Monday, December 20, 2010

I guess Chicago is land locked

Not a lot of time to post right now, but I did just get a letter in my P.O. Box. All it said was:

89th street
3rd Avenue

The paper looked like it had been dropped in water.

That's around where I use to hang around in New York.

Since I'm not there anymore anybody who is mind checking it out?

- M


  1. ... my situation is sorta different. in short term I am in a house, I don't know where. i have no access to the outside world besides this blog and my email address. my TV too but all that has is static.
    the only reason I think I am allowed this computer is because I am suppose to "infect".
    i get clothes and food delivered everyday, and the house i am in repeats itself.
    but I'll try to find something to draw with.

  2. You get it delivered? By who? What do you mean it repeats it'self?

  3. Dunno, its snowy here, and no footprints are left. My best guess is Him (highly doubt) or someone who is Really light.
    The house is always in perfect order every morning. I could trash the whole place tonite, and it'd be untouched when I wake up. But I got blacked out before I could sleep... just "woke" up.
    Excuse me as I go to bed...

  4. I've been reading your blog for a few days now. Its helped me out so much. It all started when my brother and I was looking up creepy stuff on the internet. You think its so innocent, and fun, looking at things to scare yourself.
    But then I started to see him, and I got dreams. I never thought it would happen to me. It always seems to happen to people in america, not some small town british kid.
    Every night I have the same dream. I'm in a forest, and there is snow everywhere, but the trees all look distorted, they don't look like real trees. Its like something from an abstract painting. And then I see Him. And I feel him closer and then I wake up.

    Do you know what the dream is? I keep trying to stay awake so I don't have to go through it again.

  5. New York....Sadly I have no contacts there yet. I will have to work on that.

  6. Sorry, mate, I'm staying in Mass for the holidays. Even picked myself a nice tree. Getting ornaments is going to be a hassle, but I'm sure I'll manage.

  7. M- stay safe.

    Zeke- Hi I've always wanted to meet you are you staying safe?

  8. CuriosityKilledTheKat - That's very weird. Maybe try to stay up all night and see what happens. That does sound like something He could do. Maybe a hollowed but not Him. That is as a whole very unusual. Try the operator symbols and keep your eyes open.

    Sarah - I'll see if I can find anybody near there.

    Chris - I've heard of a few people outside of America it's happening to. That's usually how it starts. Have you seen Him yet? I'm glad the blog has helped. Follow the rules and be safe.

    Origin - Thanks I think.

    Zeke - Oh I hear Mass is great this time of year. Snow, warm fires, guys with no faces. All great stuff. Not sure how I feel about the tree though. Haha Just try to hang the stockings with care or whatever.

    Clover - Thanks.

  9. Zeke - I suggest those greenish fist-big, egg-shaped ornaments. The hooks get off far to easy, but I heard they're booming.

  10. M - A couple of times, both looking through a window. The first time I ran like hell and baricaded the door, and the second time I left the house without trying to cause suspicion. I didn't want him to know I saw him

  11. I know you're just looking out for me M, but I don't think I can stay away from this stuff. I want to help people like you are. I think I may have found something interesting, though not particularly helpful. This may have mentioned before, and if so, sorry! But if not, here it is:

    I think I might know what the operator symbol represents. It is a circle with an X through it, with the arms of the X extending beyond the boundaries of the circle. I've seen something similar to that in the early stages of drawing a human, say for a comic book or something similar, on the face of the person. One of those rough drawings, where the artist will put an X through the face (or circle!/oval) in placeholder of a face until the end drawing. Hmm... in placeholder of a face? Sound like a certain Slender Man?

    Just what I think, anyway. May not be right, but I think it sounds likely, and even if it is correct, it doesn't really change anything. Like I said, just interesting.

    Also, in answer to your last question, I most certainly did not peek out the window to see what might me tapping on it. I'm not that brave, heh heh... :)

  12. @ Rakoa: I'm sorry to spoil your discovery, but what you mean is the cross people draw to determine where the eyes and the nose should be. Other that the OS, this cross stands on one bar which is crossed by another in 90° angle, not really looking like the operator symbol at all, even in the early stages of a picture where the head is still a ball/circle.
    This is a rather recent development, as I said, not thought as a symbol of a face, but simply as a helpful thing to see how the relation of the parts of a face should be.
    While this is no argument against the operator symbol being a drawn "face", I wanted to tell it to you right away. Also, I think M links the symbol to looking like a face earlier in his entries, stating that this is why they help against SM. He thinks that He's observed, so He might not slenderwalk around.

    We appreciate your input though, of course... but providing really helpful theories means to at least skim as much material as possible and avaiable now. And when you're done with that, you know too much to sit down and write long essays about it without having surprise visitations from Him.

  13. I know I should read the rest of the blog, but I've got a friend in New York. He walks past there all the time, but hasn't noticed anything recently. I asked him to keep an eye open next time and let me know.

    I guess that's not much help, is it?

  14. Heh, yeah, there goes my theory.

  15. Chris - Have you gotten moving?

    Rakoa - I'm pretty sure that that's why it works. Slenderman thinks it's a face so can't walk as easily, or thinks He can't, like a mask. It also seems to keep him away more then a mask. It's cool you want to help but what Broeckchen says is true, when you try to help you usually end up as 1 of the helped.

    R - Thanks.

  16. M - I'm moving between a few places right now. Theres not many places to go here.
    I'm staying high and safe for now. Hope you are doing the

  17. Chris - Good. You'll have to move some place new at some point or He'll get you but for now that sounds alright. Be safe. Keep me posted.

  18. m-
    tell this to locke.

    He is the shepard. hE wilL guide you, refine you through fire. stay with him through your trials, and you will be reshaPed in to soMething bEyond your imagination.

  19. HeWhoYouknew - this is A change in tune. why should I tell him anything fRom you? he has Enough problems he doesn't need to get drawn into all this. i told YOU to shut the fuck up. stAy awAy fROm him aNd stay away from this blog!

  20. Please tell me there was a point to that. If there was, i cant figure it out. Oh well, i suck at codes. I guess i never have to worry about being a hallowed.

  21. Jazz - I just work here, dude. I don't know what a lot of these people are up to.

  22. I never posted that. I don't remember that. And your "clever" little CaPs CoDe?? I'm not Aaron.
    Aaron is what Locke should be. A perfect little lamb.

  23. HeWhoYouknew - Who are you then?

  24. I am The Wolf. Im the KEY to it all. The gears that make it work. It cannot exist with out me. With me, it keeps things outside the in and inside the out.

    I'm part of it as a whole. We are one, but I am seperate.

  25. HeWhoYouknew - So crazy. Ok.

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