Friday, July 2, 2010


No posts for 3 days. I stayed in the same place for too long and He found me. Woke up and saw a man down the street. Looked closer and saw it wasn't a man. Had to run fast. I've gotten so unuse to running that I forgot how to out run Him. Had to get on a train. Didn't sleep for a day or so. Went up state a bit. Am here now.

This place isn't safe. That's the next lesson. Keep moving. Moving away from the trees. It's good to be out of the place you've been sitting, but a place with more trees isn't safe. The trees keep Him alive. I don't know why. It's where He hunts. It's where He's killed so many of my friends. I need to get back to the city soon. I think it's harder for Him to move in it. He gets trapped. But this was the only place to go. I have to get out.

This post is so useless. I'm sorry. Moving has made getting my thoughts together hard. I'll be back in the city tomorrow. Then my whits will be back.

Also I found this the other day before I left.

Could be nothing, but I think somebody else in the city is running from Him. I need to find them. Or else it could mean big trouble. For them and for me.
- M


  1. Kali Ma...Wears a skirt of human arms and a garland of human heads.

  2. Yeah I thought of that. Could be nothing but I'm still on my guard.

  3. Trees are his power. I don't think belief is the source, but I agree that he terrifies people for a reason that we don't know, and that it all started with that SomethingAwful topic.

    Belief just seems too easy, and no one believes in me but stuff's happening.

  4. its not i stuipid post ill tell you that i live in a vary wooded area i tend to go out into the forest only to see a bunch of marks on the tree.

    if anybody who is fallowed by the slenderman wants to help me i think i could help alot.

  5. I'm not seeing what he's seeing in his pictures, sorry old post is old, but I'm just not seeing it.

  6. M, I'm honestly afraid and overwhelmed and unsure of what to do right now. Ill probably post this on a lot of yor stuff just to try and make sure you see it. The other day I found my best friend Dylans sketchpad..he's an artistic genious so I thought it was kinda weird to see him writing instead of drawing but he kept mentioning slenderman and I got curious and looked it up and I think he's following me. I haven't seen him directly but ppl are dying and dylans getting worse and I'm 13 with no survival skills I can't run from him. I've been sleeping on the roof of my house and I've been keeping my eyes open but I don't think I'm gonna last long.. -annie