Sunday, November 28, 2010

On The Lamp Post

I'm in an airport. There's a kid in a perfect Holden hat next to meet. My friends and I use to always look for them and they never had the right bill. It isn't safe here. I don't know how safe it will be in an air plane. It's high enough but I don't know. I just know I can't take a train. I haven't updated the past few months. I spent a lot of time trying to find a place to sleep. It's been getting cold in the city and I knew I couldn't sleep on roofs for much longer. Most of the street kids I've talked to said that they sleep in the subway during the winter. It's warm and you can just ride the trains all night. When I tried to tell them I couldn't do that they didn't have many other ideas. Like I said in my last post this made me kind of mopey and annoying and I just spent most of my energy on not getting killed and trying to figure out what to do. I had to break into a few apartments, which was really unpleasant, and I stole some girls' iphone. I didn't really do it on purpose and just meant to borrow it, but when I came back she was there waiting and I had to go. She stood up as I was leaving. She had long brown hair and wore a pink shirt and jeans. As I left she said something.

I think it was 'Wait.'

This all happened from September to October. I slept on roofs as it got colder and was only really happy when it was warm on rare days and the sun was out. My clothes are falling apart and I need a knew hoodie and a coat. I slept in libraries when they were high enough up and I could hide until they closed for the night, but it didn't feel safe so closed in. I thought a lot about going back to TN and to my house. I bet it's still there, just like I left it, things covered in dust and unused. It made me sad to think about it sitting there near the woods, all my stuff inside, my dad's computer room still as it was for all the years we left it alone, only going in when I was most sad, or upset. My mum's was still there too, but it had probably started to fall apart. She had more papers and the rats and mice had probably started to make nests in them. I thought about my brother's room, all covered in drawings he did after all this started to happened, my hand covered in charcoal after I had skimmed it across the wall before I had left. Mostly I thought about how warm it would be there.

And how dangerous.

Later in October I got a letter. It was a crumpled piece of paper that had been made into an envelope. It looked like it was written on a type writer. I didn't take a picture in time and it fell apart in my pocket. I copied down what it said:

Dear Dickens,

I heard you've met Thoreau.
They say he is a guide.
Don't believe them.
We are still on our trip.
The water is calm.
All the numbers are right.
1+1= 3

As ever,

I think it was from James.

In November I checked the blog. Evidently crazy shit was happening that fell into 3 categories:

1. Robert Sage went fucking nuts and thought he found a knife that could kill Slenderman and hid in a shed somewhere. Meanwhile there were 3 new sages (read: crazy people) who were out doing god knows what around. People expected me to go and get this knife, even though I have no idea what the fuck it's actually suppose to do. I figured this was probably bullshit since, you know, it's a fucking knife fighting an 8 foot tall guy with no face who can fucking teleport, so didn't pay this much mind.

2. The FBI or some shit is killing people. I don't know much about this, and more information would be good, but evidently people are being killed by some government agents. This doesn't sound like it makes much sense to me, but if it's happening, it's happening. This is also why safe houses are a bad idea. The truth is, no place is safe and even if Slenderman can't get you, you still have to keep your eyes open for hollowed out people and whoever these people are, as well as the people who are living on the streets near you. I talked to 1 of the guys I think in a comment and don't know I could anything back, but either way, things may not be safe. But what the fuck else is new?

3. Maybe the craziest, Zeke is taking care of kids? It looks like our good friend Danny (you may know him from comments as the happy ball of sunshine that always brightens up bad situations) is 1 of them and he's pretty busy doing that while running from the law. Seriously though if people are running in groups like this now, which it seems like they are, remember to keep them small and try to remain spread out.

A few weeks ago I talked to Shaun and he said he was in Chicago and asked if we should meet up. He was going to be staying with somebody and it was time for us to get together. I said I would think about it. I walked around the next few weeks, cold and wondering what the hell I would do and where I would go and if I was going to have to go back to my house. Half way through that I fell asleep on the street. I sat down to figure out what was in my pockets and nodded off because it was cold. I was having the same dream I always have. My brother stares at me, sitting in a chair. I try to get up and talk to him but I can't. Then I felt something and my brother turned in his chair the way I remember he use to and it felt sharp. I woke up in the park. It was a part surrounded by trees, deep and hidden from most people. I realized I had been moved and I looked up and saw Him. I was pretty sure I was fucked when I heard a sound, or felt it I think. Like something went through the air like it does when I feel things shift. Like a scream but whatever drifts through the air that makes it heavy. A smell filled the air like blood, but not human blood, more like an animal and He stepped back slightly and stood still. I got the feeling like something was behind me, but didn't turn to look and just backed away until I was far away enough to run the fuck out of there.

I don't know what that was. I didn't stop moving from roof to roof for days after that. At this point I didn't know what the fuck to do and was asking around more and more what to do for the winter. I asked a group of street kids who lived in a park down town if they knew any good places people could stay. They said no but the they noticed the back of my hoodie. They said they had been asked if anybody with the symbol near them had been around by a few kids they said acted like junkies, and had told them to show the people who did something. I asked them to show me. They lead me up town a little ways and showed me this on a lamp post.

I realized I needed to get out of the city. I don't know who left that, or if it's even Slenderman, but I realized I needed to get away. Away from the parks, and away from the cold, and away from whoever's looking for me. I'm going to Chicago now. I'm going to meet up with Shaun. And I'm not going to find any fucking knives or fuck around with any crazy plans. We all need to focus on being safe and staying alive more then ever now. I can post more often now that I have the iphone. I'm surprised it hasn't been turned off. Ill try to answer comments from the last entry soon, maybe in another post. Leave any questions or anything in the comments and I'll try to be better at getting to them.

Now I have to go catch a plane and try not to have a panic attack. At least I get to watch TV and free snacks.

And at least I won't be on an island with a fucking park in the middle of it.

As always like I said leave questions and comments in the comments, and email if anybody needs to get in touch. Meanwhile I'm gonna try not to die in a plane crash or get attacked by Slenderman at 30,0000 feet. At least here's Wifi.

- M


  1. You must be joking. I'm neither a "kid" nor is Zeke taking care of me.

    I am also not running and blah blah blah, you really don't have a goddamn clue.

    Shannon and I are figuring things out on our own.

  2. Glad to see you back, Sir. Chicago? I'm in that area, and I'd visit if it weren't so dangerous getting groups of us together. Lots of weird stuff here, M, but I do know Thoreau. If your friend James was talking about Henry David Thoreau then he was talking about a man who is considered a naturalist. He spent a lot of time in the woods, and near water. Odd choice, I'd say.

    And yes, the blogosphere is utterly mad. It seems to be calming down now-- people have been lost, things have changed, truths have been revealed.

    Enjoy your plane trip, and be safe.

  3. Danny - Really? Because Zeke says he's watching over you and I believe him a lot more I believe you. Danny, did you get yourself into deep shit?

    Jean - Where are you in that area? Are you moving? I think I know what he's talking about, but I'm never sure with him. I'm pretty sure he's refering to the writers yeah. He liked that kind of stuff. Near water would make sense. Yeah I see shit has fit the fan. But then it's always been fucking crazy.

  4. You're coming to

    My place of residence. I still haven't seen him since I returned. Do I start running? I don't know what to do with how much situations involving the tall guy tend to vary.

    Have a nice trip, thanks for the insight.

    ...Maybe I'll see you. (Like'd I know it was you, though...)

  5. M: I'm in Wisconsin, and I'm... well, not really moving. It's a problem. I can't run-- I'm a foreigner, and the only thing keeping me in the country is my student visa. Running would invalidate that. I can't even afford to go back to the UK until June. I have been staying in rooms around campus when I get the opportunity. In any case, I don't think I'm being followed by him. I haven't seen him, myself.

    Thoreau was a brilliant writer, though preachy, and a staunch abolitionist. He lived in the wilderness for years in a cabin, and wrote about the water. He was a great believer in calm and removing oneself from the stresses of "wage slavery".

    Well, it's a crazy situation anyway, and difficult to keep ones emotions under control. Shit hits both emotional and physical fans rather quickly. Thank you for your reply.

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  7. Shiloh - Returned from where? If you've seen him you have to keep moving. Maybe you'll see me, but yeah I'm pretty low profile.

    Jean - You should stay away from all this. It's dangerous. And yeah I read his stuff a while ago. The water stuff sounds a lot like James which is sort of how I kew it was from him, but it's sounds like somebody else too. Also James would make himself Emerson.

    Danny - Deep shit - Dude with no face following you.

  8. M: A little late. I've been warned, and I would back away if I thought it were going to help. But I've got a countdown of sorts; not a physical one, but I know... Well, I've been embroiled a while. I do feel dreadful, disobeying so much of your advice, but I just... can't.

    If James is making himself Emerson, then is he asking for you to find one like himself? It's odd, Emerson was the much more self-important of the two, but also the more grounded, the more logical. I wonder what he means by that.

  9. By your definition I was "hollowed". And...was later unhollowed? I don't understand why or what happened to me. I danced around as his puppet, and I remember doing so.
    But somehow I'm no longer in his thrall and have regained my sanity. I spent a good two weeks with the tall guy. (Though I only actually saw him a handful of times)
    Haven't seen him since...No nightmares, nothing.

  10. Shiloh's a friend of mine. Another of Zeke's "little kids", by his apparent definition. Though Shiloh is probably almost young enough to be considered as such...

    Anyways, I guess you could say I've seen him. But I've got a lot of shit to worry about, and I don't know if any of it concerns your faceless friend.

  11. Jean - That's very James. Very logical. He worships math. It's very fitting. I think he means I'm Dickens and I found Thoreau a while ago. Which makes some sense. It's hard to turn away but if you just try it may still work. Just thinks it's all a story. All unreal.

    Shiloh - That's interesting. How did you do that?

    Danny - What's going on with your group? Keep moving. It sounds like Shiloh was in, as we said, some deep shit with Him. Keep moving, if you're not already.

  12. That's the problem. I have no clue. My memory is blank after a certain point, but it could have only been a couple of hours. I remember daylight, and the next thing I knew I was in the middle of a forest preserve at 1AM, "unhollowed". Maybe there's a trick to it? The most important thing is the only damn thing I don't remember. Figures.

    I've written down almost everything I remember and am in the process of putting the pieces together to try to shed some, if any light on anything concerning the tall guy.

  13. M: I've tried that. Even if he is not hunting me directly, his self-proclaimed servants seem to view me as a threat. And leaving this would mean losing my best friend, if she isn't lost already. It'd mean pretending everyone I've met isn't real, and I can't do that.

    If you are Dickens, who do you think Thoreau is?

  14. I don't have a "group".

    I'd like to figure out what's going the fuck on before I move Shannon or myself anywhere.

  15. M I dont know if this means anything but 9 months ago yesterday when my sister in law got pregnant he stopped following me. I dont know why but the "hollowing" stopped the cough went away the constant paranoia was gone i returned home and started living a normal life... the day of her birth the cough is back so is the constant feeling of fear... hes coming isnt he? why did he leave me alone? is running all i have left?

  16. Shiloh - I've heard of that sort of happening but not quite like that. It's too bad you can't remember, but at least you're safe.

    Jean - Then bring your friend with you. Just get moving. I think it's probably Shaun River, as knowing James he's watching me and the other blogs. But don't tell Shaun it will only stroke his ego.

    Danny - 2 and more people is a group. You know what the fuck is going on. Now do what you have to do.

    Myst - That's odd. I would need more information.

  17. it started out normal got interested in this tall mofo and started reading all the blogs watching the youtube vids and everything and before ya know it he was here doing his usual scary shit so i started running and your advice helped but once i found out about my niece it all seamed to stop the "haunting" the paranoia and that cough i actually started thinking that this was all just a dream and that it might be over... i havnt seen him yet but i dont think i can stay at home anymore. im going to start running again tomorrow.

  18. M, right now I have an important question for you..... Is it time that I try to kill Drew. He's been hollowed for a while, and is causing problems for us. It isn't easy but....

    If it's best for Stephanie, I'll do it.


  19. Myst - That's very odd. This sounds odd but maybe try while running to find other pregnant women and follow them? See what happens.

    Jack - What's he doing? Can you keep running? Stay away from him. If he attacks you.... you may have to do something you don't want to. He's not alive anymore, but it's still hard. Do what you have to do to protect yourself.

  20. M, here is what I can tell you about our group. Since my explosion at you, I saw that you were trying to help, and attempted to make amends. When you didn't respond, I got worried. But as for just us....

    Drew got hollowed by Slender Man. Then... something new came. There have been a lot of theories as to what it is, but if you watched EMH video "Reunion", you see Slender Man looks.... different.

    Even as I type it, I know it sound far fetched, but we aren't being followed by Slender Man.... I should stop saying that name. Unless Slender Man can have different forms, then are dealing with something else. Just us.

    The way I see it, just as we created Slenderman by accident, Drew, EMH, and others did too.

    If this isn't something new, then Slender Man must just look different at random times. He doesn't just look different, he acts it too. It's hard to explain.

    But this isn't the biggest issue(If you believe anything I said). Sandra was attacked by this new creature. Since she returned, we have been staying in touch. Stephanie and I have been on the move for a while. Our destination is Oklahoma, where we plan to meet up with Sandra's group. I know it sound like a bad idea, but until this new threat dies, Slender Man won't kill us..... yet.

    He will when this new creature is out of the way. He guaranteed us that. Anyways....

    The whole knife thing started up right after we made our plans. I knew from the start, the whole thing was a lie. I was ridiculed, and told I should be promoting it... by one of It's proxies. I could've cared less though. When you have two things out to murder you, you tend to stop caring.

    Naturally, we were right. Yet we are still hated, because I made it clear that I was not going to try and help everyone else followed by It. Mostly people I thought had a chance. Regardless, I've moved on.

    In the end. I followed some of your rules so far. Some work, others don't, but I am grateful. At this point survival is key. For Stephanie, and for me.

    I know I sound crazy with this "other It" story, but I know what I saw. It has Drew. If you don't believe me, that's fine, but stay in touch. It may not be another Slender at all, but just It fucking with us. Regardless, we are meeting up with Sandra in OK.

    We plan to stay there for the rest of December and the beginning of January, then leave. In all essence, our biggest problem is Drew. He's getting more aggressive, and I can see it clear as day.

    He wants us dead. This new creature does too, and therefore, so does Drew. It's gaining hollowed too. We have only seen two, but Rose(EmptyEyes) says there are many more.

    It's terrifying, but we're hanging in there. We'll continue to stay on the move until we hit Oklahoma. Then it's about laying low until Sandra's group comes.

    Who is Shaun River by the way?..... How are thing on your end? are you staying safe?

    We actually are moving tonight. Hopefully nothing goes wrong.

    Stay alive, and keep helping others. Your better at it than most.


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  22. my sister disapeared last night about 2 hours before i wrote this here... i think "big brother" found me again its not safe here anymore.

  23. It's good to see you back. The lack of posts was quite concerning for a while.

    I'm not running, but one of my friends (who has actually seen No-face rather than just heard about him.) is. I'm a bit concerned for him to be honest, this is a small country (pop. 4 million, landmass-wise about he size of Japan, a LOT of it is forest/bush) and if this goes on for longer than a few more months he'll run out of places to go.

    Attacked by Noface at 30,000 feet? Yeah, might not be too good since you've got no place to go if you're that high up.

  24. I'm happy that people are still coming to you for advice M.

    Also, I've put all that nonsense behind me about Robert and all that crap, I feel like such a fool. :( Anyway, I'm glad to see you're still breathing, sir.

    Stay Strong.

  25. Gosh, you are just like Zeke.

    But don't worry, I know what I must do when the time comes.

  26. Jack - Not sure about this new thing but I'll look into it. Either way don't stay in 1 place for long, keep moving. When it comes to Drew if he's being a threat then you know what to do. If he still seems like him but sick then see what happens I guess. Somebody told me 1 time being placed in water helps so maybe try that. And yeah the knife thing is bullshit. Stay safe and keep me posted.

    Myst - Fuck. Run.

    Genevieve - He can stay in the same place if he moves around it (like a town) for about a month or so. Then he has to move. He'll run out of space but we all will. He should get away from wherever you live if that's the case.

    Zero - What is going on with the 'sages' or whatever you people call yourselves? Thanks. It's good to still be breathing.

    Danny - I don't know if that's a compliment or an insult. Good. Then do it.

  27. M, I'm glad you're holding up okay.
    God knows I'M lucky to be still alive.

    As to your rules and myself:
    High places - sometimes works. Key word being "sometimes". I don't know on what it depends. Sometimes he will follow me onto rooftops and such, other times he won't.

    Staying on the move - even if doesn't affect how soon he will find me, he's got some goons after me. Ones who somehow home in on me within 24 hours of me finding a place to stay. Makes things difficult.

    Eye contact/vigilance - vigilance a must due to the above. He doesn't disappear or anything like that when within my field of view. However, blinking seems to suffice for him.

    Also, I keep dreaming of mazes. You know anything about that?

  28. Pete - He can get onto roof tops yeah, but he can't really see you up there or doesn't know you're a person. He has to follow you. Keep moving. Hollowed people are hard. Try to fight them as best you can. They're dead anyway. He won't disappear if you look at him, just can't move as easily and will go away for the moment.

    Not sure about the dreams. I think we all have weird dreams for some reason. Don't know why.

  29. Thoreau? I get to be THOREAU?!


    haha, No man, good to see you posting on here again. I know we've had talks back and forth outside of email, but I'm still glad to hear you're doing okay and get the full story. That shit sounds insane. Did you have to blwo the whole "Shaun is in Chicago" thing, though? Jeez...

    I only really have one question...was she hot?


  30. Shaun - I didn't say it and I don't even know itf it's true so stop ruining the 1 pair of pants you have by jizzing in them ansd relax. You thanks James anyway, he's the 1 who sent the note. And yeah sorry about blowing your cover. My bad. But I mean I wasn't really think last night when I posted.

    I didn't look at her! I stole her iphone! I felt horrible. But then any woman you meet is hot to you, evidently, so I uess that yes she was hot. Now come pick me up, it's fucking cold here.

  31. What's with the tone of surprise? I'm sure I've mentioned before that I'm better with kids than I am with adults...

    If Danny wants to get himself killed then that's his own perogative. I've pretty much just left him to his own, as bad as it probably sounds. If the kid's either not going to acknowledge or not going to care enough, then there's nothing I can do for him.

  32. Zeke - Yeah I think I remember that. To be honest I have no idea how old you are so it could make some sense I guess. Even so you as a baby sitter is an odd image to say the least. Haha

    Just keep trying. It sounds like you've done a lot anyway. Also what's with this new blog you put up, Mystico?

  33. Twenty-seven. Birthday was back in July. Teens were just always easy to handle, I guess. That's why the chief always gave me those cases.

    I try. Celeste I've been a bit more successful with. Or at least, I've been keeping friendly contact. I may actually save this one. Who knows?

    I mentioned a while back that I was planning on updating again without using my original blog. This is kinda-sorta my attempt at that, though in honesty I don't know what I'm going to do with it yet. Right now I'm just leaving it there as a possibility.

  34. i dont know how but i think i pissed off big dark and evil the rate hes attacking is like nothing iv ever seen every time i find somewhere that looks safe hes there hes always 1 step behind me i fear hes watching me write this... im scared

  35. Incidentally, M, it seems like you've already made up your mind, but don't bother with the knife. It's not gonna hurt him. As much crap as I give you on your blog, most of the rest of these "Core Theory" people are worse. The concept of the Core Theory itself was about all Robert was good for. The rest? Ha. I personally think half of what you say is crock, and yet I still trust your words more than Robert's. A pocketknife. Good Lord. If anything would kill him, it'd have to be something as mystical as a sword carved from Yggdrasil.

    Anyway, glad to see you're still actually around. I might not agree with most of what you say, but at least you know enough to run away from the guy. There are people (well-respected bloggers, at that) claiming to have walked up to him and handed him "twenny dollaz," and walked away unharmed. What you're doing won't get you anywhere, but it's also not about to get you killed.


  36. @M - Firstly, all that sage crap is done, I took a real reality check to myself when Redlight called us out, it's my great shame that I got deluded to think I could fathom anything of this creature.

    As for what's up...well I got agent types pestering me at home, constantly making racket outside, to remind me that they're here. Nessa's dead, Jeff got captured, and everything's pretty much the hell that most of you guys are living.

    Not to mention the cops have been over here more times than I'd like, because someone got stabbed or cut, and it might've been me.

    All that sage nonsense just made us all weak, relying on something to protect us. Feh... Anyway, I'm not even going to respond to this "Core Theory" complaints, outside of this, "I get it, he was nuts, let it go please."

    Take Care M, Zeke and Shaun.

  37. For what it's worth, kid, Robert was a wealth of info. Me and him had our differences, but I respected the guy.

    I think we all wanted him to be right, in some way. I had my reservations; it just seemed too easy. Nothing about Slender Man is easy.

    At least he's free of it. For how long, I don't know, but at least he's got that.

  38. Zeke - My birthday's in July too. The 23rd weird. Haha I could say something about me kinda being a teenager I guess. Yeah writing on a new blog would be good. I find the writing helps keep you sane. Yeah Robert was interesting guy until he went fucking nuts. He had some balls. I knew he wasn't right, but he had some interesting ideas and he really believed he could help which I liked. The only way to get out of this is to forget and the only way I've ever seen people do that is lose their fucking minds. We'll se how long tit lasts.

    Myst - Just follow the rules and put up the operator symbol everywhere. Keep your eyes open and you'll be ok. Or as ok as you can b in this.

    Andy - You don't have to agree with me, you just have to stay alive, and I'm trying to help people stay alive. Yeah a knife isn't going to kill him. I don't know if anything can.

    K-OS - I get a deep purple song? A sad Deep Purple song. I'll be sure to put that on my play list.

    Zero - Fuck, dude. What is up with these agent guys? Nessa's dead? Did He kill her? I hear you went to the hospital. You need to leave home. We can't relye on any of that kind of stuff. Not magic, not god (waits for angry call from Shaun), not anything. Just what works and staying alive.

  39. I find it baffling that you willingly admit that this thing that stalks us exist, yet you are unwilling to believe in God.

    1. I find it more baffling that he knows an 8 foot tall, faceless monstrosity that exists only to kill is real, but he won't even consider that maybe, perhaps, the Fae do too.

      I mean, shit, more people believed in the Fae in olden times than anyone today has ever believed in Slendy...

      Also, blogspot, I'm not a damn robot. Sheesh.

  40. @M Nessa got turned, Fizzbomb tried to keep her in custody, hoping she'd get better. Nessa somehow managed to get one of Fizz's spare guns, and was shot and killed.

    Yeah, I did, one of the few things I can really rely on, the fact I was hospitalized for a few days a while ago. Course now Melody's gone too, and I think B might follow. So of the people I know the list is: Jill_Running, Melody, Nessa, Jeff, Jay...

    probably more.

    I dunno what's up with all the agent trolling, but it's excessive, isn't it? It's like...they're trying too hard. I'd like to think that's because it's closer to the Solstice, which I've said I've got a plan to do some damage to the monster, but maybe it's just getting worse because it's getting worse.

  41. related addendum

    does anyone know how to track a cell phone? like one that has wifi? Is there a way I can do that?

  42. Anyone wondering why Zero's not on the run yet?

    We find it suspicious too.

  43. Heh. Small world. I'm a bit earlier than you, though, I'm on the 9th.

    Yeah, writing helps a bit. Slowly but surely I've started to understand why Lizzie set me up with the thing in the first place, heh.

    He was a nutjob, but between him and Jay I was more willing to trust him. I didn't really read Shaun's blog, but judging that you're on your way to meet him I guess he's dependable enough.

    zero- These days best way to do it is to track it via a GPS system. FBI's got their own way of doing it, but it's not an impossible process. There are websites you can find that'll tell you how.

    As a former officer of the law, however, I'm inclined to ask what this is for.

  44. something I think you'd approve of, Zeke.

  45. Drew - It's pretty simple, Slenderman I've seen and exists, god I've never seen and probably doesn't. That's like saying it's confusing I believe in horses but not unicorns.

    Zero - But Nessa just commented on here. Are they actually killing people? Do you know anything about theor goals? I don't know how to track a phone, but whatever it's for be careful and don't get caught up in doing impressive shit then dying. Get moving.

    Nessa - Aren't you dead? I don't find it suspisious, I find it stupid.

    Zeke - Yeah I guess. Yeah it's sort of almost like she knew. Or something. I don't know. Either way when I do entries I get the notebooks a lot less. Jay was a dangerous murderer so I'd have to agree with you. Robert had his heart in the right place, too bad I can't say the same for his brain. Shaun is a good guy. Follow him. He's trust worthy and is good at the whole cheering up thing.

  46. Yeah, M, Nessa's dead. We're taking good care of her now... Hahahaha.

  47. Hey M, I'm actually named Ron. I'm just using Drew's blog because he left it to me. I fact, Drew is Hallowed... He sent me a message telling me to get the hell out of dodge is standard Hallowed speak. Do you think he managed to do that with the last of his sanity because I can't see him actively telling me to run like a bat out of hell if it was slim's sake.

  48. uh.... 13 and ive got to get out soon.M said to see if anyone here could help me.

  49. Nessa - And who are you?

    Ron - Oh it's that Drew. What the fuck do you care if I believe in god or not? Your friend is dying, fucking focus on that.

    Sarah - If people can help Sarah out that would be cool. I'm usually not for teaming up but if anybody is near her that would be good. Sarah, just read through some of the blogs here. You can sometimes find good information.

  50. I can't help him, M. I have no idea where he is, and all his message said was run and the slim is gunning for me. And I didn't comment on your belief or lack thereof in my last response. I'm just asking if you think Drew's warning was the genuine deal.

  51. Ron - Yeah it looks real. I'm really sorry, dude. I think your friend is gone, but the impression he left behind is trying to warn you. I would run, it was his last wish and it's probably a good idea.

  52. Already at the train station. I'm heading elsewhere. I'm sorry, too. See you guys on the other side.

  53. he can choose to be solid.... i got scared when i saw him around a corner i hit him with everything i punched as hard as i could. he didn't shift at all my hand is broken and the pain is horrible but i cant take any painkillers or whats left of my sanity will be lost. his suit isn't made of cloth i don't quite get what kind of material it was but it felt rough and porous(almost like a brick)... i don't get how he can move so quietly he weighs a ton i hit him with everything and he didn't shift at all (fuck my hand hurts its hard to write) his composition is extremely dense any hope of victory is quickly fading from me.... i think im just going to give up we cant stand up to this unbeatable, unstoppable, unimaginable foe... im scared

  54. Ron - Be safe. Where are you going? Keep me posted.

    Myst - Run! Fucking get your hand taken care of and fucking run. Get up high, put up the operator symbol, and keep your eyes open. You can make it you just have to get moving now. and don't fucking punch him again! You can't hurt him like that.

  55. This amuses me.nessa,heres a word of advice for'll be dead in no time.

  56. @M - don't even bother to talk to the agents, man, they'll just flood your blog pages with more threats. Sometimes they claim they're the real thing, sometimes they say they're just using the account. Don't try to make any sense out of them.

    @Zeke - I didn't find a website, but you did make me think of a contact I have that has the know-how. Thanks, sir.

  57. @M - as for goals, unclear, i think it's mostly demotivational currently, though I have had a few scruffles and incidents so far.

  58. J- Why are people named Jay always huge asshole. Also I'm tired of this switching bodies puppet shit. If you're somebody fucking say who you really are.

    Zero - I'm sorry they're using your friends to be assholes. Try to keep your head down and just get moving. These guys looks like assholes anyway. Guys with guns stop being scary when you're runing from a guy with no face.

  59. I have to leave sometime next week

  60. @M: Well, I was previously in Chicago, one of the biggest railway centers in the U.S. Anyway, I got on an Amtrak and I'm thinking Boston, because its a good distance away.
    We're at a station right now and thus far I haven't seen slimjim hanging around nor have I had anymore blackouts brief as they were when I was having them. And I've been waking up where I laid myself down, too.

  61. @M- You're right about that, pffh. I'm not saying I'm fearless now, but I find myself taking risks and ventures now that I'd never bother with before.

    I'm sick of this crap too, that and binary code. Half the time it's a damn joke to pretend someone is 'back'. But given how today went for me, one of them had enough sense to beg me for death....yeah, not so good.

    @Zeke - Sir, I just happened across a list of people that are probably agents or hallowed, whatevers, that I was wondering you might have an interest in.

    Also, how do you cope with having had to kill someone? I'm having a lot of trouble...dealing with it.

  62. A list?

    Well, boy, that sure sounds fake.

  63. Ron - That all sounds good. Take the train and try not to sleep too much on it, though you should be safe with all the people around. Get to a high building when you get to Boston. Stay safe. Keep me posted.

    Zero - Have you been killing them? What happened? Get the fuck away from your house, it sounds dangerous as shit there. I really doubt these guys are actually working for the goverment so any lists you find are probably incomplete or just wrong. Do you think these agent guys are hollowed? And who are they working for?

    Eyes Open - Helpful. You have any information on this shit?

  64. @M: I think you may have fallen behind on the current hip-lingo amongst all the cool runner kids in your absence. "Agent" doesn't refer to a government agent, but is a word that's being used to describe people who willingly serve Slender Man, without being hollowed.

  65. @M - yeah I'm already away from my house, that's done, I know I've been a stubborn ass about it, but i'm on the move, in the city so far.

    Ahh we might have miscommunication, see I've always called the Hallowed guys "Agents" I always think of the phrase, "Agent of Evil". And I happen to have a list of names and phone numbers that are all probably part of or whatever.

    And for the most part no, I haven't killed them, but there was an incident today that I'm not proud of. I'll just say that if anyone gets more trolling from "Nessa", then that person's a fake.

    Any other questions, M? I've got the time.

  66. I suppose. I've said a bit in the past, however...

    I will just say, a reliable list of his followers would be an impossibility. There are too many layers to it, too little organization. You would never find all of them, not even a significant amount.

    If you have a legit list, it must a small one.

    However, I've been noticing a few things from some of the runners. I think I want to change up some of my theories.

  67. I was considering handing it over to Basroil squad, the guys at, but they're sort of even further rogue lately, maybe their boss'd be interested. Not too sure though, if that's a good idea. they DO hunt hallowed though...

  68. @EO - you've got a good point, and I acknowledge that this list may not be good intel, but I have something that shows who Nessa was talking to, but I can't mention it here, cuz it'll get compromised even faster.

  69. Omega - I see. I'm not that hip I guess. Why the fuck are they helping Slenderman and how are they staying not hollowed being around him? That sounds unlikely.

    Zero - Alright I understand. I'm sorry you had to do that today. Remember tehy're already dead. You have to do what you haved to do.

    Eyes Open - Yeah I agree. If people are working for Slenderman making a list isn't even worth it. They'll be dead soon anyway. What have you noticed and what are your theories?

  70. @M - Thank you, sir. I think what I'll end up doing is just handing Nessa's phone over to the police anonymously after making a copy of her phone log. There's some...dark pictures on that phone.

  71. @M: Why do they help? Well, most tend to be frikkin' insane. The example I always use,cause he's the most famous, is the Albert Conaghan guy Zeke was dealing with. The man was completely lucid, and showed no signs of being hollowed, but he still was working to help Slender Man.
    We've seen cases of many more since then. Some of them have even made accounts, and use those accounts to taunt people and tell them that they're dooooomed. Get's a bit tiresome after a few dozen comments, really.

  72. @Omega - they seem to have died down for the moment, i'm thankful for that reprieve.

    Also, looks like B is dead now...feh, after I've done to help him. Oh well, another death, doesn't hurt me.

  73. @M: Thanks for the support, man. I should be in Boston before too long.

  74. Zero - Just keep moving a keep your head down. Focus on staying alive, and not anything else right now.

    Omega - That sounds annoying as shit. I meant more is it a religious thing like with the guy Zeke had to deal with or something else. I wouldn't pay them much mind unless you have to. They'll be dead soon anyway, people can't live long if they're around Him for too long even just bodily.

    Drew - No problem. Stay safe.

  75. I had originally come close to working for him myself. It was a desperate attempt at being spared. For a time, I was not exactly normal, I thought I had control over my own actions, but it seems likely now that I was on the verge of being "Hallowed"

    I did some terrible things, yes, but I don't exactly regret doing them.

    My comrades (i.e. my friends) and I quickly realized the issue with attempting to serve the guy: He is extremely volatile! We were very foolish to even attempt our little charade. Any follower WILL die. It might not be soon but serving him will not get you anywhere.

    But the reason why we experimented with this in the first place is because we felt that running was not a solution either. Or fighting, even.

    So, we have come upon a new option, one that we are currently trying to do. Before you ask, I can not give away details on this, as it is neither noble or nice. It is downright awful.

    This is why we say "Our Eyes are Open", because we feel are a tad more wise than most. Call it pretentious if you want, but we came up with it when most of us weren't exactly thinking clearly.

    I guess I didn't give you any of my theories and mostly talked about myself. Oops. Here's one thing I've been thinking: What if he's not so volatile after all? What if he's just too powerful for his own good? Maybe he doesn't mean so much harm, but being a being from another dimension, he's extremely dangerous to us. This isn't so crazy when you remember that everything that has been applied to him has been done so by humans, and thus, have logic based in our reality. Being something from another dimension means that maybe truly nothing can be actually defined about him.

    Still, even if he just wants to play, it makes him no less dangerous.

  76. @M - Late night question for you, sir. I'm a bit scrambled in case this doesn't come through properly. I know you pretty much disapprove of combatting the monster in any form, you strictly believe in survival. So you probably think I'm the stupidest person on the planet, and maybe I am. uhmmm but what do you hope to accomplish by running? I mean do you expect it to end in your favor? I know you've helped dozens if not hundreds of people with your knowledge and advice, but do you see a positive end to your struggle at all?

    Also, if you had to write a favorable ending to your story, what would you have it enca...what would it be like?

    And lastly, because I' can't sleep, does it matter to you at all where he originated? Do you think it's a fool's errand to attempt to find out?

  77. Eyes Open - So basically you were crazy before and it almost got you killed, and now you're still crazy but don't want to die anymore. Listen, Slenderman is already fucking ruining people's lives, we don't need you doing whatever the fuck you're doing to make it worse for people. So stop being a fuck and how about you try to help people or keep you head down and take care of yourself instead of doing things you know are awful. You;re eyes aren't open, you're just an asshole.

    Zero - I don't know. We have to keep going, and until he have a real idea what will hurt him all we can do is run. I would like a better way to fight but I don't think there is 1 yet and until then we just need to keep going. A favorable ending? I don't know. An ending would be me dying, but I'd like to die old, and not being followed by a guy with no face, and just I don't know hanging out with peopleI like. He originated on the somethingawful forums. We just brought him to life. We did this, and now we have to clean it up and make it better. Though how we do this I don't know.

  78. @M - So you believe in the Tulpa effect, that's comforting to think that a veteran like you believes in that as well. Yeah, I'll be doing some severe field testing on the Solstice, hopefully the repercussions of it will help either confirm or deny the Tulpa effect.

  79. I'm officially in Boston now, but not without a few hitches. I'll update my blod soon and from there you can see what I mean.

  80. I am hardly crazy. A few of my comrades could be called crazy, but they don't have much say in the overall scheme of things.

    I'm willing to help, but this is just something we believe in. You believe in your rules, I believe in this. If you're not in our way, we're willing to help you.

  81. Zero - That we made him you mean? Yeah I do. We mae him. We fucked ourselves. Now we have to clean it up. Be safe, don't do anything that will put you in danger.

    Ron - Keep moving and keep me posted.

    Eye Open - And if you don't hurt anybody besides yourselves then I don't give a shit. But what you've said so far sounds pretty crazy.

  82. I suppose it's all rather crazy. Call me crazy if you want, but does it matter? We're simply a third party at this point.

  83. Ron here, er, yeah. Hey, guys, consider this an unofficial addition to The Tutorial, but if you're a Runner: don't Run to Boston, Mass. Slender man has taken very deep root here. A number of people I know can see Him all gathered and entered City Hall together then left after many hours. A number of city officials were there, too. Then later I went to check the boarding schedules for the trains. Bastard showed up and caused a riot. Yes, slim caused a riot. Enough people saw Him at the South Station in Boston to panic and riot.

    I will post the story of the last 24 hours spent in this historical town on my update. Seriously. Don't Run to Boston.

  84. glad to see an update,haven't posted in a long while mostly due to the chaos of driving through the desert.

    I made it to Las Vagas as I said but I left pretty quick.

    I have made a plan to drive around and around in the desert,going from town to town just long enough to get food and gas until he gets sick of me for a while. I figure it could at least keep him busy, who knows might help you guys.

    I'll keep posted.

  85. Eyes Open - Like I said, if you're not hurting anybody I don't give a shit.

    Ron - How many people saw him? He has deep rots in most places. Remember to stay up high. Do you have the operator symbol somewhere on you?

    Tyler - Keep me posted and stay safe, dude.

  86. ...well shit. And here I thought he was leaving me alone for a while.

    I'm in Mass. Though not in Boston.

  87. This comment has been removed by the author.

  88. Crap. Sorry to double post, but yes, I have a Operator sign. So did the door to City Hall.

  89. There had to be dozens of people gathered at the station. But in all, between the City Hall people and those at the station, I'd say about a solid hundred at least could see Him that night.

  90. Im in MA, I'm not infected, and I want to help.

    What can I do to help any runners near me?

    @Ron: Boston? Shit. I love that city, but It doesn't surprise me at all.

    All of you keep fighting the good fight.

  91. I...I'm so confused. I just started reading your blog and I'm worried. I started scribbing those (X) signs all over my freaking physics work today.
    My friend Leanne is sick and angry all the time at me.
    No one is telling me anything, and now I find all these blogs telling me to run...from some slender guy in a suit.

  92. M, Huh?? Nice name. Wish I knew what MINE was. Or who I was. Or how I got here. Or Why I lost all of my memory. But I like this work of Fiction. Slender Man, huh??

    So Funny. He reminds me of this white guy I know...

  93. Zeke - I'd fucking leave if what he says is true, dude. Stay safe and keep moving.

    Ron - That's unusual for him since he has a hard time moving when people can look at him. Keep moving. Go further North to safer cities.

    Slice - Try to forget about this. It's safer for you.

    Wintersintel - Have you seen him? Try to forget about all this.

    ??? - Yeah it's a English name I think. I had another, but it doesn't relly fit now. Lost your memory? How did you find this? If you have the good luck of forgetting about Him then keep away from this.

  94. Running probably won't work in the

    And if he actually IS a "tulpa" or whatever it's called, he's still a much older one than we originally thought.

    This kinda sucks.

  95. M-
    I pretty much randomly came across this. I was at the Library and saw the site open to this page.
    Who's He? I have not read your blog much. Just your first page.
    And what does this slender man you "see' have to do with my memory loss?

  96. @ Amnesia guy

    Probably nothing. Hopefully nothing.

    If you don't have a name, why not give yourself one? Its better then a stream of question marks.

  97. Pete - No shit, but it's all we can do right now. I think He's pretty young. I've heard that He's older stuff and I don't buy it. Nobody saw him before this. I think He was made by us and now we're fucked.

    ??? - It's nothing. Don't think about it.

    Slice - At least a name is better then Amnesia guy.

  98. M-
    Alright. It must not be important then I guess.

  99. ??? - It's just safer for you if you don't think about it.

  100. This comment has been removed by the author.

  101. Sarah - Good. Keep going. Are you ok?

  102. There are only two titles that will matter by the end of this, living and dead. And only two times will matter, the end, and the rebirth.

    Of course for this to end there are only two routes. The first is to kill the Slenderman, the second is for him to kill all of us.

    As for rebirth... the younger generation has the survival instincts of a baby rabbit near a shiny land mine, he will be brought back by the thought and fears of other kids who want to pretend this is a game.

    Till than remember to laugh at death in every form. (x) Pity that which does not feel but only kills(x)

  103. i think about Him before i go to sleep every night. and now thanks to everymanhybrid the Rake is joining Him.
    nothing has happened though.
    and i know it won't go away.
    i am such a hopeless cause


    Have you seen this blog yet? It appears to written by Andrew, a proxy, only he seems to be sane, without malice. and not a willing servant for SM at all. Perhaps you could talk to him? This Andrew may have useful information concerning SM.

    Perhaps you could persuade him to run? Nobody deserves that.

  105. m- im about as ok as i can be.
    its freezing, and someone stole my bike.i still havent found anyone else.

  106. Hey M, I live in TN. I can check your house for you, I have a mask so I think that should protect me.

  107. M -

    My friend holds no belief in Slenderman. She reads it for good fun, and admits it's a fun scare while you're reading/watching, and she showed it to ME, but she is 100% adamant that he does not really exist.

    I believe this will keep her safe.

    However, I am not so lucky. I always try hard to believe that none of this is real - that'd keep me safe, I reason. However. I have a very thin border between reality and fantasy, and it has made me worried to the point that, while I have never seen ANYTHING myself, I am always looking behind my back, around corners, peeking through blinds. I've read your blog from start to finish, as well as others.

    I do not email because I rarely check my email. I frequently check blogs, however. What I ask is a little odd, but... is there anything, advice or the like, that you can give me to sooth my mind? I'm not hunted. I don't like to think I will be. But the paranoia is GETTING to me. I can't sleep well lately.

    My dreams are oddly vivid, and I had a jarring nightmare last week - and when I woke up, I thought I saw him, and I thought I was dead. I didn't really (frikkin white vase) but it showed me just how badly this all getting to my head. I think.. a little advice for those who aren't hunted, but have dug themselves their OWN little hole, could be helpful? We suffer in our own manner, though not as severe or as dangerous, but it seems to be driving me a little crazy some days.

    You can imagine how that worries me.

    Perhaps I am rambling off to no point, but I felt the need to comment here. Also, I wish the best of luck to you. Never give up.

    - N.E.S.

  108. M-

    One last question.
    What makes not thinking about it safer? How is thinking dangerous?

  109. Thinking about him, the pure belief in him was what brought him here. It's sorta like with God and church....

  110. I picked up a runner today. I found him in the middle of the desert. God he must have been fleeing town for days his bag was filled with empty water bottles and protein bars.

    It looks like he might have been a reader of yours M his jacket had a operator symbol in the back.

    I didn't get much of info out of him though, he muttered a name "Mitchel" and passed out on my couch.

    I'll see what else I can get out of him tomorrow.

  111. Joker - Thanks for that, I'll be sure to remember that when I'm getting the waitress at this diner to leave me alone.

    Imperfectly Perfect - Don't give up. Have you seen Him yet?

    Mar - If he's not careful he'll be dead soon like the other person helping him he writes about. Just being around Slenderman makes you sick. still he seems pretty set on doing this job. I don't know.

    D - My house is sort of out of the way and weird. I don't know if I want anybody going into it. That sounds really dangerous and if anybody does that it would have to be me. Thanks though.

    Rythos - Relax and try to calm down. To help you let me tell you to forget about this shit. Stop reading it, stop thinking about it and just remember, it's all a story. You'll be ok.

    ??? - It's not the thinking, it's the knowing.

    Tyler - Interesting. At least you found him in time. Groups are never good but when you travel or are in a place that's vast like you are sometimes it's good to have somebody else there. Keep me posted.

    - M

  112. Hi, M. I'm Jamie, and well, I suppose you can add me to your list of people you're warning and indirectly helping.

    It appears I have a 'SlenderMan' problem ( I really don't like calling him that. It scares me to call him that) as well. I'll be going on the run by the end of the week.

    Good luck to you as well.

  113. ??? - Usually I'm the person calling people cryptic. Ok basically if you know about what we're talking about and think too much about it and believe in it it will come after you. So don't even think about it. It's really dangerous so just try to stay away from all the Slenderman stuff.

    JustJamie - Good luck. Keep me posted. Be safe.

    - M

  114. Phh.

    Slender Man??? I read parts of this blog.

    He CAN'T Exist. No way. I mean an 8 foot tall skinny white dude with no..face....yeah. SURE.

  115. It's great to hear from you, man. I'll keep in touch with what's going on.

  116. Wow M, looks like you have a new batch of people to talk to.

    Kinda odd how it comes in waves, eh?

  117. ??? - Which is why you should just forget about it.

    Zero - Yeah, especially when most of those people are batshit. I guess that what life is like when you spend your time sitting on roofs waiting for a red haired hippie to come pick you up.

  118. yeah.i guess my parents reported me missing and some cop saw me.i tried to get away from him, but he caught me and i got sent home.i dont know how im gonna get out this time.

  119. Sarah- If you try to be strong, and put up operator symbols you'll be safe there for a little bit until you figure out what to do next. Concentrate and keep your eyes open. Be strong and He may stay away a little more then usual.

  120. I've been reading many blogs about Slender Man, and though I have had a few experiences over the last week that would be odd by themselves, and downright freaky in sequence with each other and my recent knowledge of Slender Man himself, I have yet to see him for myself.

    I am following your blog as you seem to be the most legit of all those being followed (except maybe Zeke, but I don't think he is around so much anymore), and I hope to be able to learn a lot from you. Heres hoping I never have to look Slender Man in the no-eyes, and that you will have prepared me if I do! :)

  121. M-
    It's kinda hard to forget something when I know only a few things.

  122. Rakoa - Stay away from all this. It's dangerous.

    ??? - I know but trust be it's safer. Have you found anything else out or at least picked a name? Stay on the roofs and be safe.

    Imperfectly Perfect - Then don't be worried. Just forget it.

  123. Thank you so much. That's honestly much easier said than done for me, considering I had a nightmare about this last night when I'd not even thought of it all day. However, I have been trying lately to just keep my head clear of it. I'll continue to check in with you here, but other than that, I'll try to keep my nose out of this. For once I hope I'll be able to keep that promise to myself and put it with the other fairy tales in the back of my mind.

    Good luck again, and though I'm sure you'll just roll your eyes at it, I do wish you a happy holidays. Or at least happier.

  124. It's k.M., My lAptop's fucked so i can't get to your Email address and i Don't have the time to look through your posts to find it again. on the run, he's still close, don't know where i'm going but i'm moving, heading west i think. contact you at a later Date, k.m.

  125. You can't help them, M. The players in this game don't know the rules. How can you expect to win? You will all turn to ashes.
    ??? is the one who will be won over, M. Give up on him, for He will claim him as His own.

  126. M- a name... not really. Right now I'm trying to find one that fits me. The name "prophet" keeps popping into my head, but Im not using that.
    An what is your obsession with roofs and staying high??

  127. Rythos - Glad I could help. The best way to be is away from this. Dreams don't mean much. They'll fade if you focus on other things.

    HeWhoYouknew - So Voldemort's commenting on my blog? Oh no wait that was He Who Must Not Be Named. My bad. Still you have a lot in common what with the crazy bullshit and threatening kids and shit. The rules work and you better stay away from him. I won't have people threatening people here. So fuck off.

    ??? - A name is a good thing to have. I've always really liked the name Lee, but that's just me. Just trust me, dude, it's safer.

  128. ??? knows me. Better than he knows himself.
    We can do what we want.
    M, it's better off for the both of you if you just leave poor ??? alone. Why does it matter if he doesn't remember his mother or his father, or the ones he loved. who cares other than him?
    There is only one way out of this, ???.

  129. HeWhoYouknew - Leave him the fuck alone or leave. I won't let you be all hollowed out and crazy here! Get the fuck away. If he knows you so well why don't you help him out and not just fuck with him? Or are you too fucked up to even know up from down? As long as he asks for my help or information I'll help him. I care because I don't want to see anybody else hurt or caught up in this shit. He's just trying to figure out who he is, and if you don't think that's important you're really far gone. So like I said before, fuck off!

  130. Kenshi - My email is Contact me if you have any questions or anything.

  131. M-
    Hollowed out?? You accualy think I'M hollowed out?
    I'm as sane as you are, and have just as much free will, He doesnt control me.

    I'm just here to take bac kwhat's rightfully mine,M, and anyone who tries to stop me will pay with their sanity.

  132. HeWhoYouknew - Really because you seem pretty fucking crazy to me. Like I said threats aren't allowed here. Whatever the fuck you think is rightfully your's is probabaly bullshit. And it looks like you fucking worship Slenderman so shut the fuck up and leave here or else fucking come and get me, asshole. I'm cold and I'm fucking out of coffee so I'm not in the mood for this bullshit.

  133. You are lost, M.
    But I'm not comming for you. That's not my job.
    You should becareful aroud ??? M.
    He might end up like me.

  134. HeWhoYouknew - If by end up like you you mean crazy then we're all at risk. But we fight it unlike you.

  135. Finally took a stop for a while. Sorry I havent had a time to post but my internet doesn't work way out here. And I've been moving alot faster since I picked him up, he does move slower in the desert as I've figured out.

    The guy I picked up says he's 19 his name is Brian he drove out to the middle of the desert in a fit of insanity trying to loose him, ran out of gas on an old dirt and gravel road and had been circling around in the desert for days on foot.

    He had figured out the operator symbol from of all things a game of tic tac toe he had played with him self, he wont tell me exactly how that happened.

    Today I've finished my first lap around the desert. It won't be my last

  136. I've been lurking for a while now, and this is a very interesting idea.No multi-million-dollar film has ever caused me paranoia like Slenderman, wheather it's fake or there really are a bunch of people running from a mutated buisnessman.

  137. M-
    Fight it?
    You will learn to enjoy it, to EMBRACE it.

    You one of the little pigs, M.
    But do you have the Stick, Straw Or Brick house?

  138. This comment has been removed by the author.

  139. Tyler - The desert is missing trees so that makes some sense. Tic Tac Toe, that's interesting. I'd like more information on that. Stay safe and keep moving, and be careful of those guy. Still it's goo to have somebody else there with you. Keep me posted.

    Jazz - Yeah really interesting. I'll be sure o see the movie when it comes out. Should be great.

    HeWhoYouknew - Did you just steal from Zeke? I could never enjoy whatever teh fuck you people think is fun. And my house was made of wood and glass, so you're wrong on all count, asshole.

  140. This comment has been removed by the author.

  141. You can run from The Big Bad Wolf, M.

    But there's no where to hide.

  142. I assume it has somthing to do with the circles and X's in the game

  143. You fool.

    Beating the Operator will only bring about the End.

  144. I'm in a forest... at least I think I am. I'm in a house in a forest. It's fucking cold out. God how the hell do I start?

  145. HeWhoYouknew - I'm not hiding, Im just on the move.

    Tyler - Yeah but it's just interesting he found that out that way.

    Article - What is it crazy fuckers open mic night? Don't call Him that and get off my blog!

    CuriousityKilledTheKat - Well get the fuck out of the forest.

  146. you think I would have tried that? I HAVE.
    I've sprinted, walked, hell I even tried jumping to get away from the house and this forest. But I black out every time. Moment I hit the tree's, WHOOSH something gets me and I black out.

  147. i think i need to leave again.hes starting to get into my house.last night i woke up and he was at the end of my bed, just sitting there.i screamed and my brother woke up and came running in, but he was already gone.

  148. Jesus Christ, M. Are you a fucking magnet for freaks, crazies, and Business Suit worshipers?

    You're in my thoughts, M. Good luck! And not just with tall, pale, and creepy. With the weirdos posting on your blog, too.

    - Ash.

  149. M-
    I've chosen a name.

    Just Locke.
    It randomly came to me.

    Why is it important to have a name?

  150. Go ahead, Little M. Run all you want.
    You'll only die tired.

    He never stops.
    He just wants to enjoy his meal.

    Fear make the meat all the sweeter.
    You'll be the best yet.

  151. Locke - Good choice of name.

    HeWhoDerpDerpDerp - Bugger off, troll.

    M - Don't let worthless, witless, suit-worshipping trolls get to you. Also, I don't really know how valid the entire Solstice business is, but some shit is going down then in my hometown that I'll probably be attending, and everybody may be in for some rough times if Slendy's "minions" take it seriously enough. Stay safe, man.

  152. I'm fairly confident I heard something tapping on my window and the other night...also, I doubt this is a sign of Slender Man but it was so weird I thought it would be worth mentioning: It wasn't snowing at the time, though it was earlier, but a snowflake about the size of thumbnail (and I have a big thumbnail) fell out of the sky and zipped right by my face. The weirdest thing was the snowflake was pitch black.
    Whether or not those mean anything, I'm sure I've read too much as it is. Also, I'm just getting over a cold, but the cough doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

  153. (adding to the massive pile of people consulting you, sorry)

    I've been having these weird dreams lately... I won't go into full detail on here (I have an entry in my blog about it), but the basic rundown: I'm having dreams of my house, it's become eroded down to the frames, there's snow fucking everywhere, and the only standing room is my brothers. Slenderman is there too, but tries to warn me away from the room.

    In reality, the room is locked tightly and unacessable by anyone but my brother. Who is away at college.

    Any idea as to what this may mean?


  154. Any idea how to get out of blacking out? It's what keeps me in the house and out of the forest. But also in an open space.

  155. CuriosityKilledTheKat - Can you get somebody to come get you? If you can have somebody drive you or just walk with you and watch everything all the time you may be ok. Try using a mask or putting operator symbols all around you. Blacking out is unusual in this case but maybe those things will work.

    Sarah - Run again, even if it's hard. Where are you again? There may be somebody who can help you.

    Ash - I don't invite them, they just sort of come. I don't know if it's just me, but I don't think they like me very much. I just ignore it until it pisses me off. It's just like on forums I guess, easy to yell at somebody online but I haven't been attacked by Hollowed in a while. Wonder why that is.

    Locke - Good name. Names are important. I know what it's like to not have a name, it's hard. They make us more powerful I think. Or at least easier to leave notes.

    HeWhoYouknew - Judging from your comments you're already dead, so I'm doing a fuckload better then you.

    Maduin The Jester - Thanks. It's pretty much open house here for crazies but whatever. Yeah don't know what people have planned for the 21st but I'd advise against it. Keep your head down as usual. And I know from a source holloweds and everybody else breathing in guy with no face fumes are laying low that day too.

    Rakoa - That's odd, did you see what it was? Like I said before, put this shit out of your mind.

    Jamie - Call your brother? I'm not sure, dude. I'm not really good at this dream stuff. Sorry. At least you're still dreaming. They fade sometimes.

  156. This comment has been removed by the author.

  157. Spread the word
    See the world
    Free your mind
    Know the truth
    He Who Waits Behind The Wall

    Spread the word
    For the love of God
    Spread the word

  158. You're at the center of a swirling Nexus. If you get caught, you're going to drag down possibly hundreds with you.

    No pressure though.

  159. Hey M-
    along with some Operator symbols in the concrete, I found this same sticker- or whatever it is- on the back of a sign near my house.
    I haven't seen Him yet, and my health's been unaffected, but I'm still concerned that even by noticing I'll become a target.
    Any advice?