Sunday, August 8, 2010


The past week has been shit. I mean more then usual which is saying something. Anthony from Lost Time is dead, which was probably harder on me then it should have been since I never met him and shouldn't care as much. I know it's all just stupid shit, like him reminding me of my brother, and the him being so young, but still it's hard. I've always tended to encounter people before but we always sort had an agreement that we would split up at some point. We were just watching each other because we were going down the same path at the time and would eventually not see each other anymore because we'd have to move, or would need to be alone, or die. Mimi, James, Warrner, Shandi, they were all the same. People I met on the road but not really friends. A lot of it was because teaming up, as I've said is dangerous, but also a lot of it was because we knew we were all marked and humans.

And humans have the unpleasant habit of dying. Especially people in our group.

Recently though, after starting this blog, I keep talking to people, hearing their stories and it's different. I don't know why but it is. It's weird not being lonely, or as lonely. Right before he died and locked me in the water tower my brother said something to me. He knew everybody was gone. He knew we would have to leave soon, even though I didn't want to. He walked me up to the water tower and we stood up there. The water tower had a sort of rail around it and a small gate. You unlocked the gate and could get to the ladder on the side of the tower. We stood up there, watching the sky, and then he began to walk around the little pathway, in a circle, not saying anything for a minute.
"What are you doing?" I asked, turning to look at him.
"We're really in trouble, M, this is serious," he said not looking at me.
I didn't say anything, just watched him pace some more, making laps around the tiny circle we were in. He stopped at the little gate and looked out into the sky. The sun was setting and the sky was turning an orange sort of colour.
"This can't go on much longer," he said quietly.
"What do you mean?" I asked "there's nothing we can do. We can't just give ourselves to him! We just have to keep going. There has to be something we can do."
"There's something we can do yeah," he said "I'm gonna try. I'm gonna take that asshole down."
"Yeah!" I said "Let's do it! When are you planning it?"
"Tonight," he said.

And then he sort of bolted as best you can in such a small area. He opened the gate and jumped onto the ladder. I ran over and saw him tugging at the lock in the gate.

It was an old water tower. That lock was breaking anyway.

He looked up at me, standing on the ladder. I think at this point I had realized the gate wouldn't open and was screaming at him. I don't remember what I screamed. I just remember trying to get the rusty gate open and looking at my brother on the other side of it, an odd look on his face. He looked regretful and sad and determined and in the end he just looked tired.

He looked at me with his sad eyes behind his stupid glasses as I screamed at him.
"Try to make friends, M," he said "You have to stay safe and get moving soon, but none of that is worth it if you don't have anybody. You have to go and find new people. Do that for me ok?"
And then he climbed down the ladder and ran back to our house. I stayed in the water tower all night. I finally got the gate open in the morning and went back to the house.

My brother was dead, I left, and didn't follow the last advice he gave me.

It's dangerous walking around in groups. 2 people are dangerous, a whole group would make Him even stronger and you more of a target. Rereading this blog less then a month ago I wrote that I didn't want to team up with anybody. It was too dangerous and there was no reason to.

Now I'm not so sure.

I've met so many people recently. People who need help, or are on the road too, or are just trying to stay alive. People keep talking about meeting up, and now I don't know. Maybe it would be better. Even if it does make Him stronger maybe a group would be strong and safer. I don't really think the rules can change that easily or that being in groups is safe. I've never thought that.

But then I use to think the trees were save when I 1st started out.

I still feel like things are changing. There are still shifts in the air sometimes. I don't know why, or what it means but I just feel things are changing. I don't know if that means he's getting stronger, or weaker or just changing. But thing feel different and now I know other people feel it too.

Things are changing, and maybe that means it's time to start putting together teams.

I never thought I'd say that. But then I never thought I'd touch a tree either.

And I did that yesterday.

Not like close to it, there was a wall in between us. But still. I grazed the side of it with my finger tips.

Then I ran about 5 miles away from there as fast as I could, got up onto the highest building I know and came back to my senses.

So maybe it is time to team up. Because things are changing. Zeke and Anthony are both gone, if not dead. He took out 2 people in less then a month. He's changing. We need to change too to beat him, and maybe that means, if not fighting back, at least teaming up. And I don't know if I can deal with somebody else dying near me anytime soon. As unrealistic as that sounds.

Sorry this isn't a real lesson today, guys. I'll try to do 1 soon. As always, though I doubt there will be about any of my personal bullshit, leave all you questions or anything in the comments and keep the emails coming! Now I'm gonna try to find something cheap to eat and a place up high.

- M


  1. I'm sorry, hon. It's nigh impossible to choose between teaming up and potentially killing yourself or somebody else, and sticking to yourself and living, but having it mean nothing. That might just be me though.

  2. My brother was usually right, but sometimes he could be really stupid. I don't know. I've been moody the past few days. I need to get over it.

  3. Heh. It's kind of hard to do anything the way we are, but it's not supposed to be easy I suppose. Hopefully we'll all be okay in the end.

    God I'm so sickeningly optimistic.

  4. I think groups would make sense he seems to only be able to take down people individually, am I right?

    And if you ask me he doesn't want people forming groups for one single reason.

    He's scared of more than one person.

    Let's think about this logically he seems to hate cities because of the massive amount of people in the area, right?

    This is of course purely hypothesis.

    Also I keep having this nagging thought in the back of my head

    What if someone chased SM himself and terrified him into submission.

    Well I'm signing off for the night.

  5. Shaun - Yeah it's never easy, I guess that's to be expected. We just have to keep going. Optimism is good. Don't ley my sarcastic assheoleness rub off on you.

    zxnekuzx - I've been in a group of about 3 people at 1 time and he can take down people with others. I've had somebody killed in front of me. Except the the whole if you're quicker then the slowest person thing it doesn't really work like that. He's not really scared because he doesn't really think. The reason cities are safer is because there are always people watching so he can't move and there are less trees. If somebody chased Slenderman they would die, like chasing a tiger. It's all interesting thinking though which is always good.

    Elizabeth - Bus to where?

  6. Have you considered that there may be more than one Slenderman? Unless Strahm and Anthony are close geographically, it would seem as though we're seeing two of the same thing .... isn't that a scary thought?

  7. Kloro - I don't think he lives on out plane of existence. He can get anywhere because he doesn't move like we do. It's hard to explain. I don't think there's 2 of him though, just doesn't make much sense.

  8. Is Elizabeth.....gone?

  9. I hope she's alive I don't want her to be...... well you know.


    Trees stand alone. But under the ground, their roots intertwine, and they give each other support and strength while sharing nutrients. Above them, their branches reach out to each other and create a canopy that provides shelter from the sun, stopping shorter trees from reaching their height, and away from the lumberjack's interest.

    If two trees grow too close, then their roots choke each other and the weaker one will die. Trees gathering too close to each other is dangerous and gets them killed.

    We are the trees. Slenderman takes strength from the trees in the forest and in human minds. Each mind is a tree, but each friend is a root.

    Blogspot, Livejournal, facebook, youtube, heck, the whole INTERNET is a forest of human minds.

    The internet is our weapon. It's a world where he cannot hurt us, and our roots give each other support without choking us.

    Find safety in the trees, M. Friends that are not travelling companions, but fight as you do. You, zxnekuzx, K-OS, Shaun, Elizabeth, and myself. A forest where you are safe.

    Same it's all metaphorical and it won't keep you physically safe, but like you yourself said, keeping this blog keeps you sane, and when you go insane, that's when he gets you. As long as you write this blog and run, finding safety in these trees right here, then he won't kill you. He'll just keep following you.

    I really hope you get this. Just to be sure, I'll try to message you it.

  11. Might as well set down some ROOTS and BRANCH out. Hope Slenderman LEAFS you alone. Sorry for the tree puns. I couldn't LEAF well enough alone! XD -Rose Wood

  12. I like Sam Jaz's theory. Every person he's infected is connected. It does make me feel safer in some ways.

  13. Everyone needs allies, even if you never meet them. Draw strength from each other and keep going.