Monday, August 16, 2010

It's not a Tardis

Haven't been able to get online much recently. He showed up every day for past 10 days or so and it's been awful and it's sort of hard to go to an Apple store when you're constantly being followed by a guy with no face. I didn't sleep much, and when I did I only dreamed about the voice of a girl and dark tunnels and trees (but not the kind that talk, the kind that attack me). I use to never dream and now I do every time I sleep in an odd sort of almost awake way. My eyes don't seem closed, but when I wake up they open and I feel like I haven't slept at all, or I've slept for so long when really it's only been an hour or 2. Luckily the past few days have been better. I saw Him less, and then haven't seen Him all day. I think I stayed in the same places too long. Now I'm in a place right next to FAO and an Apple store, so it's pretty sweet. A little busy for me, but that's ok.

In any case seeing Him constantly and having to figure out how to run made me realize I've never talked about how Slenderman moves. I've actually been asked this a few times, mostly in relation to Him moving you, and the answer is I'm not sure. Slenderman shouldn't be in our world, so it would make sense He doesn't move like us. When He moves you certainly don't move through space like you normally do, and he seems to pop up everywhere like a mother fucker but how? The answer is I'm not sure. I don't think anybody really is. The people who get moved by him rarely remember it and it's not like you can fucking ask him.

Unless you could. Conversations with Slenderman (Shaun I swear to god if you try to make this your next experiment I will knock your teeth out).

Oprah could do it.

James use to have a theory about it. 1 day we were sitting around in a house we had broken into (like you do), and talking about being moved. James had been moved recently and had taken an interest in it. I asked him what it was like to be teleported, if he remembered. He said 'Slenderman doesn't teleport. That's just how He moves.'

He said that Slenderman, because He's not suppose to be here, does live on the same space time plane as us. He's in a different sort of mathematical reality, so His perception and way of interacting with space and time are different. Basically Slenderman isn't teleporting from room to room, it's all the same to him. Going from 1 town to another is like walking into another room for Him. James thought that maybe when He touched you it messed up your own space time line and made you like Him, unstuck from time, and you could move around like Slenderman as long as He was touching you. That's why it's so painful when He touches you, because we're not suppose to be in reality like that.

We need space and time to live. Without it we can't even picture the universe. That's why when Slenderman touches us, it hurts, because the universe doesn't work the same way around Him and our bodies don't like that.

This isn't to say that Slenderman can be in 2 places at 1 time. If Slenderman is in your room He's not also attacking your buddy across the street. It's just that you need to walk with both space and time and Slenderman sometimes only walks with space.

Then James went back to reading Calvin and Hobbes and I thought about how bad I was at math.

I don't know if all that's true, but I do think Slenderman travels differently in time then us, and I don't think it's quite teleporting. Slenderman can go from 1 place to the next, but sometimes I feel like He's no where in our world at all. Not that He goes to another planet or something, but just not here. I didn't get enough of the math stuff James showed me to know if the stuff he said made sense, but I do think that Slenderman probably has a different perception of space in that sort of way.

As for all the time travel bullshit I don't know if I buy it. I get loosing time, but I don't know if I believe that people are going to sleep on Saturday and waking up on Friday. Being moved fucks with your brain and I think it's just people getting confused. Also it's hard to keep the date right when on the run. 1 time I knew somebody who thought they were being moved in time, but really was just writing the date wrong in their notebook because they had 2 calendars that said different things and kept switching off checking them each day. I've never known anybody who's actually time traveled, and I really don't think He can push you back and forth through time.

Also I think people think He's teleporting because he just sort of appears. But you never really see Slenderman appear like out of nowhere, He's just sort of there, like He stepped into another room. It's always slightly hard to look at Him and I think that's just because the way He's moving through time is hurting it and wrong and it's hard to look at for humans.

Also the fact He has no face and is coming to kill you doesn't help.

I think James went to sea because he was tired of being moved. It happened to him a lot, and I think he just wanted to stop that. I checked his notebook 1 time and it was full of math notes about how to stick himself in space and time. I think that's why he decided to get on a boat and never come back if it would never happen to him again.

That's why he left the land.

All this stuff is hard to say for sure, but I'll just tell you guys watch out because He is fast and is not moving the way we are. People tend to think Slenderman is slow because He's s slow walker, but it's not true. If you ever come up against Him in that way and can't get to a high spot or draw a symbol the best bet is to look at Him and slowly back away. People try to run and it doesn't work, he'll just get you when you have your back turned. It's not like if you blink He'll get you, He's not a fucking weeping angel, but you do have to look straight on and not stop until you're away. Even if it hurts. And if He hasn't seen you yet don't run, it just attracts His attention.

Short lesson today, but an important 1. I got some interesting emails, so I'll share those next time. Right now I have to get the fuck out of this Apple store. People keep asking me if I need help and I keep having to meet their icey gazes when I was no. Sorry, Apple, I was always a Dell guy. It runs Linux better. As always leave questions in the comments and keep emailing.

- M


  1. The sad thing is, I'm really attempted to buy some EVP equipment and try communicating with Him now. Dammit, M. That idea will haunt me. HAUNT ME.


  2. The general consensus We came to is that he moves within the boundaries of human perception - this is something We thought of when considering his dependance on human 'hosts' to exist.
    This would also explain why he seems to be stopped dead in his tracks when looked at directly - since you focus your perception, you limit his 'space'.
    I hope you are watching over Damien.
    I also think that the doctor is, in a way, genuine.
    Repost your email or give me the name of the entry where you originally posted it - I will explain.
    This may be crucial.

  3. I can imagine any language he communicates through is beyond our understanding.

  4. But just knowing that we could communicate Him would give great insight into- goddammit, brain! Stop trying to kill me!

  5. Except one thing Shannon.

    If he really was 'thought up by humans into existence' and all that jazz, wouldn't communicating through our language be possible for him?

    Or perhaps giving him no mouth is symbolic. Perhaps the guy is not capable of communication whatsoever.


  6. Hey! Weren't you making it a point not to call Him by his "name"? What happened?

    If this wasn't you, I apologize.

  7. I must wonder though, Mr. M.
    How DO you stay financed?

  8. Shaun - Fuck you, dude. Stop giving me heart attacks. Next thing I know you'll be wanting to have tea parties with him and fucking Zeke. Shit.

    K-OS - He sneaks up on people a lot though. Also don't know if he works with people at all. He seems too not of this world for that.

    Shannon - He doesn't speak a language. He doesn't think!

    Lazer - I think that was Zeke and as much I wish I was a drunk, angry, detective with a chip on his shoulder and a heart of gold I'm not.

    Danny - I have a bit of money to live on. That's what you get when your parents die.

  9. M - perception is not limited to sight. Also, email address, please.

    Shaun - I'm with M on this. Do not attempt.

  10. Well this is insightful.
    I think james was one to something about being moved.

  11. Ah, that would make sense, M. More animal than human in that regard, then.

    (Uuuugh, Danny, please be less rude)

  12. Your wish is my command.


  13. K-OS - it's

    zxnekuzx - James was really smart. I think being around Slenderman fucked him up a lot because of that.

    Shannon - Yeah He's just not really human or animal in thought. I think all just feeling.

  14. M, been reading you're blog for a while, big fan.

    Something I've always wondered, if Slenderman was a creation of people's collective belief, what's to stop people from creating something like him as an opposite foe?

  15. Isaak, a good force equal to SM would be a wonderful thing.
    Problem is as follows:
    Slendy came from the twinges and surges of fear created when people started telling stories of him.
    To have something that can thwart him you'd have to integrate it into the orignal stories somehow.
    And make people believe.
    That's the hard part.

  16. Shannon, I've always been of the opinion that the Slender Man is an unnatural force of nature, or in its own way a non-sentient creature. It would be inaccurate to apportion or apply human or sentient logic or behaviour to it.
    It may be human-shaped, but nothing about it other than that is human.
    I don't think that's even its true form, or if it actually has one.
    If the Slender Man is a truly material being then that would limit its powers far more than it does. To reference The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to The Galaxy, I think the Slender Man is more akin to the pan-dimensional beings that extend into our dimensions as mice. What we see of it is only the tip of the iceberg.

  17. Err, putting it that way gives me the chills.

    But... It's confusing why such a being would act in such a manner and choose "targets". If the Slender Man is nothing but the tip of the iceberg, its reasons are probably something we will never understand.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Shannon, they are the "chosen", not "targets".

    As for the creation of Him and His various abilities, he is simply made by the people, for the people.

    Imagine all you want but you will not create an enemy of Him, for He already has enemies.

  20. K-OS, what if it was something near everyone is familiar with? A character or an idea that is already thought of as a protector, something that's looked to as a source of inspiration?

    I'll go ahead and say it, Slendy, unless he truly is a pan-dimensional horror, is at his original core was no more real than any of the other fictional characters we hear about today. So why couldn't we believe in say, Superman or the Doctor or hell, Conan the Barbarian enough to have them become our anti-slendy? M alone made the operator symbol a safety marker after just telling the handful of people who read this blog.

    Yes, they weren't part of the original story, but Slenderman is essentially a massive piece of metafiction, with all of you as the authors of this story. You made him real by thinking about him, and M has proven whatever is necessary can be made to at least slow him. Anything should be possible.

  21. Times like these when one wishes we could imagine the Winchester's into existance.

  22. IsaakCole - Thanks, dude. You could but it would take so much power and so many people I don't think it will happen. Also I really don't want another 1 of these things running around. 1 running around and killing my friends is enough.

    Jonathan - I don't think Slenderman is anything more then we're seeing, but you may be right but all the other stuff.

    Raaaaaaaaaaaaaawr - I just want their car.

  23. @Isaak - So why couldn't we believe in say, Superman or the Doctor or hell, Conan the Barbarian enough to have them become our anti-slendy?
    Two reasons. The masses of people KNOWING thee characters are fiction, POPULAR fiction, is a massive deterrent. Also, unlike these, Slendy has no single creator, unless you want to track the guy who first posted him on SomethingAwful and that fella is probably long gone.
    Also, on a side note, I do not think any of the characters you mentioned would be able to do anything against Slendy.

    @Jonathan - I'm pretty sure that what you see of Slendy is what slendy IS. The problem start with how much "being" there is to him.

  24. If you perhaps mean the Christian god, then I suppose you'd be on the right track.

    Yes, certainly.

  25. @Cinderblock - For disclosure: the problem with God is that too few people believe in Him and too many believe in the church.
    I hope you understand what I mean to say.
    Most of Us would love to get a shot at slendy, but We, for the most part, exist in belief spheres too far detached too interact with him.
    There are a few that could directly confront him, but he does a good job of avoiding Them and They cannot, for various reasons, give chase.
    @Eyes Open - Leave.

  26. I'm afraid you have no authority over me.

  27. M's been awfully silent for a while.

    makes you wonder if something terrible has happened.

  28. I'd imagine that M would catch signs of anything before anything happened.

  29. K-OS you can't tell people to leave, this isn't your blog, and these people aren't here to be told what to do by you. They barely do what I fucking tell them. So how about, if you know so much, you go do some shit that will actually help me instead of pontificating on the thing that's trying to kill me all day.

    Cinderblock - God's doing what he always does in these situations, which is jack shit if he's actually there. I have nothing against religion, but god doesn't really pay us many visits anymore and I doubt he will to get rid of Slenderman. Though that would be pretty cool.

    Thanks for the concern, guys. I've just been busy with like not dying so it's a bit hard to post.

  30. M, I have some theories I want to run by you. Out of all the survivors, you seem to be the most knowledgeable. I've sent you an email - is there any chance you could get on some kind of messaging client sometime? There's so much to discuss, and so very little time.

  31. Sorry if it seemed like I'm trying to encroach on your domain of authority, but I didn't mean for Eyes Open to leave your blog.
    I meant for him/her/it to leave the blogs altogether, since his/her/its presence is what I consider poisonous.

    As to doing something helpful? Believe Me, I'm trying my best.
    I'm trying to check one thing as I write this.
    Will contact you after I'm done.

  32. Jay - I don't know if I can message, but I will for sure read the email, dude.

    K-OS - It's ok, just don't tell other people what to do. It would be nice though if you actually posted information and stuff. All this secret stuff makes me nervous.

  33. Hmmm, it seemed the email didn't send. I shall try again.

    But here's a rule for those reading the blog: If you go to a place It invites you to, It can break the rules and take you. A bit of a no-brainer (don't go to where the big scary thing is telling you to go), but look at the correlation. Every time someone has gone somewhere, thinking they were safe, they haven't returned.

    Anthony and the tree.
    Elizabeth and the diner.
    Tim and the house.

    Maybe it was born of Marble Hornets, where It didn't take the narrator until he went to It, but it seems to be one of the ways It can achieve victory.

    M, your trap is the trees.

  34. A rule? I'm not sure what you mean, but there's no rule that says that. There are plenty of safe places people go that are really safe. People should, for example, stay up high because it's 1 of the rules and is safe.

    Also, while we're bringing up my dead friends, I can just say all those people had very different cases. Anthony was not well and was being moved a lot, so he went where he thought was safe because he wasn't in his right mind. Elizabeth knew the diner wasn't safe. Elizabeth was just fucking depressed and I couldn't get to her soon enough. Elizabeth didn't think it was safe because she knew she would die. My brother was stupid and I don't think he thought the house was safe. I actually have no idea what he was thinking. I think maybe he wanted to kill Slenderman somehow, but it didn't work and he died. It's not a trap if you know it's not fucking safe. Really only Anthony kind of fits in with your theory.

    That was a painful paragraph to write.

    I'm not going to go to any trees. The trees are dangerous and my dreams probabaly don't mean anything. I'm not so stupid as to just walk into the park and think I'll be safe. I know it's not safe.

  35. Welp, that's one theory busted. Just to backpedal a bit, safe isn't the word. Un-dangerous describes it best. Seeking peace. Still, theme of lures too recurring to be coincidence, but not simple enough to be a catching tactic. Could just be a planned hunting method, but it still feels noteworthy from this point. What was that old detail about him killing his victims by embrace? Perhaps the lure is used last because some willingness is required to make a final Movement to his home reality? Regardless, it's shelfed for now.

    And you say you don't think the trees are safe now, but who was it that spent those nights sleeping outside the park? You're acting like you're slowly being convinced yet denying so at the same time.

    As for the rule remark: Read the email. It's posted over on my own blogamajig in case THIS one didn't go through either.

    It was another theory of mine. Your rules may be Its rules, or rather, It follows rules too. Yours may just happen to coincide with whatever plan ol' Slendy has devised. This whole thing could just be one great big hunting game to keep It nourished with fear. Hence why he doesn't just open your bedroom door at the first chance and get you that way.

    Like I said, read the email. It's a little too long for comments and I don't exactly care to carry on repeating myself only to mess up my train of thought and appear to be a giant idiot.

  36. saw what looked like an operator symbol at a ball park where i jog, although i'm not sure if thats it use.

  37. Jay - I was sort of you know, really fucking upset and not thinking straight when I slpet near the park. I'll read the email as soon as I can.

    Imperfectly Imperfect - Stay away from that park.

  38. Good. Maybe it'll mean you can stop sounding hostile and I can stop pissing you off by appearing to criticise entirely reasonable actions.

    In the meantime, I'm trying to devise additional defenses against the slender threat. If you could answer some questions, it'd help a lot.

    What happens if you approach the slender man of your own free will? e.g. he appears across the street,a nd you begin walking towards him.
    Can the "Hallowed" be communicated with in any usable manner? Perhaps as a medium?
    Does the Slender Man have any effect on electrical devices of any kind? Beth mentioned something about her iPod in one of her blog posts, but didn't really elaborate.
    What counts as a high place? Must it be manmade, or can it be a hill?
    How does Slendy react to bridges? Does the top of the bridge follow the High Ground rule, or are both fair game?

    Finally - how does it track a person? Sound? Light? Emotion? This is perhaps the most important question, given how being able to effectively hide from it would grant an ability for a counterattack.

  39. i cant run anymore
    he is always with me, playing with me ike i was food
    i just cant take it anymore
    please continue this so people can fight[but its too late for me now

  40. M, I think you've made mention of certain people he won't touch. Could you elaborate?

  41. jogged by there again, nothing. there are gangs in the area and lots of spray painting, so maybe it was something else.

  42. M
    Thank you.
    I started running.
    And it worked!
    I dont know how you found out about this stuff but thank you.

  43. If masks keep him away, what's the deal with Totheark, or Masky(as some call him)? Not trying to be rude here, I promise. I'm just trying to figure out if your methods only apply for certain people.

    I'm also concerned about my friend Sandra. She's not hallowed yet, we're almost certain of this, but she's displaying some symptoms of the sickness. Is there anyway to halt the process, make her well again?

    I'm kinda wondering why she asked me to follow your blog, though. She normally disagrees with all you write.

  44. I've been hiding from slender man for several months now , like alot of people I got into slender man, watched all the videos, read most of the blogs, and sure enough he came I a knocking, thankfully I stumbled across yours not to long after he started showing up, I followed your key rules, found high places, kept moving and got as far away from trees as possible.

    I would like to stress that last one because using the money I had left in my account as well as some I borrowed from family, I got a fairly nice used RV and drove out to Arizona, and I would like you to know that in the month and a half I've been out here, I haven't seen one sign of him any where here, I'm still keeping an eye out though to be safe.

    I'm betting that because the tree's around here are few and far between around here, is at the very least not making it worth it eating a lone hermit, in an RV in the middle of nowhere.

    Anyway I would like to thank you for helping me, if it weren't for you having this blog I would have ended up like just another victim of slendy's huddling in his house alone in his house waiting for the inevitable.

    Oh by the way sorry I haven't commented before It's a bitch getting an internet signal out here especially on my crappy laptop, and because I still not risking going into town longer than to buy a couple of things.

  45. Jay - Sorry. It's just that when people bring up my dead friends I get testy. If someboy walked up to Slenderman they would die. He would kill them unless they constantly looked at him. It may be useable but I don't know. It's hard to use hollowed out people because they're so gone. Slenderman tends to cause distortion of various electronic things. Cameras fuck up around him, ipod, CD players, TVs, stuff like that. I find a high place is any place taller then about 10 feet tall. I like to work in flights though because it's safer. I don't like to be much lowers then 5 flights up most of the time. If you were on a bridge that like went up from normal ground he could follow you but probably wouldn't spot you as easy. If I knew the answer to your last question, dude, I would way safer.

    Issakcole - Can you point out where I said that. I my have meant something else. :ike can't touch because of something.

    Imperfect - Be safe.

    Dudu - Keep going and keep me posted, dude!

    Lyra - Tothe ark isn't real so I don't know, but masks keep him away because he thinks people are looking at him. Put operator symbols near your friend, keep her away from this shit and watch her and she should be ok.

    Tyler - Are you up high or no? If not that's interesting. Elizabeth was from Arizonia and saw him but not in the desert. Keep me posted.

  46. Heh. You misspelled Lya's name. Oh well, not the first time it's happened.

    Don't worry about symbols, I make them myself. In fact, maybe you'd like to see them? Or maybe you've grown sick of seeing them everywhere. Pity.

    Ah, but try as they might, it's hard to keep track of a teenager with her head set on something, half-blind and ill or otherwise.

    Have you ever sat on the roof of a 10 story hospital, enjoying the wind and watching the children at the playground, as the tentacles slooooooowly brush against your feet? It's just so fun, M. So very fun.

    Considerably less fun after the deaths of your parents, but I digress.

    I'm glad to see you're still alive. I was getting worried.

    Good wishes and (X).


  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. Damnit.
    Hi M,it's me, duds ,gotta say something.
    It Didn't worked.
    Not the running, the staring.
    I saw him down there (was in a roof) and then he saw me.
    I was still staring at him but he just moved like I was not.
    Oh god.
    Gotta go, he's out there.

  49. Drew's dead. This is Jack. I'm coming to New York. If I run into you, I plan to tell you off. It just doesn't seem fair to Drew to do it over the computer. Drew's gone, and it's partially because of you.

  50. Dammit, I'm sorry about Sandra, M. We had to leave for a few minutes to get some supplies and she's not well right now. I'm very sorry. And I will try what you've suggested. Thank you.


  51. I am not the person who last posted from this account. For the past week I wake up to find notes nest my PC with login details for "" and url to some blogs (this one among them).
    First I thought this was some in-joke from my roomie, but today he's visiting his family. I woke up and found my PC on, the browser open, the gmail logged in and this blog in another tab. A note left on the keyboard says, and here I quote: "Tell them I need help and cannot contact directly. Your survival depends on it as well!"

    So, okay, here I am and I find a lot of mad raving, weird claims and a creepfest story.

    I demand an explanation fot his bullshit!
    Who is this "K-OS Survival" person?!?
    What kind of sick game is this?!?
    Why the fuck do they leave me notes, of all people?!?


  52. You know, a rational explanation, Pete, is that a friend who is NOT your roommate is playing a joke on you. Surely you know more than one person. Or maybe not?

    Well, that is if we were to forget the overall fiction factor of it all, but whatever.

  53. Dear Danny: well,'s hard for me to be rational, when I wake up to annoying notes that lead me to creepy blogs.
    Not come home to, no.
    Wake up.
    If it were my friends, then it would have to be a massive conspiracy to stalk me and leave notes whenever I doze off or go to bed and I know for a fact, that none of my friends would bother to go to such lenghts for cheap laughs.
    Still, I'll ask around, since my friends making a cheap joke is better than an unspecified person stalking me, who's obviously obsessed with all this slenderman bull.

  54. M - You say that walking directly up to It guarantees a death - do you know this for a fact? I don't expect you to try or anything, but if you DID get my email, then you might be guessing my train of thought.

    I believe that The Slender Man does not exist in conventional terms. He may well only be able to manifest physically through a person - as in, take your original theory on how he was born, and apply it to every individual who encounters It. As It convinces you It's real, It can begin to manifest with greater strength, to the point It can attack as opposed to simply move you.

    I could be entirely wrong and It could be this ancient evil everyone else thinks it is, but if such is not the case, we can beat It. Rather easily, in fact. Via similar means to how It would manifest.

  55. Well I will agree with you there, Pete.
    Some people get much too obsessed with this kind of stuff.

  56. @M sorry for not replying, internet went down again, wind storm blew down my satellite dish and it took forever to get set back up. And no I'm not high ,heh, was it my spelling or the seemingly crazy story?

    Anyway, as I said no sign of him still, and believe me I have had my fair share of close calls.

    Anyway nothings been happening around here but I will keep you posted.

  57. M, did you check Seeking Truth lately?

    The capitals there read: ATONCTMEEGEDM

    Commented Gate? Comment at Edge? Mend totem Cage? Detect me among?

    The hell is happening?

  58. Oh now that is an easy one.
    Obviously it is "Meet me at Dgcno".

    I've been to a town called Dgcno once. Really nice people there.

  59. Eduardo - Are you moving a lot all over? You can't stay in the same basic area for long either. Also how high up are you?

    Jacktyler - No it's your fault because you didn't follow the rules and let him die. Also you want to talk to me, come talk to me. Kid in the red hoodie down town. Don't taker out your anger on me. This is your fault.

    Pete - I'm on the same page as you as to who K-OS is. He says he's part of the group that fights something but I don't know what that is or who they are. As for an explanation well long story short a guy with no face that the collective mind of people created is haunting me.

    Jay - Yeah I mean I've seen peiople ripped apart by him when they did that. You'd pretty much die as soon as they blinked. That's an interesting idea, I'd just need proof.

    Tyler - No, dude I mean high up, like where your trailor is. Is it just on the ground or what?

    Maudlin - What the fuck Zeke?

  60. Oh I'm sorry, the way you put it, anyway no not really, but there is an abandoned water tower near by, just in case.

    I'm really surprised he hasn't showed up -Knock on wood-
    I wouldn't hold your breath though,I do have quite a few backups though. Another thing for your brain to munch on though.

    Also what the fuck is up with Zeke thats one monster of a puzzle.

  61. Thank you, M, for your blog. I have a question for you, though. If you think that he is following you, what is your obligation to those around you? Should you warn them? Or just run? I'm worried about a friend who I'm staying with. She doesn't know anything, but if he's watching me, well.

    Is there any way to avoid him by staying put?

  62. M- Just found your blog and read through the whole thing. I actually have been thinking a lot about the trees thing and the fact that I live in the desert is a huge comfort. tyler's posts are pretty interesting, and the fact that Elizabeth lived in Arizona doesn't mean she was far from trees- in fact Northern Arizona is really well forested.
    I'm going to start drawing her fish around town though, maybe just as a tribute or message of hope, but tell me if you think it's a bad idea.

    Stay safe man.

  63. Zeke's blog has been edited, and apparently the caps read "Come and get me"...who is the challenge addressing, I don't know.

    Also, it's not Maudlin, it's Maduin.

  64. I'm not sure how to start this but here it goes.

    I've never encountered BobbleHead myself (I call Him that ever since I saw him doing that in the everyman hybrid videos.... and the video of him doing that set to caramell dancing....I cannot help but laugh every time I think of Him caramell dancing... I would recommend you all stay away from encyclopedia dramaticas page for him with it's rule 34 of him with zalgo and cthulu.... It takes a lot of the fright out of him but scares you in different more disturbing ways) anyways..

    IF he is real I have delved MUCH too deep and I go deeper everyday.

    If this is merely a story told by thousands of individuals or like tvtropes points out (that site is the reason I began delving.) "The whole project is basically a deliberate manufacture and study of how Meme becomes an Urban Legend. "

    Regardless, I do not fear Bobble Head, I have grown up surrounded by things paranormal, there is a ghost that haunts my room (it was described the same way by three different people (including me) who had never met before) and talks to me, I can also sense things that others can't.

    I used to be frightened of these things but I have learned from them and no longer fear them. When I can drive and have a steady income, I plan to go and find places that people say are haunted and if they are attempt to help the spirit.

    It's funny that people say that electronics malfunction around him, they do the same for me nearly every day... though not like they do for him (mainly they drop in front of me or literally jump towards me.)

    If Bobble Head starts making appearances around me I will not run, I will stand against him.

    You may say that makes me insane. I reply that I KNOW I am insane, but I am NOT crazy. If that makes any sense to any of you.

    I will fight Bobble Head with every fiber of my being, every fiber of my soul, with everything that I can muster.

    And you know what, I WILL win, I will NOT give him the chance to do to me what he has done to others.

    He will not touch me, he will not move me, he will not take me, he will not hallow me.

    For I will win.

    -"...As I walk down this endless road I know I will always find, A Light in the Dark."

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. Phaaze - good luck with that, though perhaps you may want to reconsider your current plan of attack. Usually when people say they'll stand up to an unknown assailant, they end up dead. Alternatively, they struggle around for a bit, and then die.

    M - Proof is exactly what I was attempting to coax out of you. Running some tests for me and reporting back with results, that sort of thing. But then I realised how easy it was to... find, shall we say, other victims. Progress is slow, but the current trend suggests a definite link with the Slender Man and the human mind, at least in terms of how he manages to "see" victims. Give me a month or two and I should have some tangible means of fighting back.

    If all else fails, I already have a Last Resort. I'd recommend it to you, but testing is not complete quite yet. Not to mention that necessary supplies are extremely rare and hard to come by.

  66. Phaaze - seems you have not encountered Slenderman...and yet you try to shoehorn your own nickname for him into this conversation, and are defiantly certain that you will defeat him...
    This is just bad acting, and your ghost story is hardly believable, I could make a better claim of having magical powers. Hell, K-OS' story, ludicrous as it is, is better acted out and he's pretty low on my acting scale...I do not believe you and I find what you are doing in horrible taste.

    Jay - does the end justify these means?

    M (and everybody) - Check the comments and look who's shown up again.

  67. Maduin - assuredly. Lab rats are essential for much of science, why should the sentiment not extend further?

  68. Tyler - It's cool, dude. That is interesting. What are your back ups? I don't know what's up with Zeke. It's weird.

    Kim - Don't tell them, don't talk about it' and don't let them see him. If they don't know about it they probabaly won't but still. You need to get moving and not stay around many people who don't know for long. If you do He will kill them and He'll kill you.

    Julieth - Yeah I don't think she lived around the desert and there probably were trees around. She also lived in what I thin was sort of city like so it was a little different then both those kinda of places. I think that would be a cool idea. She would like more fish around.

    Phaaze - I don't think you're real, and I don't give a shit how many ghosts you have watching you sleep, you will die if you do that.

    Jay - what are you talking about? You better not be bringing other people into this or putting them in danger. That's not ok. People aren't there for you to fuck with. You better not be hurting anybody. We're in enough shit already.

    Maduin - Shit. Fucking Zeke.

  69. Mostly plans to keep moving, I also spent all of yesterday spray painting the out side of my trailer with operator symbols, hasn't showed up though so I'm worried I'm wasting my time. Aside from that I do have that water tower it's a little unstable but it is about 4 stories high don't know if that's enough. Been stashing food up there, just in case.

  70. M - As of yet, I have informed 32 people of the existence of The Slender Man in full detail, confirmed 26 infections and have direct contact with 22 of those individuals. They are currently safe using your own rules and safeguards.

    I agree, we're in shit. but nobody seems to be doing anything about it. Zeke's running around like a headless chicken, Shaun attempts about one experiment every three months, and you sit around here doing little other than referring people to previous stagnant advice.

    Besides, out of the four pre-hunted test subjects I found, three of them can directly attribute their condition to finding your blog. Or, at least, they could. One of them is dead, and the other two don't remember a thing.

    You're just as bad as me, and I ask you nicely not to pretend otherwise.

  71. Just wanted to point out a (somewhat horrifying) flaw in your reasoning about Slender Man:

    According to relativistic physics, time and space are the same, not separate. This is why when physicists refer to them, they say spacetime, instead of space and time. When we move through space, we are also moving through time. Strange as it may sound, the faster you go, the more you slow down time, and vice versa, although unless you are traveling near the speed of light, the affect is so small as to be negligible.

    Because of this, the ability to move freely through space would also imply the ability to move freely through time, as there is no separation between the two. From that point of view, it would be feasible to claim that Slender Man could indeed travel through time. This also brings up theories about faster than light travel; because of relativistic fun, any object that move faster than the speed of light is also time traveling. Now, this mainly applies to something traveling several light years, which is slightly difficult to achieve while constrained to a single planet. But the idea is that whenever Slender Man does his Slenderwalking through space, that would qualify as FTL travel, and therefore also qualify as time travel.

    The interesting thing in all of this is that space and time being a single thing only applies to *relativistic* physics; (classical mechanics still uses time as a universal constant). That is, physics where there is an observer. And Slender Man can only freely move through spacetime when he *isn't* being observed. Now, you could debate that Slender Man is observing himself, but I honestly cannot in good conscience make any claims about how Slender Man observes the universe, much less himself. This brings up a whole slew of further questions about how he moves along spacetime: does the act of observing him cause him to exist within relativistic physics (like some kind of eldritch, spiffily dressed Schrodinger's Cat), can he always move freely of spacetime (and the immobility when being observed is from some other cause), or is he just saying "Bugger all!" to physics and doing whatever a Slender Man can? But even if it is the last one, he is still affecting spacetime around him, which is something observable which obeys known physical laws.

    I'd have to do more research to explore this more (here, research means grabbing a physicist and demanding they do science until I get an answer I like), but it does raise some interesting questions about Slender Man's capabilities. Course, none of the questions it raises are very encouraging, but eh, that's how it goes.

  72. @Omega

    Quantum physics suggest that a single unstable particle can move thousands of miles in an instant, and be in multiple places at once for no reason other than why not.
    If slenderman is capable of initiating this phenomena at will, then it explains a hell of a lot. Why he can have multiple arms. Why he teleports when he isn't observed. Why he's bound by time and not by space. How he moves people. Why bullets go straight through him, because he phased himself out. Why melee weapons don't, because iron is too stable to phase out so it stays where it is.

    Iron is stable. People are not.