doesn't sound much like Zeke. That's what makes me wonder if he's hollowed out. His comment seemed to make sense, but it didn't seem like him. I mean don't get me wrong, it's the same snarky asshole we all know and love, but still, not something he would really say. At the same time it doesn't seem hollowed out. The cdode seems a little weird, but the comment makes sense. And if he's not Zeke and he's not hollowed out what is he? Also I want to know what the fuck that door is. If Zeke is back we better get a good fucking explanation of what the fuck happened when he tried to shoot Slenderman. I want everything! What was he wearing, what was He wearing, what happened, what they talked about (which they didn't because Slenderman can't talk hint hint at somebody who I know is reading who's name rhythms with 'dawn'), was the door hard to open, did he see Lizzie somehow in a weird Gladiator kind of way, and most importantly, what the fuck was behind the door?

Before he left, for all his jack assery, Zeke seemed to know what he was doing. Since he's left this thing has grown. I don't know how many people are actually being followed by Slenderman, but it's a lot more then it was even a few months ago and that makes Him stronger. Something's been changing for a long time and it's reaching it's end. Something is going to happen soon. I can feel it sometimes just when I'm walking or just sitting there thinking. Something in the air will shift and it will be like somebody is behind me. I'm dreaming more then before, even more then when I started dreaming again, and they're all the same. My brother is there in a chair. He's watching me in a dark room. He's just smiling and looking at me. I try to tell him he's dead, but he just smiles and says no. Sometimes James is there too. I don't know what they mean but I feel like they mean something. They mean something like the other dreams meant something. The trees, the path with the voice leading me down it, my brother starting at me. I don't know what these mean but it seems stupid to brush them off as just dreams. I'm not going to run into a forest or anything so don't freak out at me, but still.

Something is happening, or something needs to happen. Zeke is back, I'm dreaming again, and it's getting too fucking cold to sleep outside.

No lesson for today, but I do have 3 things to leave you with. 1 is can people comment if they're being haunted by Slenderman at this time? I'd like a rough number of how many of us there are. I knew somebody who did this a few months ago and could only name about 20 or so but I think it's grown since then. 2 is tell me if you've been having any weird dreams. Again no like 'I'm a shark in the ocean and my mother is there' stuff, but like stuff that may have something to do with all this. and 3, if you're really out there, and not too much of an asshole since you went through the magic door, comment on here Zeke. Tell me if you're still you. Or just a meat puppet of somebody who use to be kind of a badass. Annoying as shit, but kind of a badass. And as always leave questions in the comments and keep the emails coming. And if it is you Zeke, I had some fucking awesome coffee today.

- M


  1. ... I have really messed up dreams. A lot, actually.

    But I have had weird dreams since I was a child, so...

  2. M(Hermit), I was also contacted by Zeke(Mystic) seemed lucid enough, but it was short. Can't tell if he's become /Agent/ of /Construct./ Either way, your advice has been helpful in my -collection- but I need to know some specifics. Have you used any weapons, items, or artifacts on /Construct?/ I need to know the ones that worked as well as the ones that didn't.

    Sadly, I cannot prove that I am not an /Agent./ You'll just have to trust me. I know it isn't easy, but have Faith.

  3. Robert Sage, you're a funny man, aren't you?

    Though, I am also interested who will speak up about being "haunted" by Him.

  4. It's because of those Marble Hornet videos, I think. People watch them, he follows some of those people. Since the videos have gone viral, he has a lot more people to pick from.

    I remember reading that the weird rhythmic writing was some sort of code, and that using the code meant he couldn't follow you. But a lot of people seem to think that it's a sign he is following you...

  5. Hopefully this one gets through, the comment I posted on the last entry was nowhere to be found...

    Chalk up three more on that list, M. (Lya, Matt, and myself)

    There would be more, but they've already been killed.

    And yes, we've had dreams too. If dancing trees, operator symbols and screaming children fit your criteria.


  6. The story of the Gingerbread man has always fascinated me. Most bedtime stories, fairy tales, whatever have some underlying cultural truth; look at how many dissertations there are about Little Red Riding Hood, for example.

    Anyway, the story of the Gingerbread man is that he's running from his creator. The baker tries to catch him, but the Gingerbread man is too fast and too clever. Eventually, the gingerbread man comes across a wolf. The wolf promises to help the Gingerbread Man hide, and the Naive Gingerbread accepts his help, but but the wolf eats him instead.

    So, yeah, about that safety ...

  7. Shannon - They're probabaly nothing. Just wondering if any sound like the dreams I'm having or anything like that.

    Robert Sage(crazy?) - Yeah he seemed more like himself in those comment. As for weapons there really aren't any like I said in my other comment. He can move away from that kind of stuff pretty quick and guns don't work on him. I'm glad the blog's been helpful though you don't seem to be following any of the rules. I don't have a lot of faith yet. I'll believe you more when you post what all your terms mean. Also what the fuck, dude? Zeke gets to be the mystic while I have to be the hermit? What the fuck?

    Kim - Yeah I'm sure that's it. That is why people write in code! Slenderman can't follow that or they think he can't so it's their brain trying to protect them as they die. Unfortunately when they get hollowed out the last thing they were gets imprinted is how the hollowed out thing acts so it also writes in code.

    Sandra - Fuck. Keep moving and follow the rules. Yeah that sounds about right for the dreams. Just checking to see it wasn't just that bad 7-11 sushi I had the other night.

    Kloro - It is a lot like Zeke, but what does that mean with him coming back? It makes sense to what's going on, but how does it make sense with Zeke?

  8. M- Well, I don't know how much of that story Zeke knows.

    Most people just remember the "You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread man" part. That catchphrase is memorable. But the real moral of the story is how, while trying to escape one danger, the Gingerbread man fell prey to another.

    "Hide inside my mouth" said the wolf. "The Baker will never find you there."

    I would still like to know what was behind that door, but I kinda doubt it would be safe.

    Oh, and I've had dreams of Slenderman, but I'm sure that's just residual from reading these blogs. I've never seen him while awake, apart from watching Marble Hornets and such.

    What's weird is that I'm not at all frightened in these dreams, even though when I'm awake I know I should be.

    The other thing that's really interesting, to me, are the sounds I hear in these dreams. It's very much like the natural electro-magnetic dawn chorus. See this for what I mean:

  9. As per request:

    1) I am indeed target for The Slender Man, though his behaviour is atypical. It's been several weeks since first appearance, yet he is still limited to a 400m distance to me. Current theory explaining this involves my inability to process emotion, interfering with direct manifestation.

    2) Absolutely no dreams to speak of. However, of my 14 acquaintances, I can confirm 5 individuals experiencing bizarre visions in their sleep.

    And please see my reply to your last message in the previous journal comments section.

  10. Looks like you've been keeping busy. Good for you. Glad to hear about that coffee...wouldn't mind some brew myself these days.

    As to your questions, I'm still me...for the most part. Can't really walk away from what I saw that night without losing a few of your screws, but I'm not gone. Still hanging in there.

    I'm trying to find a way to get an update out without using the blog. I don't really think it's safe to use anymore; not with Fisk riding my ass and knowing my password. If I figure out how to do it, I'll get in touch. I got some theories on Damien and the others that I want to get out there, but I don't think written word is the best way anymore...

    Oh...and come and get me is just my way of accepting the FBI's challenge to our little hunting game.

    Because, c'mon...would it be me if I didn't?


  11. There's a merit to your dreams about a girl speaking of the safe trees, but the ones in reality aren't them. Don't misinterpret what she said.

    As for Damien? Well, like I said on his currently-last post: it's not over. Even if almost all of his tales of Slendy were based in hallucination, his mind, while unstable, seemed far from the breaking point. He had, until that point, proven too resourceful to just die so ridiculously.

    Besides, what evidence do we have about Rick being who he says, anyhow? If the fat man Zeke dealt with is any indication, some people retain enough mental faculties after being hallowed to speak and act as normal humans.

  12. 1. I was being haunted by slender man he was fucking Persistent too.

    Till I got to the desert he was sneaking up whenever he got the chance,for the last couple days before the journey to the desert I would have to draw an operator symbols everywhere I could get them, sleep for two or three hours then get up and drive before he could, well what he does.

    2. No weird dreams, ever, which was the weirdest part. I chalk it up to being a light sleeper,could never sleep more than four hours on an average day. More stuff to "chew" about.

    And holy shit ladies and gentlemen let's roll out the red carpet for Zeke!

  13. Zeke? Oh Zeke, how we've missed you!

    And yes, Robert's a leeeetle strange, but still...I'm the Oracle! XD

    And sorry to say this, hun, but I've been moving. Ten years, in fact. And my parents still didn't make it.

    Also, I'm typing this from the third story of the house, and the tall bastard's still tapping the glass. And when Lya gets tired of it and throws the mask she keeps with her at Him, He'll probably just duck, and I'll laugh in spite of myself.

    And who in their right mind eats sushi from the 7-11? Burritos, sure, anything cooked, why not. But raw fish? Damn. Impending death just doesn't faze you anymore, hm?


  14. Zeke sorry I forgot to put this in the last comment but do you have the tape? if you do please post soon

  15. I am surprised I am able to reach this blog.. Earlier I was unable to read almost anything related to the Slender Man except for my own blog.. I will get to reading once I make this post. Screw sleep, I need information..

    But yes, I believe I am being followed by this.. Slender Man, people call him.

    I am having dreams, yes, I have described in my blogs.. I seem to be having dreams of actually being the Slender Man.. it is.. a very odd sensation.. Being in many different places at once, watching many people all at the same time..

  16. Kloro - Yeah I mean reading all this stuff is probabaly not good for your health, dude, but your dreams are probabaly just normal dreams. Which is good. I will check out the link.

    Jay - The emotions thing is interesting. Are you sure that would be why? I'll check for your comment.

    Zeke - Fucking Zeke, the Mystic himself. Finally you showed up. Where you been? How was the break? You know I need to keep busy, how else would I spend all my free time. Seriously, dude, it's good to see you're still alive. What the fuck happened? What the fuck was the door? I don't think Damien was real, just a story. But what do you mean theories? I could see how the blog would be dangerous now. Maybe you could use the youtubes? Also nice to know what the code meant. Jesus, dude, a few screws is right. What'd you leave the whole tool box? Haha Keep me posted, dude and tell me what's up. I'd be really interested to know what happened and what you think is going on now with all this shit. Also is He still following you?

    Clockwork - What do you think the dreams mean? I don't think Damien was real so I have no idea what's up with him. It's a good story but probably not true.

    Tyler - Thanks, dude, that's useful information. Right? I feel like this blog is finally special! Where the fuck is Shaun with the camera?

    Sandra - The Oracle? Shit! I want a cool name! 3 stories isn't enough. 10 years? What do you mean? 7-11 sushi is good! Better then the sushi in TN anyway.

  17. Jay - I just saw your last comment. You're infecting people? What the fuck? You're ruining their lives! And for what? Some stupid shit you think may work? Yeah we're in shit but that doesn't mean you can bring more people into it just because! Sorry if we're not working fast enough for you, or the rules that keep people alive aren't to your liking, but we're kind of busy not dying! I'm sorry f people get infecting reading this blog. I worry about that all the time, but I take responsibility and feel guilty about it unlike you! I'm not as bad as you because I don't purposefully put people in danger for some cause. I don't infect and steal people's lives because I think it may be cool. I help try to help people. You're just insane. Now get the fuck off my blog and stay the fuck away from anybody fighting this thihg. They have enough problems without your bullshit.

  18. He, he, he...good ol' Zeke. It's nice to know you're back...

  19. Allow me to jump in for a moment and ask a serious question...

    M, if because "we" believe the tall guy wants 20 dollars does that make him actually want 20 dollars? A pathetic meme but a meme nonetheless, amirite?

    I gotta look out for my cash, man.

  20. I have just caught up on your blog, M. A lot of useful advice, but.. it seems a bit.. well, let's just say that I am a bit hesitant to just up and leave this place with that thing chasing me.. Eavyn would be devastated. I just.. I am not quite sure what I should do just at this moment.

  21. To answer a question, I have suspicions on other Titles but, based solely upon what you have shown Elizabeth...odd, Elizabeth, Zeke's Lizzie, and I also know a girl named Elizabeth who goes by Lizzie...normally I'd go into conjecture but...well sometimes a name is just a name. Random coincidence.

    Anyway, sadly Elizabeth(Victim), and Lizzie(Victim)...I don't like it, and I wish I could use Martyr...but I can't. That's not a title for anyone to hold. Not unless someone deliberately -brings notice- and lets /Construct/ kill them to save others. Right now, they're just Victims...maybe that'll change. Titles often change.

    But not yours. As I said. I'll(Sage) never not call you(Hermit) now, because it makes me smile.

  22. The Smiling Trees were a common guest amongst Damien's blog, and have made appearances on others, including Lexi's. I don't know why they disappeared from Damien's—it might have something to do with the possibility that he was just delusional, but that's blatant optimism on their true nature. As for the others—well, they only turned up when they felt that Damien was close to overcoming the challenge, so that may be an omen that nobody else is, yet. More optimism on their part, but this time I sprinkled it with pessimism for everyone else.

    All in all, I'd just recommend not trusting the trees you see in real life. I'd be careful of those in your dreamland, as well: even assuming the Smiling Trees both exist and have been honest in their neutral disposition, I'm not sure if they can keep Noodle Man from impersonating them.

  23. I would hardly consider myself haunted, but I'd like to see just what makes you tick.

    You might want to add two from me. I don't care what happens to The Lexiconical or his friends, but it never hurts to be sure.

  24. I wonder, was my previous comment deleted, or did I just forget to post it?

    Regardless, to summarise a long paragraph equal to your own, M: I ask you, how many people have you saved? I mean actually saved, not just had the inevitable prolonged by a week or two. Did you save Lizzie? Or any others who stumbled onto your journal?

    Meanwhile, I have three people 100% safe, cleansed, cured of infection completely. Not a single one of my contacts were forced into Knowing; rather they chose to, despite extensive warnings about the probable ramifications.

    I don't think I'm cool, and I don't think you're too slow. I just think you gave up trying to help these people a long time ago.

  25. Yes, is it not awesome? But trust me, Hermit's pretty cool! "Path of the Hermit, concealed by Flauros" ringing any bells?

    Yes, but ten stories haven't done much good either. Hell, maybe one of these days I'll try the Empire State.

    When I was seven, I first encountered Him ripping apart a schoolmate of mine. Afterwards, my parents decided to move me across the country from doctor to doctor for "behavioral issues", though I have to wonder if they knew what was really happening. And every first night I spent in the new house, BOOM. Skinny bastard waiting outside. And I'm about to turn 18, and he's still waiting outside. Only this time my parents aren't around to make up an excuse to leave.

    Hm, I've never been brave enough to try their sushi. I mean, at Buc-ee's, maybe. That place is freakin' high class.


  26. @danny

    That's so stupid it just might work.

    I always wanted to say that

  27. The only person going around stealing money is you, Dan. :P

  28. Don't you lecture me, M! You're not my mom!

    hehe, Man I'm crazy. I'm accounted for, though, so chalk me up as another (obviously) followed person.

    Oh, and Jay? You're using people as human guinea pigs. While I admire your results, don't get so self-righteous, because you have no room to do so. Your tests are not 100% conclusive until those people you're using as rats die on their own without ever seeing Him again.

    So kindly lay off M's case, for a fellow...(Sage), is it, Robert?

  29. As for my dreams, I do have quite a plenty in forests but... yeah I really doubt they ever mean anything.

    I do tend to run into dead relatives and celebrities, however.

  30. Im not exactly being haunted by Him to the degree as others, but He does tend to pop by every so often to watch me. So yeah add me I guess.

  31. Hey, my imitator's here, too. Want a length of rope? I think I could have a swing at making you swing.

  32. A if you hate the thought of me being your imitator than I will actually do it just to annoy you. And if I were you I would use barbed wire not rope. If you try one thing on me you may find part of your body turned to ash, I like to play with fire.

  33. B, you're either a really, really, really crappy troll, or one brilliant enough to act like a really, really, really crappy troll to trip people. I can't tell which, really.

    @ A: ohohohohoho, how delightfully macabre!

  34. Clockwork you never know who you could be dealing with. I just want answers and it annoys me that A gets in my way.

  35. I've been followed. I've been attacked. I've had my brother kidnapped and returned. I've been in a coma. Yeah, i guess you could say he's haunting me.

  36. Sup everyone I'm new to this whole Slenderman thing but after reading some blogs that don't end on a happy note I desided to join in on the fight. Yes I know by getting involved with this stuff puts me at risk to become a target myself but I don't care. I've been into stuff like this (aka the paranormal) for most of my life and I'm sort of an expert on quite a lot of different subject and this Slenderman seems like a new adventure for me.

    M-It's a great thing you are doing here giving people tips on how to stay alive but it seems after chceking out other blogs that Slenderman might change to each person he/it is after. Just a thought.

    Zeke-I just finished your blog right before I came here to read this one. Dude I thought you were dead! This may be a bit late but sorry for your loss. Btw quick question who is the dead guy they found in your home? Just wondering.

    Anyway good luck everyone. Looks like we might now have a chance to beat him/it now with all of us working together.

  37. I remembered a dream I had when i was young
    I was walking on a forest with a flashlight, when I saw something on the trees.Something moving.
    I ran to where it were but I only found some bags.
    I opened one up and...

  38. Eduardo: Human corpses? Animal corpses? Both? Slenderman-in-a-sack? (24.99$! Call now!) Whatever it was, it's not M's fault you remembered anything.

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. Hey, I'm alive, you bastard! Answer the email I sent you!

  41. Shaun? Never heard of you. Besides, I'm new.

  42. haha, Actually, I was talking to M.


    I haven't read all his claims, but he is absolutely full of crap. There is no "Slendermen" it's the GOVERNMENT. And don't give me that "conspiracy theory" stuff, because apparently a ghost following people and killing them makes sense but REAL PEOPLE following people is just crazy. I'm being followed too, but the GOVERNMENT is the culprit guys, not a ghost. Doesn't that make more sense?
    Go ahead and try to call me crazy M, you lunatic. I can't believe you people actually listen to this insane man.

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. But Eric, I've had Bigfoot following me for ages...

    Oh fuck, is that the government too?!

    What the hell are they planning??!?!?

  46. You're about half-correct there, Eric me boy.

  47. @Zeke: Well.... That's certainly vague and ominous.

  48. heh, weird, the guy in the hospital who visited me told me the same thing.....too bad it's not true.

  49. @Zeke: Lucky you're alive, Mr. Alice in Wonderland. How was the Slender Hatter?

  50. What am I right about and wrong about then?

    Oh no, are they GOVERNMENT GHOSTS!? NO! NOT THAT!

  51. Finally figured out how to leave a comment. I fought him just over a week ago. Iron hurts him like its kryptonite. Eating his arm seems to seriously piss him off. I didn't leave a blog about him until he tore me to pieces and I started healing from it, but now I'm blogging about what's happening to it.
    Now I'm gonna have to go through this and figure out what you mean by infected.

  52. Sorry for the double post, can't figure out how to send a message. I literally started using this site a couple of days ago.

    On the Teams post, I wrote my solution to your 'Find Safety In The Trees' puzzle. Not saying you wrote this as a puzzle for us to solve, but a puzzle it was and a puzzle I may have just solved.

  53. Triple post because I still don't know how to email you.

    I captured a Slenderman. Although, captured is the wrong word.

    I hallowed him. You need to check out my blog and give me a hand when you can.

  54. Captured Him, right....

    I call wifin'. *hopes to not get shot for a bad joke*

    If you did capture Him, hun, He's trying to fake you out. He just LOVES doing that, the sardonic bastard...


  55. @Lya
    Lol. Normally, I'd believe you, but I tore through his head like a bulldozer, and it damn well wasn't easy. I'm still downing ibruprofen like smarties.

    Still, I'll be careful. I was gonna try and teach him some martial arts and use him to protect my family from any other slendermen, but I'm thinking twice about that now. Hm...

  56. Sam, please, you're either a badly written fake, or a badly written troll.
    Either way, stop, you're not helping.
    Also, Sandra dear, I also call wifin' on him.
    And I am NOT forgeting the offense, not for twenny dollaz.

  57. So, because I've made progress, I'm a fake? Seriously?

    Do you want to be like M? Running? Is that a long term plan?
    Listen. Sooner or later, we're gonna need to actually fight and win. I don't want to be the one to do it, but I'm the one with the best weapon so I'm just asking what the hell do I do with this monster that follows my instructions for some reason I don't know! M knows what she's doing, and she's been doing this longest, so I'm asking her. She can use this thing better than me because frankly? I have a life I'd very much like to get back to because I'm scared to leave the house since I can't carry an axe down the street.

  58. 1. Minor point. As far as I know, M's a guy.
    2. No, I'm not saying you're fake because you made progress. I'm saying you're fake, because you claim to have succeeded where many better men have failed, and you describe it like a cheap action novel.
    You're just an attention-whore and liar with absolutely no talent in fiction writing.

  59. Huh. Wonder where I got the idea that he was a girl then?

    Hey, I saw a monster, I grabbed an axe, I swung. It worked. It fucking worked. That's how progress is made. By being fucking lucky and running with it.

    As it happens, I'm pretty awesome at writing fiction. Got a cult following on other parts of the internet. As it happens, Slender Man is not fiction. I'm not writing a story. I'm explaining a situation and asking for help.

    I'm not saying that I'm better than anyone else by doing this. If I was, I wouldn't be asking M as to what I should do. If I were a cheap action hero, in a novel, then there'd be a hot female lead and there would be a plot. Hell, If I was Zeke, than I'd have probably gone in and killed them all, but I'm not. I'm a guy who got lucky and I want out. Any suggestions and I'll be outta this mess and back to writing fiction.

  60. @Sam

    You captured him? Really? Weird, because I'd swear that he forced me to run from my little hidey-hole not two hours ago. If you caught him, it's goddamned strange that there is another faceless tall monster with arms that are far too long wandering around.

    If you did actually catch something, it's not him.

    Calling a third on the wifin'.

  61. Pfft, you're magnificent Maduin. I think you're incapable of wifin'.

    And besides Jazy-cup, I saw Him around earlier, just as Kim did. And He's even confirmed (though He may have been lying to me) that He's only aware of His existence, and no others like Him.

    So let's do some math:

    If a person types up several notes on a VERY popular and well-visited blog stating outlandish claims on their certainly exagerated if not completely bullshit ventures that are obviously shameless self-plugging, how many dollaz will it take before Slender decides killing you won't benifit everyone on the planet including Himself?

    Answer: Trick Question. GTFO, young troll.

    SO SAYS THE ORACLE. *accentuated with a death glare and flaily-arms*


  62. A clash of fiction!

    Yo Sam, can we call you crazy and move on here?

    ... "Captured a Slenderman" is my new favorite phrase, though.

  63. Sigh.

    Hallowing and capturing are different things. I don't have him locked up in a cage, I just...

    look, you know how slenderman makes people do stuff? I make slenderman do stuff.

    And there's more than one of them. Trust me on this.

    But k, you clearly don't believe me, so I won't push the matter. Slendy's gonna meet the axe. At least that's one down.

  64. I'd just like to point this out here....
    SamJaz, your reason for being able to hurt Slender Man was that you hit him with iron. Okay, I can sorta see that; iron has often been considered a weakness of mystical creatures.
    One major flaw in it, though.

    No one makes axes made of iron anymore. They're all made of steel. While steel is partially iron, pretty much every myth about iron hurting creatures requires pure iron. Finding an ax made of iron would be almost impossible in today's times, and it's highly unlikely that you'd just have one lying around. Same for the crowbar which weakened you when you picked it up; that would have either been made of steel or some other alloy. Iron tools are practically nonexistent nowadays.

  65. @Omega.
    Huh. That's weird. Maybe modern monsters are hurt by modern metal?

    Hey, I'm not complaining that the weakness turned out to be something more common than I thought. Either Steel's the weakness, or I've just got an old axe and crowbar.

    Hey, if something works, don't question it just in case it changes its mind. If Slenderman is powered by belief, then it's not a good plan to criticise any weakness we find.

  66. @ SamJaz

    I won't even give a decent comment on that.

    Fourth call on wifin'.

  67. SamJaz, Slender Man is not a pokemon. You didnt catch him. You didnt go Hannibal Lecter on his ass. I've heard iron might work, but trust me, if bullets don't work, a steel axe wont. Give it up. He would have fucked you up if you tried to hurt him. Trust Me. I know.

  68. M, I am sorry.

    Your methods, they don't work fr me at all. You should know, it won't work for everyone. But, I shouldn't have acted as I did.

    Your heart is in the right place. At least you have that. And I am sorry. But know, that I was mad, becuase your rules didn't work and I assumed you knew and were lying. I see now though, that you were trying to help.

    I am sorry.

    ~ Jack Tyler

  69. ...I am so proud of Jack right now, it fucking hurts.

    Good job, man.


  70. Well, this is an interesting find.

    M, while I share your disdain for Mr. Strahm, I must point out that you are really no better than he is. Hiding, running, surviving rather than living. At least Strahm decided to go out fighting.

    You seem to have committed the fallacy of calling this creature an Animal. Well, it is not. If what I've read is to be considered true, it is just as rational as you and me, which makes it an even more terrifying opponent. It doesn't lose you because you are up high, that idea is ludicrous. It just can't be bothered to climb up and take you, because you just aren't worth the time. None of us are, if the reports are to be believed. As much as I loathe his obvious lack of control, at least Strahm made it worth the trouble. He fought back, he had some spine. So instead of thinking "How can I survive another day?", you should be asking "How do I kill this bastard?" It seems to have worked rather well for Strahm so far.

    ~Jackson Burr

  71. With all due respect, Jackson, we all deal with it in different ways. It's an awful predicament and I don't think M was claiming to be any better than Zeke at all. M runs, as do I, and we both share as much information with people as we both can. Don't act superior to M if you don't understand or aren't in the same boat as he is. He's a good guy, and we all get by how we can. In summation, chill out bro.

    Peace out,

  72. So alone. Yet not at all. I see Him. He sees me. I have comfort with him, yet I know what he wants. He just feeds off my false comfort...

    Yet I myself know that not all could last. He watches me now, though I do not worry in this public place. At least, that's what I show him.

  73. Robert - Makes you smile? I'm not a hermit, dude. I use to go out and enjoy a good LARP like anybody. Haha What was Elizabeth's title before she died, or would have been?

    Clockwork - Damien was insane. That's it. Yeah smiling trees. I don't know. I'll stay the fuck away from them in the mean time.

    Jay - You dead yet?

    I'll answer more comments later. Right now I have to find food. Sorry I've been gone for a while. Been looking for places to stay the winter.

  74. TBH I think a majority of us are happy with Zeke.
    I like him, personally. He's pretty awesome.

  75. "Jay - You dead yet?"

    Actually... Um... Yeah, he probably is.

  76. I was told to turn to you for help, M, so here I am.

    I'm keeping to your rules (as much as possible, anyway) and it's working pretty good so far.

    Wish me luck.

  77. This is a long shot but I'm not sure where else to turn. I signed up for an account so I could ask you...
    IT's been outside my house for weeks. I made a mistake and lost it in front of my roomate. She got my mom to take me back home and I thought it would help but IT followed me back here he didn't do it last time I was home but now IT's here too and I'm so scared I don't know what to do.
    IT isn't here now but IT'll be back I know it. Don't know why I didn't look at the blogs about IT before but please, you help people right? I'm just 21, I don't want to die. What do I do?

  78. Jill, one piece of advice from me:
    Acknowledge danger, reject fear. Fear empowers him and you don't want to give your attacker any more ammo, right?

  79. I tried a little experiment for the 2 weeks ago.

    First I erased all the operator symbols I had and anything that looked like it. Next I thought about HIM all the time I always had HIM in my head I made sure I was afraid of him more than ever. And I didn't even pay attention to my surroundings.

    But I didn't get near any form of tall shrubbery.

    I am safe from him.

    I think I am safe from him.

    And there fore I am.

    Or ya know it could just be he hate's sand in his shoes. If he has them.

    Find safety away from the trees not in them, get to the dessert, any of them Just get away from the trees and your safe.

  80. Posting again it looks like The everyman guys have pretty much proven you can't hurt him with anything

  81. Tyler, dude, it's bullshit, bullshit, BULLshit.


  82. "Find safety away from the trees not in them, get to the dessert, any of them Just get away from the trees and your safe. "

    That might seem logical, but some of the first SM images were from a desert in Iraq.

  83. You are certainly not safe, no matter where you go. The idea that He can not cross oceans is especially absurd.

  84. exactly, eyes open, +nobody+ is safe anywhere! but there is sanctuary in the south.

  85. I've been monitoring the situation for some time; Zeke's been posting on his blog sporadically, and there's been no word from some other individuals for over a month.

    It's clear I'm not getting the whole story.

    I need some help on this front, if anyone is willing to deal with a newcomer. I was posting on Zeke's blog for a time when he wasn't on the run.

  86. M? Hey, man, you're still alive, right? You haven't posted in a while and it is just slightly worrying.

  87. The King is dead. Long live the King.

  88. I have one person who I know has been stalked and killed and another that may have been. They infected me, or should have if that's how it spreads, but I haven't seen him, which is just as bad as NOT seeing him because there are a lot of corporate folks near where I live and it's making me paranoid that he's playing with me the way predators play with their food. Does anyone think that someone making a map with pins near confirmed Slenderman sightings/killings to see if there's a pattern? Anyone know if there are any websites that allow you to do that?

  89. If M doesn't post in the next few days, I'm writing him off. I'm surprised he hasn't gone down already.

    Perhaps he is preparing to take the role of Sage. Our last Sage, Robert, just gave up contact today. Shaun and Jay are probably dead. Does anyone know anyone who could be a Champion?

  90. I'm afraid I might know, Nessa. Look for greenlight, look for 1/3. Got to be around here somewhere...

  91. Well looks like M might really have kicked the bucket...

    He made a hell of a run though.

    Anyway it turns out you guys were right, HE did come, fortunetly it was in the daylight and because there was so little cover I spotted him literately a mile away not many places to hide when your that tall with no vegetation except cacti.

    The desert is safer and I Imagen that the ocean is like that too, not safe but safer.

    I'm stopping into Phoenix for supplies and heading to Nevada, thats the cool thing about a trailer have a house just not in one place so it's easy to dodge him.

    I'm thinking about setting up a blog to help take over, the sage might be gone but his students are still here.

  92. This comment has been removed by the author.

  93. At least I hope...

    oh and don't think that I ment I would be taking over completely but I figured I join up and try to add to this little survival guide

  94. Tyler, our three new (Sages) have already been chosen: Amelia, zerombr, and Maduin. As for a (Champion) or a (Hero),... not so much progress. Whoever it is, they had better be found before the Winter Solstice passes. Too bad (Guardian) says we can't -make- one.

    What if that's what M's doing now? What if he's gone to the (Guardian) to retrieve the -weapon-? But if he's been caught cross-country, it could be very bad for us all. (Guardian)said that a (Hero), once Turned, is a huge threat.

    Oh, M, you might be a terrific bastard, but I would sure hate to see you die. After all you've done to help us Runners... the risks you've taken, your inspiring perseverance...
    You will be remembered.

  95. He's not dead. He's just been forced to keep on the run quite constantly right now, and hasn't been able to post recently. but I've been in contact with him through email, off and on. Don't worry, he's fine.

    Peace out,

  96. Thank god. I was getting worried there...

  97. Thank God. That makes me feel a lot better.

    Shaun, has he said anything about accepting titles or getting the -weapon- from Robert(Guardian)?

  98. That would make sense if it was M. Being the nonconfrontational type he'd hesitate to take such a proactive role. Another in a line of "reluctant" heroes.

  99. I've only just learned about M and his tutorial...when I saw the date of his last post I got worried. I'm glad to see I've found someone before they got caught. It seems I'm always a day late. Keep it clear, M.

  100. New poster here.
    I keep hearing about this Operator symbol, looks like this graffiti I saw on an abandoned house me and a buddy were snooping around. Does it have any special significance?

    Another thought: Anyone know where The Big Guy takes his/her/whatever's victims, or does TBG just off people on the spot when TBG's done being one creepy fuck?

  101. It's good to hear that you are in good health, M. He would be most disappointed to lose his greatest hobby.

    Keep running M. Run right into his waiting arms.

  102. @fizzbomb read the blog here talking about it

  103. I've known about Him since much earlier this year. I did a lot of research, but then stopped paying attention a couple months ago...recently, A lot of my dreams have had a lot of faceless people in them. Not anyone specific...just normal people with featureless faces...I think I've seen him twice in these dreams...they don't seem to be the focus of the dream, though. Do you think this means anything?

  104. @tyler So it's sort of like how one breed of butterfly developed a wing pattern that looks like an owl's face, to scare off predators? Or maybe it's more like the psychological effect having a spotlight shone on them has on a deer.

  105. Good thing he's safe. I just want to hear from him himself.


  106. Yes, it would certainly be good for morale to get just one post up here. Come on M... if you can email, surely you can do something.

    (Man this scroll bar is tiny. O_O)

  107. My question isn't just directed at him...if anyone knows anything, it'd be good. It could be nothing, but I'd rather not wait till he's tapping on the glass to move if I have to, you know?

  108. So what's this weapon I have to find?

  109. Apparently, and I am not BS you M, you have to find a swiss army knife, coated in black stuff.

  110. holy crap M, are you...interested in taking up arms now?

  111. It is good to see that dearest M is still alive.. But remember, my friends, this could change at any moment.

  112. M! I knew it! Yes! If you've decided you'll be Heroic, or at least a Champion, for sure, would you mind making a new blog post? XD
    Because it's getting kind of tiring to scroll all this way down... and I know your decision, if that's what this is, will provoke a lot of comments.
    I'm still awed by your decision.

    Find Robert(Guardian). He has the -weapon-. Shaun's supposed to be the Guide, maybe he knows where he is. Best of luck to you.

  113. Heh...had me worried there for a while, kid. Good to see you're still up and around.

  114. What about you Zeke? What are you up to?

    And M..... I may need to kill someone who has been hallowed out. Is there any special thing I may need to know?

  115. I'm not speaking from first-hand experience here Jack, but I'm pretty sure hollowed are just flesh and blood. Am I wrong?

    P.S. M, I've noticed you've spelt "losing" with an extra "o". Just saying.

  116. Jack - I'm gonna need more information there because that sounds like somebody is making up bullshit. I really doubt there's a weapon at all but I need to be updated on what happened when I was gone. And about the Hallowed, shot to the back of the head, burn the body, try to forget those images that will haunt you the rest of your life. Be safe, dude.

    zerombr - Gonna have to go with fuck no on that, especially since I have no idea what any of this is about.

    UlrycZ - Thanks for the support?

    Nessa - Ok slow down. I didn't make any decision besides sleeping on a roof top and not the library tonight. What the fuck is going on? I have to find something crazy Robert Sage has? Shaun's the guide? Shaun has more important shit to take care of, like himself. I'll do a post soon.

    Zeke - Thanks. Where the hell are you? And what the fuck is going on here? They want me to look for a knife? Why me? Why the fuck not you? You're the big hero detective. I think I need somebody to translate this to sane for me.

    As for everybody else, I need updates of what happened when I was gone with person shit with people and just in general, what the fuck is up with this knife thing, and any questions you want answered in the next entry or anything. I'll do a post soon.

  117. I would personally like to know more about the operator symbol. What factors affect its effectiveness if at all, like precise angles & circles, how long they stay effective, etc. I might find myself using them soon, if I'm correct. Hopefully, I'm not.

  118. @M - I'd keep wary of Ulryc. I looked at his blog, seems like he's a deadhead. Not a deadhead like a Grateful Dead fan riding around after the band's tour bus in a VW bus of their own, but what you called hallowed out (I don't quite agree with the terminology but I respect your reasoning for it).

    Also, I'd like your opinion on survival versus heroism--whether you think people being stalked by our skinny friend should seek only to continue surviving, or if they should work on taking up arms against him in some way. Maybe if enough of us hit him enough times, he'll give up or die.

    Or we end up on the 6 o'clock news as a missing person or a corpse killed in interesting new ways.

  119. Woah, woah Jack. I think there should be better way of dealing with the Hallowed. In a life and death "Holy crap he's attacking, it's me or him" situation I can get the need to kill.

    But still, if caught, the courts aren't going to look kindly upon the "He was possessed by an evil thought construct" argument if it was done under any other circumstances.

    Besides, they're still human (and possibly not beyond help, what happens to them once the Construct is gone?) I can think of some creative ways to take care of them.

    Hallowed outside your home with a big scary weapon in hand? Plan A should be: "Hello, police? Yeah, crazy jackass is out in my yard. Looks like he wants to shank me"

  120. @Isaak - you're clearly not following Jack's juornal, are you?

    @M - "In the previous episodes": a lot of time has passed since M last updated his Blog, the three Sages - Jay, Shaun and Robert, were on some serious research: Jay had tried cleansing the hallowed Liz of evil influence, Robert was travelling the world, learning about the enemy's variants from different cultures and Shaun has not posted for a while. Things made a turn for the worse, though - Shaun stopped responding for some time, Jay was overrun at his home by Agents of the enemy and Robert met with a fate much scarier: after witnessing a couple of children being attacked by the Slenderman, but having defended themselves with a Swiss army knife before he could intervene, he noticed they left the weapon behind. Robert took that weapon and, changed from his experiences around the world, entered the Other Side, becoming part of it, so he could safeguard the Weapon until a Hero emerges.
    Three new Sages were called forth: Maduin the Jester - one who made several observations and theories of the enemy, Zero the Gambler - a man who responded to Jay's final message willing to help and Amelia - the Sages' former disciple.
    A man with no memory calling himself Pete emerged and turned to the Sages, both old and new, for help.
    Shaun reappeared, taking on his new role as guide to the new sages.
    Jack and Sandra's groups have become the target of some sort of alternate Slenderman, called ///It/// for clarity, to which the original enemy is hostile.
    B grew desperate as Melody's state deteriorated - he received instructions from Greenlight, Robert's remnant, and information, that should he follow these instructions he will be "doomed" but Melody will be cured.
    Zero, not being able to bear a loving couple being torn apart made the sacrifice himself and is currently at hospital.
    Also, shit be going ballistic over at the EverymanHYBRID's end and Marble Hornets seems to be reviving.

    Stay Safe M(Hermit)

  121. Oh gods, poor M....

    "Oh hi guys, I'm back, what's happened while I was go-"
    "OMYGOSHITSM!!!! Quickly, you need to go to the Other Side and find Robert (Guardian) so that you can get the Weapon and fight the (Construct)!

    Give the poor man some time to figure out what's going on and actually read some of the blogs before we start screaming at him.

    And btw, what everyone's referring to is White Elephants, specifically the November 5th post.

  122. -_- I wasn't suggesting it to him, I misunderstood what he was trying to do. I thought you knew. Guess I was wrong, sorry for confusing you.

    *slinks away in disappointment*

  123. Oh yeah, and some black ops psychos were gunning, LITERALLY, for american runners, intending to end th etulpa effect of Slendy by killing every last one of them. Idiots got put down for it by their own boss.

  124. Yeah... obviously haven't kept up with that. I have about 20 slenderblogs bookmarked while juggling school and work. I'm lucky to keep up with the comments page here, sorry. =/

  125. Me? Just being the "Mystic" as ole' Robbie so affectionately deemed me as...heheheh...

    Couldn't tell ya about a knife, buddy. I know Robert considered it special, but as to what it's for, I have no clue. Him and Jay are gone, Shaun I hear is still out there (though I believe he's contacted you), they got three guys taking over as "Sages", but I guess one of them already landed himself a hospital trip. Meanwhile, I'm just trying to keep Shannon, Danny, Shiloh and Celeste from getting murdered, while also trying to move around 'cause Fisky's getting a little impatient that he still can't find me. The cocksucker.

    And I'd be weary, like Maduin said, there's some rogue ops unit out there, Blackwater unit or some damn thing. They killed a runner a while back, and while their commander is keeping them on the leash, I'd be weary.

  126. Crazy Bastards.
    Their leader Nightcrawler is convinced on taking the runners out unless a better plan is made. Wouldn't blame them for this half assed attempt. They lost an entire squad trying to take down tall and skinny.
    @ Zeke:Happy that you're well, we've missed you.
    @ M: Look for a Greenlight.
    @Shaun: Guide Away.
    @ Everyone else: Stay safe, keep your windows locked. And under no circumstances, blink.

  127. @Zeke(Mystic) You've heard of me! Ha, never imagined that'd happen.

    Anyhoo, the main bit about the knife is, that firstly it actually damaged Slendy. It also has 'substance' on it, which means it should be able to do it again, So even if he's in the Astral Plane, the ectoplasm should be able to damage him.

    Zeke, if you're interested, you think you could help convince Nightcrawler's team to support Runners instead of shooting them? It's cool if it's not your fight, you've done a lot already. It's because of Seeking Truth that so many blogs have shifted to 'kill this thing' as opposed to just going mad, you showed it was possible to stand up to him.

    You're a hardcore son of a bitch, Zeke.

    I just had to say that.

    Stay Strong all.

  128. Seeing as how they're government-funded, and I'm government-WANTED, I'm not seeing them as being all that willing to listen to me. But it's always going to be my fight; I can't see me being able to get out of this mess anytime soon. Especially now that I've got all these kids I'm trying to help.

    I'll be the Mystic. I've got no problem with it.

    But the government's not going to help us with this one. Cops, feds...higher up you go, the worse it gets. We're on our own. Best we can hope for is finding this blade...if it does work.

  129. Zeke, if you'd email me sometime at I'll explain some things me and GL are working on.

    Also, NC is part of a private organization, apparently not as government funded as they led us to believe.

  130. @Zero and Zeke: I'd have to side with Zeke on this one. Be it a zombie apocalypse, Cthulu waking up for a snack, or Skinny, you can't rely on established power structures to agree on a cohesive response to their existence. Just look at how wonderfully they're handling the medical epidemics we DO have.

    Besides, for the government, at least the US government, to act, it's gonna require that they admit Skinny exists, which adds a whole new layer to the shitstorm, y'know? More people know about him, better the odds that if the mass panic doesn't fuck us up, the resulting roid-rage power boost Skinny gets from the surge of fear will.

  131. Murdered? lol

    Excuse me but, I don't think I need your help, Zeke.

  132. @Fizz who is to say the gov't doesn't already know? However you do raise valid points. I merely suggested that Zeke be the one to talk to NC, because he's got a bit more cred than most of us, was in a similar line of work (civil defense) and is a hardcore realist.

    Greenlight keeps insisting we need to have NC's team come over to our side, protect Runners, kill Agents. I'm just trying to find the way to do that.

  133. They know.

    They just don't give a shit.

    Right. I forgot. You're Mister "I'm a Big Kid Now", aren't you, Danny Boy? Heheheh...

  134. @ Zeke - More or less my case in point. It would be inconvenient for them to admit the existence of things that shouldn't, by human reckoning, exist.

    @Zero - We could also try to set up "safe houses" for Runners (nothing is truly safe, yadda yadda, but a place where they can crash without having to sleep with a .45 under their bed would be good for them).

  135. Uhh, yeah. Sure.

    Let's look at it this way, ff I was in any real danger, you would not be the first guy I would call.

  136. Danny (Who I don't know) & Zeke (Sir)

    may I suggest not arguing on M's blog of all places? M, guys, the one that has helped more people than anyone else. It's like holy ground, where holy ground is a place you can go to read up on ways to avoid being killed by monsters.

    Okay that analogy sucks, but you get my point.

    @Fizz hmmm very interesting idea! However it'd be hard to manage this idea, Agents could easily subvert any locale, heck, could ambush people or rig up IEDs. I like the concept though, there's got to be something like that, which can be done.

  137. To Zero & Fizzbomb: I like the safehouse idea too, but there should be a way for runners to be able to identify it without agents or innocents being able to do the same. Also, what sorts of things would these sanctuaries contain? And who will host them?

  138. Excuse me, gentlemen, but I am also being stalked by "it". I have my first entry of my blog recounting my encounters thus far up. I need any of you to answer the question I raised there.

  139. Dude, me and M are tight. So tight.

    Not really.

    But Zero, I'd like to direct you to the fact that there is a goddamn 140+ comment bonanza going on here. I'm SO sure my few comments are detracting from this holy place.

  140. A safehouse? I would love to host one. I'll see if I can get my friends to help secure it.

    It seems so simple, I can't believe I hadn't thought of it before now. I mean, you hear about Runners who have to break into houses so they can have a place to stay the night--I don't want anyone to have to run from SM and the police at the same time.

    As for a symbol... I would suggest the operator symbol in a certain color. Maybe blue? Then again, I don't want the thing to switch rules and start haunting the place because suddenly the (X) draws him near. Can anyone think of a more neutral symbol that would still be easily recognizable?

  141. I've been reading your rules. I don't know what to think about you yet but my sincerest condolences go to your loses and a thank you for the set of rules. I hope this all works out.

  142. I'll be working on ideas as how to ID a safehouse (perhaps burying the word SAFE in a sentence) and how to keep deadheads from overruning them. I've got a bunch, but making it so Runners can ID them while deadheads can't is gonna be tricky.

  143. @Danny I'm sorry if I seem...irritated, it's just that now's not the time for infighting. Go yell at Zeke on his thread is what I'm asking.

    Anyhoo, Fizz, Nessa, sounds like you two have some ideas to go over, keep in mind though that to house a Runner in your own home will most definately draw attention. So abandoned or deserted locales would be best, in my thoughts. M might have some better ideas.

  144. When my back and knee get better (i.e., I can spend more than five minutes standing up and walking around without my legs giving out from the pain), I'll go check out abandoned houses in the area that aren't, like, going to turn Runners into canned lunch or something.

  145. To All Concerned: If you come up with ideas for safehouse identifiers, send them via e-mail to non-runners. I'm pretty sure our blarghspot profiles show them, so shoot them away to whoever you want. Not me though, I can't host a safehouse: I live practically in the woods. There's other houses and stuff, but there's just so many trees. Even if there was some sort of mundane emergency, the nearest hospital's too long away, and I'd have to perform first aid with absolutely nothing to work with. No, I do not watch Grey's Anatomy.

  146. CONTINUED - should've included this too. The reason why you should send it to non-runners first is that we should agree on what to display in what code and how to inform the runners without letting the agents and such know as well, in case they happen to be lurking on the internet. My fingers hurt from aiming them at these little keys so long and fast, so I'm taking a break.

  147. Hello, new runner here. I'm just checking in thank M for the three rules I've been living by for months now. Thank you.

  148. another one already? Shit, things are getting worse again, probably will stay worse till the Solstice,

  149. @Jared

    Cool, you have the same name as me. I won't confuse everyone though, so I'll just step out.

    I've been following these blogs for a few months, lol.

  150. The Solstice is my boyfriend and I's one year anniversary. I like the idea of things getting better on that day. Good luck, guys.

  151. Hey, M? I know the forests are bad, and the desert in some ways just as (with stunted trees around 9-10 feet tall, thin and spindly), but... the cold will kill you just as dead as Him.
    Come south.
    You won't find buildings that tall in Tornado Alley, but stay along the east coast and you should be good. I'd reccomend West Texas, but that's where soldiers were trained for Iraq, and we know how that turned out.

  152. Dan, for one second, could you possibly listen to what others are trying to say?

    I'm not telling you to believe any of it, just at least listen.

  153. @Jared: Its alright, I'll think of addition for my username.
    @Zero: I've been infected since Febuary. I'm just a relatively new Runner compared to some of you guys. I can proudly say that I survived for three months before the damn thing finally ran me out of my house.

  154. Sorry, new poster here, but I've read most of the comments.

    What happened with Eric and Conaghan? I know it's been a long time, and that you wouldn't want to remember stuff like that. But it's been really bugging me.

    To be totally honest, I don't think you're going to be fully safe anywhere. Because if SM can transcend time and space then honestly we're all fucked and he's just playing with us, or hes just really stupid. This isn't to say to give up though, but running away for a long time is pretty discouraging.
    I do think you should find out about "the real trees" though, whatever those are. Might be something stable that he can't touch or stand.

  155. @M I won't ask you to join me on the Solstice, to help try to deliver a blow against him, but Zeke still posts here, and others. It is understandable if you do not wish to come, or have other obligations.

  156. Grey - Just put it around you. There's nothing special to it, just draw it everywhere you can.

    Fizzbomb - I think the idea of fighting Slenderman is a nice idea, like saving the rain forest, but isn't gonna work because we don't know how and it's gonna get you killed. If you get people together to fucking fight Slenderman like that you will end up with a lot of dead bodies. I see a lot of people putting a lot of energy into the idea of fighting Slenderman and it's gonna get a lot of people killed. Put energy into stay safe and following the rule, not gathering weapons constantly. It's a jice idea, but all the people who seem to make that what they focus on end up dead. Also don't get safe houses together. That is a terrible idea. Too many people together call him to placesand when you put too much thought into a place it calls him to that too. Stay seperate and keep moving.

    Maduin - What's the other side? Are the other 2 sages and you traveling together? Alright so you're gathering information and Robert is sitting in a swamp with a knife? Thanks for the run down of what's going on. So basically shits still crazy, all the code names shit is still crazy, and I need to look for a green light? what's that? And what the fuck is up with this goverment group?

    Omega- You just described my life besides the guilt, the red haired Christan, and the guy with no face attacking me. I will look into Robert's blog.

    I'm gonna look through more of these later. Thanks, guys.

  157. M-
    You really think the safehouses aren't going to work? I know that having a lot of Marked people in one place isn't generally a good idea, but if we had an entire network, we could still keep them moving and give them a place to stay at the same time. I hate the idea of anyone forced to steal and break into places just to survive. That just gives them another enemy: the police. If I could make life any easier for Runners, I wouldn't hesitate to do it.

    You seem to be okay with the idea of running forever. But that doesn't sound like any kind of living to me. The situation has gotten beyond the point where we're primarily concerned with our own safety--unless we do something drastic, this whole being hunted/being taken/infecting others/death cycle is just going to continue. Sacrifices need to be made. I'm not going to offer anyone up, but I've already accepted that I'm going to die, and personally I'd prefer to use my life to make the situation better for others. If this means either killing It or just crippling It for a while, it would be worth it.

    You have to see the big picture. A few deaths now may mean many more lives saved in the future.

    The Other Side is where Robert(Guardian) believed the /Construct/ originated. Basically, if he(Guardian) can get it trapped on one side or the other, we can kill it or keep it from coming here ever again.

    The government-group-that-isn't has just agreed to not kill Runners anymore. That's huge. They're being ordered to kill only Agents. I'm still kind of iffy on that, especially if we can find a cure for their condition, but it's a step in the right direction.

    I have no idea where you can even begin to look for the green light, but good luck, anyway.

    Wow, long comment. Maybe I should've just emailed you? Oh well.

  158. @M - It'd be hard for me to be traveling with the other two (Sages), since I'm on a different continent altogether. For the most part I'm just doing my thing, but I try to give advice to anyone who asks.

    And the Black Ops I mentioned seem like a paranormal variant of X-com. And, aside from one person who remains an uncertain case, they are on our side now.
    And apparently they have lasers.

  159. @M - All of us attacking him as-is, while he's still unbound by our rules? Sure, that'd get people killed. But Robert(Guardian) seems to think he can keep Slim Jim in either our 'reality' or his, rather than floating between the two as Beanpole sees fit. If Robert(Guardian) could keep him bound to the 'reality' we have to obey, and enough of us took potshots at him, well, we'd all fit the role of the (Warrior), at least until the (Hero) Robert(Guardian) is convinced will arrive arrives. Nickel-and-dime Slim Jim down.

    I'm reckless, not stupid ;) I'm not talking just whipping out a Glock and emptying a clip every time you see him without a second thought.

  160. Hes been stalking me.first time the tv sound made a zap sound and the sound went out.left the room,came back in,it was on.second,i thought a patch of grass was his face.the next day it was moved.third time i saw tall shadow pass my room. No,im not "jay".

  161. magnetism has a similar effect on electrical devices, or rather EMP. I know NC's magnet gizmo can help keep him at bay. I wonder in what way that relates.

  162. Theres no hope for me..i'm not even old enough too drive yet..only hope i have is if i run away from home..but then theres the problem of police..god im too young for this shit.

  163. You can add me to your list as well. I haven't had any weird dreams yet. I've been hunted for 7 days as of now seen Twiggy twice. I'm still myself, But thats not the reason I contacted you. Shit is going down several runners were just attacked simultaneously including myself. My situation has calmed down, but I've lost contact with others. If your still out there M watch yourself.

  164. Will,good luck.i'd suggest going too las vegas.plenty of people their don't sleep.makes it harder for ol' masky and slendy to come out.

  165. I had a new dream last night.

    I wasn't me, and I was with a woman with long, curly brown hair who taught at a junior college/high school somewhere. She had a little girl with her, and His people all over the place, and he kept appearing. He seemed to really want them. The woman kept making mistakes, and the one I was being took off with kid and left her there. I dunno if she made it.

    Anyway, I just thought it was odd that I was having a Slender dream that didn't involve me.

  166. 1. No... At least I don't think so.
    2. Yes, I believe so... though I don't really want to talk about them. *shivers* they're pretty creepy.

    But yeah, hopefully we'll hear from you again sometime soon. It looks like not only is Zeke back, but also Lexi from A Lack of Lexicon is back too. (he uploaded a new tweet... though it doesn't sound too good, once it's translated that is. "better to by the rope than to live in despair... all of us.")

  167. must be the Solstice at work.

    Hey M

    a note barring all the weird cryptic shit that's been going on

    Billboards, probably a pretty good place to camp out. don't you think? Assuming it has a railing.

  168. ...Chalk me as haunted,M.

    Let me just say thank you, though. You're my signpost.

  169. Hi, guys. Introduced to Slenderman recently. My mom became infected soon after by unknown means (she's been seeing him but, for whatever reason, has never heard of him. Possibly just a close enough thoughtform to trigger his attention?) and I found this place by looking for a cure. We cannot afford to run, and spamming the operator symbol won't work either. (Essentially speaking, we're stuck in a situation where we have to be HERE and HERE can't be changed) I personally have experienced nothing more than intense fear (not of Slenderman directly but of the things he implies) and normal sleep-deprivation hallucinations. (the latter for unrelated reasons, I must add.)

    Is it possible to somehow "force" a complete targeted memory erase (e.g completely forgetting Slenderman related things) on an infected person? It's important to me. I have a remarkable amount of control over my own memory when it comes to forgetting things, so I worry little about myself. My mother, though, is very important to me and she has no idea what to do. ...And admittedly, neither do I.

    Lastly... probably a very strange request, but I've heard about several peripheral beings connected to Slenderman, namely a "masked man" and an unnamed being (to my knowledge) that is much more direct (read: physical and no-nonsense) in its attacks, possibly completely ignoring abnormal mental-effects or memetic agents. Are there any representations produced of these two beings, or are they primarily unremarkable? I ask because before I force myself to forget, I want to know. Even just so I can leave myself a note that I already knew everything there was to know, so there's no need to go look again. I'm a very curious person, drawn to seek out knowledge for the sake of knowledge. I want to prevent myself from falling into an infinite-loop trap. Thanks, guys.

  170. Cassiel, let me steer you to a little something involving memory erasure.

  171. Hmm. Seems interesting, but far beyond my means. Given that I've finally started having the acute paranoia that occurs immediately before "infection," I begin to worry about simply needing to sacrifice my family (and by extension, my whole life) for survival. Not a pleasant idea for me... What about hypnotic burial/repression of memories? I fear that if -I- begin to see the thing it'll be all too far gone for me to save anyone. Even myself.

  172. I wouldn't know. Sorry. Any data or intel I might've been able to feed you is all compromised now due to gross insanity.

    However, going on Jay's data, I believe he said perfect amnesia, ie: total amnesia, was considered a cure.

    So really, and unfortunately, you'll have to give up your family one way or another, if you're wanting to go this method

  173. Gonna answers these after I'm done doing what I'm doing, but I will just ask this. Zeke is watching kids? And what the fuck is up with these FBI assholes?

    And yes, Danny, we are very close. Do you not remember when we hung out that 1 summer just braiding our hair and being girls together? Oh no, wait, that never happened and you're that asshole that comments here sometimes. See anybody without a face yet? If your being looked after by Zeke I'm guessing yes.

  174. I'm being watched, but not followed.

    Does Scarecrow cast a shadow?

    I think I have a way to help you. Something a little like the Operator symbol.. but different. Tall, Dark, and Faceless seems to not like it, at least he doesn't like the stone it's carved into. Might be helpful.

  175. Hello. My name is Steffen Carlson. I have attempted to email M, but i havent gotten a response. Im WD, and im on my way to Boston. Entire family is dead. Died 5 days ago. Need help. Scared. Alone. Tired. Havent slept in 3 days. Took money out of college fund. Need help soon. Will run and sleep when my body drops. Im looking for all runners, anywhere. Nothing is immortal, everything can be stopped. Iron works suprisingly well, 20 dollars doesnt ( i tried it). Smacked him in face with fire poker. No blood, he just dissapeared. Please, if you have info, email me

  176. I normally don't remember my dreams, but for the past month or so, I've been having strange dreams.
    My grandparents have a little stip of woods between their and the neighbor's house maybe a few yards across. I would play in them all the time when I was a kid, but I loved them and was never really scared. In my dreams, I recognize it as the woods by my grandparents house, but I'm running and running and running and can't get out of the woods. It's all misty and I hear voices talking at once; I don't know what they're saying though. I'm still running when I see someone, a little girl. I run up to her and she turns and smiles at me and says, "The trees are our friends." The way she says it terrifies me, and I start running again. Eventually I have to stop and when I do He's standing there, and I swear he looks at me and his head falls to the side and I can't move or scream or even breathe.
    I wake up after I see Him, but it terrifies me.
    I've also been blacking out every now and then. I'll be a the store or something and I'll suddenly be somewhere else and I don't know how.