Friday, July 30, 2010

Signs of being hallowed out

The last few days have been rough. I've been getting a lot of emails from people recently and as much as I like hearing from people (keep the emails coming!) it is hard to hear about everybody being afraid and running. I tell people not to be scared, but I don't know how realistic that is. People tell me that I'm fighting and I don't know if I am. I'm fighting it, but I'm not fighting it like other people are. I'm looking for a way to end this. Like I said before this is our fault, I'm just here to clean up, not kill Slenderman. I don't even know if that's possible. But to say not to look, to say not to try to do that, to not do that at all just seems like a cop out to me. I feel like everybody holds answers, everybody hold a piece of the puzzle, and that together maybe we can do something, but I don't know if that's true. I don't know if there's anyway to stop this besides forgetting about it. And that's not gonna happen any time soon. I feel like I should be doing something to fight, but I don't know what that is.

I feel like it has something to do with my dream, but what?

I've also been pretty worried about Anthony from Lost Time. His last entry was pretty grim and he hasn't posted anything. I don't even know him but still. I almost couldn't check his blog tonight because I was so afraid of what I would see. But I did and nothing had changed which I guess was a good thing. Also Zeke still isn't back yet. It's been a week, Zeke where the fuck are you? We can wait all night. Or was the door too scary? We better get a video out of this like you promised or else you are a liar. Don't leave us hanging, dude! Yeah I know don't taunt Zeke he'll come kick your ass. Like I give a shit. I've seen Slenderman, I'm not afraid of some cop from New Hampshire or whatever. Fuck.

I wish he'd come kick my ass.

At least we'd know if he was still alive.

In any case like I said I've gotten a few emails from people over the past few days. 1 was from Scarlett, who is being followed (more on this as it updates, just want to keep you guys posted as to what's going on so I don't leave you in the dark), and 1 was from Shaun River. Shaun is on the run and emailed me (his blog is here just for the record: actually brought up a really good point after I asked him how long he had been being followed which was:

'How long have I been followed? I'd say it's been a year or so now, but that's somewhat blurry...the first month almost left me hallowed.

Which is something i think you should likely address some time on your blog. Being hallowed isn't an immediate or inevitable process, I'm sure you know that. But it would probably do people some good to know what the 'symptoms' are. The black outs while awake, the sickness, all that. It's pretty intense stuff for most people, but i'm sure there've been those who it's been different for.'

After that I sat there for a minute and stared at the computer I whammed my head against the desk until the people at the store I was at gave me weird looks. I haven't covered this and it's extremely important.

I have sort of touched on this before. That you shouldn't trust somebody who's been hallowed out and that it happens to people quickly sometimes, but can also happen over the course of a few months and sometimes starts to happen but isn't completed because the person can fight it off. But I think another good thing to know is how to tell somebody is being hallowed out. It's pretty easy to tell if somebody already has been. They start to run around and talk to code and trying to kill you, that kind of stuff, but before Slenderman takes them over they're still people, and there are ways to tell if it's happening to somebody.

Listen to me. I sound like I should be teaching health class.

No Slenderlove with out protection, kids.

Wow I just grossed myself out so badly.

And on that disturbing note here's the lesson for today. Basically being hallowed out is based a lot on being touched by Slenderman. It's how He takes control of people. Slenderman shouldn't be here. He's not part of the natural world and when something like that touches us our whole system shuts down. and that's where a lot of the symptoms like Shaun mentioned come from. There are 3 major symptoms of being hallowed out.

1. Blacking out.

Really only you can tell if you're having this symptom since it's tied in with number 3 and another person really won't see you black out. Black outs happen when Slenderman touches you because your body shuts down. Usually people experience it for long periods of time because Slenderman is moving them. I haven't been moved in a long time and actually never blacked out and was moved. My brother use to talk about this a lot though. He would say he 'fainted' and woke up in other places. I don't know why Slenderman moves people and doesn't kill them. It's usually to make them do stuff for Him before their completely hallowed out, but sometimes He just moves them and I don't know why. I had a friend that said it was actually how He moved around. That Slenderman needed a certain kind of person to take with Him so He could move around in our reality. But I'm not sure how true this is. Slenderman isn't always seen with a person so how could that be true? In any case if you find yourself blacking out, and waking up in other places (or even the same place) it probably means Slenderman is trying to hallow you out. Tell somebody right away (only you can prevent hallowing out!) and take precautions.

2. The cough

Like I said your body doesn't really respond well to being touched by something not from this reality, so when it's around you for long periods of time, or touching you, you tend to to get sick. This usually results in a cough and feeling faint when he's close by. This is also the symptom that's most easily spotted by other people so if somebody you know has developed a cough they may be in the early stages of being hallowed out. Now don't jump all over your friend if he has a cold or something, but still keep a look out. Marble Hornets says there are pills you can take that make it so that you're sick when around Slenderman, but like I've said Marble Hornets is fake and I don't really know what good a pill that lets you be around Slenderman without getting sick would be. That means your body is working well and tells you if you're coming into contact with Him and don't know. It's imprtant and you should listen to your body in that case. Just like you would with anything else.

3. Disappearing for periods of time

This is the flip side of blacking out and the part people around you can see. If you have a friend who seems to go missing a lot and they say they've been blacking out, then it means Slenderman is probably moving them, even if they end up in the same place they were originally. The real thing that I'm not sure about when it comes to this is when people don't remember black out exactly and just sort of disappear then wake up in random places or wherever they last remember sitting down to play video games. I'm not sure where they go in this period of time and that's what confuses me. I don't know where Slenderman is taking them and I don't think anybody really does, but He's definitely touching them which makes me think he's moving them somewhere.

There are of course other things. People get the notebooks a lot when being hallowed out, but everybody gets the notebooks so it may not be that and just your body's natural defense mechanisms kicking in. You will see a different sort of notebooks though from people who are being hallowed out. More of it will be in code, it will be more cryptic, and this is usually when people write messages to other people or just themselves ('help', 'sees him', 'he's there', and my personal favorite 'it hurts'). Being hallowed out can happen at any number of speeds. Sometimes it happens to somebody in a minute, but it can take months as well. If you watch a person close enough it's avoidable and even somebody who's pretty far gone can be brought back. You just have to be careful and watch the people around you and yourself for the signs.

So that the lesson for today: watch for sign of being hallowed out, and if you see them take the right precautions (following the rules, writing the (x) symbol, and being aware of what's around you). It's a pretty straight up lesson today, but I needed yo do an entry on this or else I'd feel like a huge dumb ass. Before I go (and I have to soon because it is late and the woman who's lap top I borrowed could wake up at any second) I do want to post something really quickly that Scarlett send me that I thought was interesting:

'Here's what I know about trees and brains.
Trees communicate with eachother kind of like how a brain communicates, a forest is basically a big brain. They can communicate danger, like forest fires, but they can't do anything because they're trees. Perhaps there is something to do with communication of danger, recognition, that he feeds off of? ALthough I do believe the trees very well may be his spies.'

I don't know if the trees are his spies, I don't think so. The trees in my dream, like I've said before, didn't seem bad, they didn't even seem like Slenderman. Even so I do think the idea that trees communicate with each other and are like a big brain is interesting. Maybe the trees are just as scared of Him as we are. Maybe they know He's evil and want Him to get away from them. It sure seemed like that in my dream anyway.

In anycase send me emails if you need anything and as always leave your questions or anything in the comments. Now I have to get the hell out of this diner before the guys running it realize I don't know this woman.

- M


  1. That Slenderlove joke will haunt me more than the actual entity.

  2. Me too, dude. As soon as I typed it I realized nothing would ever be the same.

  3. Well, Zeke's blog has some surprises, and not from Zeke. While we're on the subject, I think Zeke might be "hallowed out" as you call it.

    Also, I think it's somewhat unfair to think that everyone who writes the notebooks, draws the Circled X's, etc. is hallowed out. Some are watchers, those who are aware of SM, and can see him (sometimes it's like he's invisible) but aren't under his control.

    The codes are a way of abstracting your thoughts of him. Which is useful, if he's looking for you. Sometimes the codes are messages to others, sometimes they're messages to the other part of the brain that doesn't realize that something is very wrong.

    Also, some of those watchers draw the circled X in places where Slender Man has been, as a warning. After all, just because you can see him, doesn't mean you want to. Just because you're not under his control doesn't mean you weren't irrevocably twisted by the experience.

    Last, I have a question for you, M. If someone does not believe in SM, is it a good idea to just let them continue to believe he doesn't exist? If they aren't being stalked, I mean.

  4. I tried to avoid my notebook as much as possible once the whole ordeal started. He seemed to show up whenever I tried to take notes on anything, to which my response would be, sadly, to write all kinds of nutcase-looking things and draw the symbol.
    What I think I'm trying to say is that the puppets are pretty effective just because you can be driven to act roughly the same way just through the immense fear it instills.
    This rest stop sucks, by the way.

  5. Do you mean:


    –verb (used with object)
    to make holy; sanctify; consecrate.
    to honor as holy; consider sacred; venerate: to hallow a battlefield.


    Hollow :

    having a space or cavity inside; not solid; empty: a hollow sphere.
    having a depression or concavity: a hollow surface.
    sunken, as the cheeks or eyes.
    (of sound) not resonant; dull, muffled, or deep: a hollow voice.
    without real or significant worth; meaningless: a hollow victory.
    insincere or false: hollow compliments.
    hungry; having an empty feeling: I feel absolutely hollow, so let's eat.
    an empty space within anything; a hole, depression, or cavity.
    a valley: They took the sheep to graze in the hollow.
    Foundry. a concavity connecting two surfaces otherwise intersecting at an obtuse angle.
    –verb (used with object)
    to make hollow (often fol. by out): to hollow out a log.
    to form by making something hollow (often fol. by out): to hollow a place in the sand; boats hollowed out of logs.
    –verb (used without object)
    to become hollow.
    in a hollow manner: The politician's accusations rang hollow.
    beat all hollow, to surpass or outdo completely: His performance beat the others all hollow. Also, beat hollow.

  6. Hello... I have a few questions myself, if you don't mind. I'd rather not use my personal e-mail, so I hope this will do...

    Basically, with what you have seen, would you believe or at least consider that the Slender Man could be a faerie(Not a fairy, like those seen in Disney films, but the old, horrible, scary things known as the Fair Folk)? The logic would follow that the Hallowed Out are nothing more than the changelings he's left behind after abducting someone... And that he has his own rules that he has to abide by. The Fair Folk always were known for getting tricked into making deals that worked to their disadvantage...

    It would also explain a few things, such as his "other world" in fact being the world of the fae.

  7. Kloro - I wasn't saying any of that at all. The notebooks are just something you get when Slenderman starts following you. It's your body trying to defend it's self. It's fine to do them just don't leave them around (I actually have a whole entry on that). It's actually good to draw the (x) symbol because it keeps him away.

    I like the term watchers, that's interesting but I've never heard of Slenderman being invisible. I think He follows peope and they don't see Him, but I'm not sure He can go like be really invisible. The codes are a way for people who are fighting him to communicate. Usually that's the last way they act in life, so the imprint of them reflects that and also writes in codes which are usually not as helpful.

    As for your question don't tell them anything. If people start to think Slenderman is real he may start to follow them and that is bad. Let them keep thinking it's a story and maybe even forget abot Slenderman all together. I wish we all could.

    Elizabeth - It's pretty normal to get the notebooks. It doesn't attract Him as far as I've seen. Yeah there are a lot of symptoms that are just normal ways people act when they're scared but that's why I didn't put them as the top 3. Have you gotten moving yet? Where are you now?

    Nick - I talk about that in the comments for the last entry.

  8. M.: Sorry, I think I just misread what you wrote. I was tired when I read/wrote that, and didn't really get the gist.

  9. willowthewisp - No I don't think Slenderman is a faery because faeries don't exist.

    Kloro - It's cool, dude. Sorry if I wasn't clear.

  10. M: I hope you realize how that sentence came out... But if the Slender Man is real because the stories ended up bringing him here, who's to say that this is the first time it's happened? Let me elaborate, if I may.... Does he, in your experience, show similarities to the old faerie tales? I was thinking that the both of them may have similar means of being warded off...

  11. Willowthewisp - Sorry if I came off rude. It's been a rough few days. It's just that it's sort of frustrating to think that the thing that killed my brother was something out of a Holly Black book. I get what you mean, and I get that Slenderman certainly has things in common with the old Faery stories (though I think that's more because the people who thought up Slenderman knew those stories), but I don't think He is 1 because Slenderman is very real and faeries just aren't. This is real stuff that's happening, not a story and I really don't think he's a faery and can be beat in the same way.

  12. M- Still, this might not be the first time something was willed into existence by a large group of people... The Fair Folk were widely believed in their time period, and often used these tactics... What's to say that it's not a property of the being willed into existence and not of the stories?

  13. My Uncle is, by his terms, a 'witch.' His beliefs are very pagan in nature. He used to tell me stories about the Fair Folk and other mystical beings which he claimed to have experience and encounters with. If he is to be believed, which to an extent I think he could be, then Slenderman is not of the Fair Folk; the Fair Folk are spiritual beings, brought about for specific purposes usually either good or bad in nature. Slenderman exhibits one motive universally, all around and has none of the characteristics which would classify him as a 'faerie.'

    That, and the fact that the people telling Fair Folk stoies in those days likely believed in them very differently than those who willed Slenderman into existance 'believe' in him. They were considered more as demi-gods or, as I said, spiritual beings, while Slenderman seems to be tied very strictly to our emotions; he is our creation, thus he is 'of us.' In many cases, the Fair Folk were not human in nature at ALL; thus, even if they WERE our creation, they were not 'of us.' See what'm sayin'?

    Oh, and most people who believed in Fair Folk and told those stories are dead now, anyway. So I doubt that the Fair Folk themselves are still around. Interesting thought, willowthewisp, but ultimately Slenderman doesn't fit the bill.

  14. Hey M will you post anymore tips on evading the slenderman?

  15. Zxnejuzx - Yeah Ive just been busy like evading death and stuff and not able to make a post in the past week.

    - M

  16. i am sorry that probably came off rudely I shouldn't pressure you with the constant stress you have to deal with.

  17. Totally cool, dude. I didn't think you meant it like that at all.

  18. Shit. This just confirmed something about Him for me:

    We didn't come up with him. He used us to be born.

    Look around, and you'll see the signs. The Tall Man from Yahtzee's Seven Days a Stranger series. Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas. The Slender Man. Dark, tall figures with white, blank faces and odd proportions.

    We willed him into existence, but we didn't imagine him. What the hell IS he? What could possibly place the contours of its form in the subconcious psyche of humanity?

    Research. The only way we can beat this is research. To know why is to know victory. We find out how He came to be, we find out how to banish him back to the collective unconscious.

  19. Jared, that's interesting theory, but I don't think we willed him into existence. I think we drew his attention.

    This lesson was interesting. For as long as I can remember I've had a cough, and I used to sketch guys in suits without bothering to do the faces all the time, plus the random blacking out. I've never been moved, but all this stopped way before I even heard of slenderman.

    I never got a notebook- scratch that, a mate of mine gave me a moleskine once. Still got it in my drawer actually. Worth checking out what I wrote in it.

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  21. This helps tremendously. I'm aware I'm going through a...well, let's just call it a "change" ever since a little incident two (I think?) nights ago. Thanks for this.

  22. Perhaps he hides in the trees because he can hide in the trees.
    The forest is his home, since he looks like a tree. He sticks out in a city, so he lures his "subjects" into the forests before he can ensnare minds. It's not so much a connection as it is...a base? He jumps from tree to tree since it's his camouflage, and preys on people from the trees. At least that's how I've always viewed it. There doesn't necessarily have to be a symbolic connection between the two.

  23. You said to draw (X's) to keep it away, you say it didn't like them, you lied.