Saturday, August 14, 2010


Elizabeth is gone. I realized what had happened a few hours after she posted about going down stairs and tried to go to where she was. I was on a roof and went down to the hallway of the building and I saw Him. He was standing there in front of me, just watching with His blank face. I stared back and I had a moment where I thought about closing my eyes and letting Him do whatever He was going to do. Then I had a sort of odd feeling. Like everything was shifting, and His head sort of tilted and He disappeared. I got moving after that and went back up to the roof and stayed there until morning. I went down and walked to where she had said she was. The diner she talked about was there and I went up to what I was pretty sure was where she was. I didn't find anything there, so I think that somebody else probably took the stuff, but it did look like somebody had been there. It smelled weird there, like ozone and fire. It was a pleasant smell.

After that I wasn't very well for a few days. After loosing Anthony and loosing Elizabeth I was about ready to sit down. I was so tired. I didn't know what to do.

I slept near the park for a few days. By the wall that separates the sidewalk from the trees. I knew it wasn't safe. I drew the operator symbol above me and that was it. Every night I'd look out over the trees and thought about sleeping in 1. I wondered what would happen. I didn't know what to do. I dreamed and all my dreams had a girl's voice talking to me in them. I would be walking down a road and hear the voice and feel like I hadn't walked at all, though the road behind me was long and far away. I didn't see Him. I still don't know why. You'd think that he would have picked me off when I was down below and not keeping my eyes open. I didn't see him, I wasn't moved, I didn't feel anything weird around me. I don't know why that is.

I had a dream on the last day I was there. A dream I remembered and was vivid and felt real like the other 1 I had. I was in the forest again. The mist made it seem gray and green and old. I looked around, wondering what I was doing there. The trees still seemed old and big. Then slowly, out of the trees, children came. They were white and transparent, like ghosts, but more firmly there. It was as if they were made of the mist. Their eyes were a sort of deep blue and they did not blink. They formed a sort of circle around me and looked at me. I starred at them, not feeling fear, or excitement, or much of anything.
'Find safety in the trees,' said 1 in front of me that I think was girl, though it seemed to vibrate against the trees and seem like all of them had said it.
'I don't know what that means!' I said louder then I had thought to.
'Find safety in the trees,' she said again and it echoed across the forest.
'What do you mean?' I asked.
'We are all together,' she said 'Like people. Like trees. Find safety in the trees.'
'The trees are dangerous!' I said and it felt like something was changing, like the wind had picked up except for that everything was blowing away.
'Not His trees,' she said 'the real trees. Find safety in the trees. We are all together. Like people. Like trees.'
Then everything seemed to sort of blow away and fade and she was in front of me, and took my hand. It felt like a jolt went through me, then just a sort of calm, soft joy. She looked up at me with her blue eyes, wide and staring at me with an calm kindness.
'There is a way to be safe,' she said.
Then she let go of my hand and sort of disappeared.

I woke up and it was day time. I pretty much jumped and walked away from the park. I walked away and tried to figure out what the dream could have meant. After a while I went to a store and checked my email.

Remember when I said I got an email from the guy with the just another fool email? I don't know if he's real or not. He sent me this:

'I saw him today
He didn't hurt me
I looked at him, and I saw not a monster, not a demon
But God
I realize now I was wrong to fear him
He was only watching over me, my angel
The flesh of fallen angels
My body no longer belongs to me, just as I deserve
It belongs to him, my God, my savior, my protector
I can help him
I can help him destroy those who would stand against him, and rally others
We can create paradise together
Just as you say, some may not be real
It will not matter
In time
You, the teacher
The strong man
The flood
She has dyed her hair red
And others
I cannot pretend to understand his infinite wisdom and grace
He does not speak to me
I am not worthy to hear his chorus
But I understand
I will help him
And I will begin

It's a lovely poem really.

As you could probably already guess I was pretty pissed off to read this. I had lost 2 people I had tried to help in less then a month, 1 who was a friend, and now some guy with a just another fool email was sending me fucked up poems. I was pissed off and I sent back a pretty threatening email, but even afterwards I was still angry. How dare he threaten the people around me, or anybody who is already dealing with all this in general, or the people who were connected to them. It made me realize something. Even if I do not save somebody, even if I don't know how to fight Slenderman and only how to get away from Him, and even if I can't get everybody to team up or even team up if somebody wanted me to, I can still try to save people. With the blog, and by giving people information, and answering questions and doing whatever I can. I just need to keep going. We all just need to keep going. Because if we don't, then all the people who write crazy emails win.

No lesson again in this entry. sorry guys. I guess that's what loosing 2 people in less then a month does to you. I'll do 1 soon though. In any case I drew this on the building I slept on last night as a sort of memorial. I don't usually do that kind of stuff but still. As always, though I doubt there will be this time, leave questions or anything in the comments and email if you need anything.

- M


  1. I wonder if the girl could have been......Elizabeth

    Also why would people see SM as a benevolent creature?

  2. His power over people can be made void.
    We will fight.
    We can strip him of his strenght.

    We can help.
    You can be saved.

  3. zxnekuzx - Totally possible. She sort of had the same feeling as the trees in the last dream. It's probabaly just my mind being weird. Still would have been nice to know what she meant.

    Because they're not people, they're shells of people under his control.

    K-OS - While I'd say thanks for the support, the fact you wrote it out as a poem makes me warry.

  4. M I have just realized something
    if the teacher = you
    than the flood, a symbol of water which in its own right right represents fish could very well be, Beth.
    And as the poem continues "dyed her hair red"
    It could mean Beth is alive!
    If that is the case I have request of you.
    It may be dangerous and it would mean you would have to chase after the very thing that hunts you.
    Please save her.
    She may be a shell.
    But she's still Beth our friend.
    Awaken Her M.
    Save her.
    She could be the key to it all.

  5. As scary as this is, I must say that that email is very intriguing... Conaghan(sp?), the man Zeke was following, also spoke of the Slender Man as if he were a religious figure... But why would the Slender Man amass a cult?

    1. Maybe a cult gives him power. He needs people to make interactions with our plane easier, and having a cult completely loyal to Him gives Him a group of people willing to do anything for Him. It's a scary thought...

  6. zxnekuzx - I thought of that too, but I don't know. I just feel like she's really gone. I actually asked in the email back what it all meant and he didn't get back to me about it. He did however send me a new poem.

    willowthewisp - Yeah I hate this religious Slenderman stuff. Like I've said before I have nothing against religion, but anything that has to do with Slenderman and religion just seems stupid to me.

  7. If I were in your shoes, I would regard any promise of "safety" which a lot of suspicion.

    I haven't seen SM first hand (knock on wood, don't really want meet him.) But it seems like the ones who are afraid are the ones who are still themselves.

  8. @M: Did not mean to unsettle you.
    I just split my lines this way.
    It's not a poem at all.

    @willowthewisp: SM originated in the collective subconcious.
    He wants to provide a collective conciousness for himself to dwell in and draw power from.

    It is something We will not allow.
    Create a weakness in him.
    Then We can start stripping him of his strenghts.

  9. Could you post the second poem please?

  10. That sign in the picture. Its the same I saw in that dream....

  11. Kloro- I agree. I don't think much is safe, especially not trees. Still I wish I knew what it meant. Yeah if you're human you should fear Slenderman, since he is fear it's self.

    K-OS- And who are you?

    zxnekuzx- yeah it went like this:
    You question my validity in front of your sheep. I apologize for making you
    I sometimes forget that such emotions are not below you. You call me a fake. I would be
    If I wanted to stoop so low. I am
    However. Why do you run? Is it
    It will lead you nowhere. You waste your time. You simply endanger others in your conquest to survive. I'm sure you feel
    For my death. But after death is rebirth. It is bliss. It is Heaven. You would seek to rob your fellow humans of paradise? Perhaps you are the monster here. Do not threaten me again, may I add. I am above such feelings as
    and He would never allow you to endanger his most loyal servant. I nearly weep as I am typing this for the pure
    he has shown, and the
    He has brought me. I extend to you an offer of peace. He would most likely not allow it, but I
    You. He does not know what it is like to be imperfect, so he does not understand why you and your flock run, I am sure. I ask you, please give up your flight. Perhaps if you give up now, He will show you
    Like he has shown me. Come, help us make paradise from his roots, from his infinite wisdom and knowledge. Do what is best for your humans. Your flock.


    So he seems nice.

    Trevor- Then get the fuck away from this blog because you may be in shit. Seriously for your own good. You don't want to get mixed up in this.

  12. Hey, Mr. M, mind telling me who you are?

    My friend has been talking about your shitty blog for a while now. Ranting and raving about staying up high and other such nonsense.

    I can't beleive I had to make some sort of stupid account to talk on this thing, whatever happened to anonymity?

    My point is, stop your fucking role playing, my friend is ocding on this crap.

  13. Don't listen to the e-mails.

    That person is clearly gone. Slender Man already took them.

  14. @M: I understand, and frankly I find it horrid that anyone would elevate the Slenderman to such a position. Still... If one wanted a connected hive mind, why go with a cult? Why not just keep "hallowing out" people?

    I still find that his actions, and especially your dreams, remind me a bit too much of the Fair Folk for comfort... Of course, that seems a bit to familiar, and with a specimen like the Slender Man it might be too simple...

    @K-OS, A cult is hardly a collective consciousness.

    1. A cult of people won't show signs of being hollowed out, making it harder for His prey to detect His agents.

  15. @willowthewisp: True belief can work wonders. Shame most "Christians" believe in the church and the cross and not in the God those are supposed to represent.
    A collective, conscious belief, such as that of a cult would give SM terryfing power.
    I shiver at the thought.

    @Trevor: Do what M says.
    And get a pet spider.

    @M: I or We?
    I guess I'll answer both.
    We are an old group.
    Members came and went.
    And then SM appeared.
    We hold a deep disdain for his existence.
    And We will rip him apart.

    I am the group's "emissary" to the blogs.
    I am to gather intel.
    I am to find, or make, a weakness.
    I am my name.
    As he is entropy, I am energy.

    I wish for the survival of you all.
    But even more I wish for his oblivion.

  16. Danny - If you think it's so stupid why spend the time and energy commenting on here? Also I use to RPG. Fun times. I miss World Of Warcraft. Oh and tell your friend to stop getting into this shit, it's not good for him.

    Serenity - yeah I agree. I got 2 more after the 2nd poem and I just wish he would go away. Next thing you know he's gonna be sending me shitty art movies. All black and white images of rain and stuff. Fuck that.

    willowthewisp - I don't think Slenderman does it, I think that it's just their brains trying to sort of piece themselves back together and fit it into their messed up view of reality. Their brains don't really work anymore, so they get a little crazy. Faeries were thought up by people and so was Slendeman so it would make sense they would have stuff in common. Still I don't think He is 1.

    K-OS - Yeah but what old group? Like a cult or an organization? I don't go in for that Men In Black shit. But thanks for the encouragement, dude. As somebody I use to watch says best wishes!

  17. Cult?
    Dear me, no.
    While risking descent into my name, I will write more elaborately.
    We're not "some Men in Black bullshit", especially since We are totally informal. An acquaintance I call "Toby" would probably crack a joke right here, but no.
    Imagine this: there's a hobby club that writes stories and reads each other's work, people prepare food and drink for each other in that club etc. etc. - a bunch of friends that enjoy each others work in a very broad spectrum. Sometimes We quarrel, but nothing serious happens. Then a retarded kid comes along, looks at this and starts breaking all Our pens, burning all Our paper, pissing in the stew and so forth and so on. This is what this so called "Slender Man" is to Us. A loathsome, destructive, uncultured. thoughtless, unsophisticated vandal, who deserves nothing better than to suffer the fate of his victims.

    Reverting to My plain style.
    Or rather, not-My-style.
    My name should say it all.
    Wish We could do more.
    So far I can only speak.

    Do your best.
    Fingers crossed.

  18. The sender of those messages has to be someone you know or at least 'used' to know.
    I hate to bring this up but I think your brother could possibly be... alive.
    after all Anthony's brother was so why couldn't yours.........
    Just don't make Anthonys mistake
    if it ends up being true.
    Don't chase after him.

  19. So you're a group that talks about thoughts? And now that slenderman is a bad thought form that's messing things up you're pissed? Or are you guys people who bring thoughts into being? Either way you seem to be fighting Him and that's always good. Keep me posted on anything you do.

  20. Why, M? Because I'm fucking angry that's why.

    Though I will admit my comment the night before was a tad childish, I suppose I was acting irrationally.

    You tend to get a bit frustrated and irrational when your friend calls you up in the middle of the night about an intruder in his apartment and you call the police and they find nothing at all out of place.

    Fuck, I'll stop spamming your blog now.

  21. zxnekuzx - The guy sending them sent me an email a while ago saying he was running but didn't know how. I sent him back an email and he never got back to me. I think he just couldn't fight Him and got hallowed out. I feel bad I couldn't help more, but that just makes me hate this guy more. Let him rest in peace, don't use his body to send stupid poems. I don't think my brother is alive. I never found his body but still I think he was taken.

    Danny - It sound your friend may in shit, dude. Seriously tell him to just stop thinking aout all this suff. It's not good for him. I write this for people already like us, already in shit, and I don't want your friend to become 1 of those people. Take his computer away if you have to, and maybe go over to his house and watch him for a while.

  22. @M: Not exactly.
    We take every death, disappearance or possesion he causes as a personal insult.
    Since day one.

    We used to be stronger than this.
    But We are still strong enough.

  23. Hi there, M. I have a question and maybe it's totally unrelated to all of this strange 'Slenderman' stuff you've been talking about, but...

    In the times that you have come physically face-to-face with him, do you ever...hear anything? Any strange noises, for example?

  24. It's nice that you can get so into character.

    Though, your concern is noted, I have actually confiscated his laptop. (Stole it last night, I'll tell him I have it tomorrow)

    Just need to ease him off the internet for a bit, I think.

  25. M, should've posted earlier, but your blog, man, it's great. Danny, that's a hell of a good idea - that's something I'm trying, and it might be your friend's salvation. Keep an eye on him. Please.

    Anyway, starting this week, I'm clearing my browsing history, scrubbing my hard drive, burning my notebook and getting my brother to hide my laptop for a while. I figure I'm already up to my neck, so it's only a matter of time before Big Fuck himself comes-a-callin'. That's how he works. I need to nip this in the bud now if I want to live. Because I'm not as tough as Zeke, or determined as you. If I do see our man, I'm going to follow your advice, at least partially. I'm getting some place high, then taking a running jump.

    I have stuff planned with the guys for the next few weeks. Gaming nights, movie nights, even what I think might possibly be a date with this cute goth chick in my class. A girl who's seen Firefly. What a fucking catch. I'm going to push this out of my mind, out of my memories. I'm distancing myself from this shit before it's too late, and I recommend that anyone else who has the chance does too. We're all more fortunate than M, and Prism, and Jay and Alex and Zeke. Dumb way to appreciate M's efforts by letting it happen to us. I have a feeling I might be too far gone, that he could be watching me now, but... hey, if that's the case, it's my fault for reading these fucking blogs, right? Heh.

    This is the first time you've heard from me, and here's hoping it'll be the last. I'm sorry to hear about Beth, and I wish you the best of luck, M. As much as I'd like to say my thoughts will be with you, for my sake, I hope they're not.

    Take care, man.

  26. Why do you continue to lie?

    And why do you continue to put people in danger?

    You haven't helped.

    You have lied, and hurt, and done an awful thing.

    You lie.

    You always have.

    And I plan to let those know.

    Why didn't you try to help?

    And why did you continue to hurt?

    And why,

    Am I

    still. so scared.


  27. If the "kids" tell you to find safety in the trees, and the people are together like the trees, then they ARE the trees, find safety in HUGE groups of people, maybe, if SM is like tinkerbell, and lots of people have to clap and believe, then maybe lots of people get together and clap their disbelief, or something.. I don't know

  28. M, I know I haven't spoken to you in a while, but it is imperitive that you respond. First off, does the name Drew Tyler mean anything to you? His comment above is not the first time he mentioned you as a liar- he encrypted the phrase in a deranged post on the blog he and his cousin Jack Tyler. Would you know what he is talking about?

  29. M, I too have been following your blog for some time. Have you heard anything about Slenderman and pets (save for the occasional cats he's killed as reported on certain threads)? I once heard a story about a girl living with her dog, and that's how she stayed relatively one step ahead of the...thing. I won't bored you with any of my story. I hope you are well.

    I am concerned about the recent development about trees, this seems to be rather worrying. I don't know how to really say it but, that was careless sleeping next to the trees... I hope you are safe, if anything happened to you, it would be a tragedy to those who depend on your blog. And thus you.

    May you stay safe and always be ahead of him.


  30. K-Os - But why? What do you guys do? Why do you care? I mean yeah everybody should be upset a big eveil thought form is wondering around but still, what's it got to do with your group?

    Rook - I haven't heard anything, but I've heard other people have. Usually it's a sort of calming sound that some people hear as somebody speaking (and saying stuff like 'come here' and that kind of thing) but I think is really just Slenderman doing something to their minds. But no I personally haven't heard anything when face to face to with Him.

    Danny - Yeah just get him away from all this.

    Scott - Just forget about it all, dude. Think of like a story. You'll be ok.

    Drew(?) - What is it open mic night for dead guys talking about me? Listen, buddy I've done a lot of bad shit in my life, I've failed a lot of people, and I've fucked up a lot. But I never lie! Especially not here. I'm sorry nobody could help you and you got hallowed out but I won't be called a liar and I am too tired to put up with 3 of you guys this week. So fuck off.

    Troy - That's an interesting idea. Maybe that's what they meant, or maybe it was just a crazy dream. Either way I like the way you're thinking.

    willowthewisp - I don't know a Drew Tyler, no, unless that's the guy who left the comment above in which case I know him from his crazy poetry calling me a liar. I'll check out the blog, thanks. I can promise though I haven't lied to you guys about anything and have always told the truth on this blog. Every email I get (except for like Shaun letting me know he's still alive and shit like that) I post about and everything I do with this stuff I talk about.

    project-yuki - Never heard anything about Slenderman and pets but would love to hear the dog story. New information is always good. I don't think that Slenderman really goes after anaimals if you're wondering that too. He doesn't seem to really notice them that much. Yeah I was pretty upset and getting careless and stupid. I've stopped sleeping by the park. It was not my best time. Thanks for the good wishes. I'm glad the blog is helping you.

  31. Phew. Okay. Calming is the LAST word I'd use to describe what I heard, so maybe it's nothing. Thanks!

  32. It's actually really hard to describe, because it was one of those sounds that you *feel* just as much as you hear. It was this sort of...warbling sound, but it hurt my head and made my eyes water, my teeth clench.

    It was awful.

  33. I've never heard of anything like that but keep your eyes open and stay safe, dude.

  34. Damn. You know... she could be alive, right? I know, it's New York, it'll be hard for you to find her, and if she doesn't even know what you look like, I guess it'd be harder... but we're all hoping you do. Or at least find out what happened to her. I wished I lived in New York so I could help. Sorry to bring her up. Don't lose hope, I guess.

  35. @Rook: This is bad.
    Your description sounds familiar.
    That is the kind of sound a Friend of Mine used as a scare tactic, so long, long ago...
    I refuse to believe the worst.
    Even if the alternative makes Our enemy that much more dangerous.

    @M: Why do we care?
    His very existence is an insult to Ours.
    What do we do?
    I thought you'd know by now.
    One-eyed Wednesday did express his concern, that you may be a tad slow on the uptake.
    It's up to you to figure it out.
    I may answer questions.
    And I will tell you a story.
    It was the twenties.
    A group of insidious upstarts appeared.
    Some of them would make Slendy look like a harmless pest.
    We were able to contain the threat.
    Partially because the initial spread was literary only and, well, it was the twenties.
    Another part of it was, that one of them claimed right to my name, making me able to claim right to his strenghts.
    Time went on, the upstarts started, slowly but surely, becoming jokes in the minds of people, weakening their grip on the human minds.
    Be aware.

    @Troy: That is at least partially true.
    His abilities are dulled if not completely stopped around instances of hive minds.
    Rock concerts seemingly work wonders.

    @Yuki: I do understand why he would target cats.
    Cats SEE things.
    Cats have minor reality warping abilities.
    As to dogs, they are natural protectors.
    They have also wonderful senses.

  36. M, please follow this link.
    Tell me what you think? I understand that if I'm uninvolved then I shouldn't involve myself, but I can't help it.
    Btw, I'm not talking about K-OS. I'm talking about Anonymous, bein' creepy and talking about smiling trees.

  37. So as I have just realized several blogs are connected for whatever reason.
    Everyone seems to be connected, I don't know how but they are.

    Also K-OS
    tell us all you know it could better our situation!
    we might actually be able to beat this thing!
    Quit being elusive and help us!
    I already lost a friend to this madness I have no want to lose another........

  38. M- I'll run a backlog check on all the stored information and try and pull wherever it was at. It shouldn't take more than a few days, I'm decent with computers.

    K-os- Yes, I understand. Also, I too believe it would be beneficial if you explained what you know.

  39. What I know?
    What We know?
    Not much, if at all, more than you do.
    He sprouted from a collective subconscious due to the forum threads and ARGs.
    At first he couldn't do much, except scare and the peak of his attack would be a fire.
    Then people started getting scared, imagining things.
    Giving him new powers.
    And later M came and did something wonderful.
    He turned the operator symbol from o homing beacon into a means of protection.
    M gave you guys much needed hope and Us the glimpse of an edge against SM.
    If enough people believed it, he could have a major weakness.
    I have seen things and people he just can't touch.
    Those are either pure, mentally immune or deep down much scarier than SM could ever hope to be.
    I cannot wait for SM's form to become fully and unconditionally tangible.
    And You Guys can do that.

  40. The best I can surmise about K-OS' group right now is that they're a group of people who enforce the peace of the collective unconscious and Slender's existence is a threat to said peace.

    Speaking of which, M, I'd suggest you read up on the works of Carl Jung, particularly his theory about said collective unconscious. It should provide some insight on the existence and infection of SM.

  41. @Jeff: Almost correct.
    We enforce nothing.
    It's not peace, if anything specific.
    Also, there is one wrong assumption.
    We do want to help, still.
    Jung should help.

  42. K-OS - Well, at least I know I'm on the right track. The sooner we understand your true nature, the sooner we can start to work together.

  43. Sorry for the double post, but I just realized something about K-OS' name.

    If you say it out loud, it sounds like "chaos."

    "I am my name."
    "While risking descent into my name,"
    "My name should say it all."
    "that one of them claimed right to my name,"

    In Greek mythology, Chaos is the dark void from which all of existence appeared and from which the gods were born.

    If gods can be born from Chaos, who's to say a demon can't be as well?

  44. RIP Beth...Imma put a fish like that somewhere, too. Who knows, man, maybe th efish will end up a symbol He doesn't like.

    K-OS: I do not trust you.

  45. Cinderblock - I just don't know. I feel like she's gone I don't know why. It would be great if she wasn't, obviously, but I just, I don't know. Also I'm not sure what exactly you want me to look at from that link. I know of Damien, I'm not sure if he's for real or not. He may just be having a nervous break down.

    K-OS - So have you and your friends ever been to a town called Arkham? Sorry if I'm 'slow on the uptake' I'm just spending my time eating candy, fucking around the city and solving cyptic comments left by anybody on this blog. Totally not running away from evil or anything. Sorry I pissed off Odin. Also I don't know if I changed the operator symbol. It worked like that before I posted the rules, that's why they're the rules.

    Jeff - I think they're Old God watchers. Can't be sure. I have read Jung! I am more of a Campbell fan myself. And yeah I realized about his name.

    Shaun - I actually do think the fish made the symbol stronger, but maybe it was just me. Yeah I'm not sure about Lovecraft fan either but we'll wait and see, dude.

  46. I understand. Thanks. I was referring to our creepy Anonymous, who was arguing with K-OS. Wondering if it was relevant.
    Keep your eyes peeled, I guess. Good luck.

  47. M - Hell, maybe the guy's a Psychonaut! Ha, not many people are going to get that.

  48. @M: I find it funny , that while being stalked by a construct of a collective fear you decide to be so skeptic about other, similar constructs arising due to written fiction earlier this century. I do understand your skepticism concerning Us, though. Why would less malevolent constructs (yes, We are disillusioned) contact you instead of tackling slenderbitch themselves, that is, if it's not just a stupid internet troll making fun of you? Answer is: clap your hands if you believe. We cannot reach him, because We're in an altogether different belief sphere than he is, some of us SURVIVING thanks to modern fantasy writers. Our pale not-friend has, on the other hand, lots of freshly acquainted and absolutely terrified readers, most of whom become his victims quite quickly.
    And about the Operator Symbol, if you check the older Slenderblogs and "ARGs", you'll see it has worked as a homing beacon, territory marker, insanity outburst and so forth and so on.
    You say it's always worked that way, but the truth is a bit different. It's always roked that way FOR YOU. Slendy's a bit different for everyone, but you have found ways to defend yourself and avoid his pattern in you specific case and you SPREAD that into all other variations, encountered by those who read your blog, or who were placed on your path. You, M, are the closest you guys have to a Godsend.
    Believe what you want, but never, EVER, stop helping these people.

    As to your witty Arkham remark, some nutjob in the fifties actually wanted to build H.P.'s Arkham, Massachusetts. I shudder at the thought of it actually becoming a reality. Luckily, he found nobody wishing to sink money in that project.

    @Jeff: The Grim Reaper sometimes whishes he looked like Manny Calavera.

    @Shaun: There is no need for you to trust Me, or Us in general.
    There is only need for your survival.

  49. Ah, so the mysterious construct is a Tim Schaefer fan.

  50. And what does that survival entail, K-OS? Life, or simply living day to day in constant terror, dreaming up new weaknesses for Him so you and your gang of whatever's can take him down? To me it sounds like you are more interested in using us Runners as tools to wage some kind of war against Him by making Him fully real in this world, regardless of the cost o our lives. And that does not fly with me, so in the kindest terms I can think of; fuck off.

  51. Someone. No Something just commented on Beth's blog.
    I'm worried about her.

    M, this madman may be another godsend.
    Guide him.

    Shaun, have it your way, but one would think, that ending SM's existence lies in your best interest.

  53. ... Anyone mind informing me what the "Operator Symbol" is in relation to this nonsense?

  54. Danny- The Operator Symbol is a circle defaced with an X, kinda like this: (X) but a full circle. In most examples, the arms of the X will extend outside the circle.
    I think everything else has been explained pretty fully as regards its purpose and its nature.

  55. someone help.
    im not kidding, theres someone watching me from my window.
    when i stare him, he stares me back, like he knew i was watching.

  56. I know that part.
    You expect me to read all this crap?

    Just... Any idea why someone would possibly carve it into their skin?

  57. i mean, not RIGHT now, but every day he's there waiting for me to look.


  59. Oh look, another letter talking about mysterious bullshit. What a shocker.

  60. Holy shit I don't go online for a few days and everybody desides it's give me links day! Sorry I haven't gotten back sooner. Was hard to get to a computer recently.

    K-OS - Oh don't stroke my ego too much, it will go to my head. I don't think the blog you send the link to is real. Could be wrong.

    Danny - Into their skin. It wouldn't really work like that.

    Dudu - Run now!

  61. Work or not work I just want to know why someone would even THINK of carving the fucking thing into their skin.

  62. Well as M said earlier, they probably did so thinking to ward away the evil tall man.

    But, carving it into one's skin is more harm than good due to the symbol's apparent unreliability, right?

  63. I was just stating how I saw it.

  64. You know, something that's been bothering me is the whole "slender man sprung up from the collective unconsciousness" thing. I think it's that I've never seen much evidence for the whole "if you believe it, it becomes real" idea, outside of the stock market and drug-recovery centers.

    Now I'm kinda wondering if the people that made the first photoshopped images, weren't tapping into either their own forgotten nightmarish pasts, or into a collective unconsciousness (someone else's nightmarish past.)

  65. Danny - You really need to give me more detail, dude. You don't believe but your still here and I feel like you want something you're not saying. Also stop abusing the people here.

    Shannon - The symbols not unreliable.

    Kloro - I doubt it, dude. I really think he came from everybody believing it. I wouldn't be surprised if it had happened before.

  66. Kloro, there is very little true belief in today's world.
    And SM did not appear at first out of a collective belief as much as from a collective fear.
    This makes him a largely incomplete being.

  67. Oh, I figured that because it seemed to stop working over time, it was considered reliable.

    That's what I meant, anyways.

    (Also I'm so sorry for Danny's behavior, don't worry about it, me and him are friends irl)

  68. Shannon - It's cool, I just don't want him yelling at people on here. It's not my fault whoever is going crazy or whatever his story is.

  69. Nevermind, M, forget about it.

    Hey, Shannon, you really don't need to apologize for me, I'm a big boy. Not that I would have apologized in the first place anyways, but still.
    Also, work on your spelling and proofreading, k?

  70. She's just treating you like you're acting, no need to be condescending!

  71. Hey. I'm new here. My name is Liam, and I've been researching him. Oh, how the man in the suit is pissed. I've ignored him for hours. And not a single scratch!

  72. I really don't think he came from the collective unconscious or by belief. That's just too Persona 2 for my liking. Far more likely is the idea that they took interest in us around the same time we took interest in him.

    As for the operator symbol, how's this for an idea? It has nothing to do with Slenderman. The reason why it seems like it keeps him away for some and draws him closer for others is because Slenderman doesn't give a crap about them.

    Danny, your friend needs help. Slenderman or not, he's got problems someway or another.

  73. Just so you are aware in retrospect, "The flesh of fallen angles" & "She has dyed her hair red" are frequently repeated quotes from the game Max Payne. I would be very wary of someone who uses a popular video game to give you messages, seems to increase the likelihood that they are a fraud.

  74. As strange as this may sound I am an ex proxy. My friend released me some hoeand I will be willing to answer some questions Mr.M. I am fully recovered and against him now. Please be in touch with a response.

  75. I think slendy uses peoples perception of religion and their beliefs as just another way to hallow them. Those with weak minds are easily influenced through their beliefs I wouldn't put it past Mr. Tall and Skinny to use that against his victims as just another way of taking control.