Thursday, July 22, 2010

Anthony Hawker

I got an email a few days ago from a kid named Anthony Hawker asking my help. Evidently his brother died in a house fire a few months ago and he made this blog with his family ( in honor of his memory. About a month after the entries started he started being followed by Slenderman. He's gotten pretty close to Him, but is still alive and has decided to run. I got the email on the 19th. It said:

'Hello M, my name is Anthony. I have too much going on right now to explain in detail what happened, but here's the gist: My brother, Andrew, died in a fire, and Slender Man then started stalking me, (apparently He was stalking Andrew before). But here's the thing, Andrew isn't dead. In fact he'd been posting on this blog my family (now just me) had been keeping since his "death": (link to blog).
I'm still not completely over the shock, but apparently he escaped Him and faked his own death...somehow. But he seems to have lost his sanity, or he's being overly cryptic. The last message he left is a YouTube video but with pieces of the URL missing. I don't know how to solve it.But I fell it's important. Please help. I'm on the run, sort of, and can't do anything but watch my back.'

I responded with what I usually tell people to do before I have full information on their situation and told him to keep moving and maybe come to New York and after a few days I got this information: he's 15, in California, and somewhat on the run (meaning he's stopping in places pretty nearby where he lives, but is still moving which is good). I'm still not sure how he got infected, but I do know there have been times he's blacked out and written in code without knowing it, so he's maybe farther gone then he thinks. After going on his blog and reading through it I realized that his brother had left him a code that lead him to a youtube video. The video basically says that Anthony should go to some place near a bunch of trees in what looks like a forest.

And this brings me to my next lesson, don't trust people who have been Hallowed out.

I wrote a little bit about codes and what they mean and why people do them a little while ago, and if you remember people write in code when Slenderman is taking them over. When people 'black out' it usually means Slenderman is trying to take control and the part of them that writes codes is the part trying to fight back.

But some people can't fight forever.

And those people become Slenderman's puppets. Slenderman can't do a lot of things humans can. He can't move when people are looking at Him, He can't deal with water (maybe, I wish James would get in touch with me on this), and probably a bunch of other stuff that humans can easily do. And that's why He takes control of people, so they can erase they're operator symbols and leave shit places, and move around when people are looking right at them

And use those people to lure the person he's after to Him.

Now I'm not saying Slenderman sits around all day thinking 'Hmmmmmm I'll get this guy's brother to make a video and lure him near a bunch of trees and jump out and rip him apart.' Slenderman just isn't that smart. Lets face it (haha get it? Face it?), He can't even tell you're a human if you're up higher then 8 feet.

But the people being controlled do. They know how humans are, they still have their memories, they know what will get people to come to them, and they do it. Because they're not them anymore, they're just imprints of that last fleeting part of themselves that was trying to survive but couldn't as Slenderman was trying to take control of them, the part that made codes and told you to go to the tower they built for you. But now Slenderman has them and is just using them to get more people. They're not themselves anymore, just shells filled with what Slenderman wants and needs.

So I guess the lesson is, don't trust people who have been hallowed out even if they do act or look like somebody you knew. Because they're not them anymore. Those people are dead. And all that remains is a body run by Slenderman and an imprint of what they were.

Remember, send me emails if you need anything, and question or anything in the comments. Also a lot of people have been floating the idea that iron or salt can keep Slenderman away. I don't really think this could work (which ironically is why it doesn't), and don't really have the money right now to get salt or a large amount of iron, but if somebody could try this out that would be great.

And remember, if you're reading this Antony, don't do anything your brother says to do, especially in that video. Because he's not your brother anymore.

Because everything in that video is dangerous.

Because your brother is as dead as mine is.

- M


  1. But I'm right here.

    You'd be wise to wonder how I outdid death, how I won my freedom, and worry about the sacrifice that was and will be made.

  2. You can't run from death, and you stopped running a long time ago.

    What's that quote? 'You get what everybody else gets, you get a life time.' Yeah. Andrew got his, now leave his brother alone and let him get his in peace.

  3. M, I couldn't help thinking, while reading Anthony's blog that Andrew's message is suspiciously similar to what you've been thinking about recently; "Find safety in the trees". Is it a coincidence? I hope so.

  4. How close have you gotten to it? About how long does one survive if they don't run?

  5. Jonathan - Yeah I thought of that too. Not sure what it means. I still think it's not safe to trust him, even if he does say stuff kind of like some dream I had.

    Elizabeth - Will answer your questions in the next entry.

  6. Well, something that's common with SM's victims is that they feel safe. That's part of his lure, at the end, the victims *feel* they are approaching safety. That goes back quite a while.

    Got a question for you M: You say "hallowed out" - do you mean "Hollowed out?" If you're thinking of those people as hallowed ... well, that's problem that goes right along with thinking the trees are safe.

  7. I don't know, I've gotten pretty close to Slenderman and I didn't feel that safe. I think it's different for everybody depending on how far they're gone, but talking from personal experiene 'safe' isn't the feeling I got when face to face (ha!) with Slenderman.

    As for your question, I use that word because I think it's sort of what happens to them. We make land Hallowed so we can use it for a purpose that's important to us usually, and that's sort of what Slenderman does to them. They're not totally dead, but they're not being taken over by Slenderman but still themselves, they're someting totally different, so it's sort of like Slenderman has purposefully done something to them and made them hallowed to him.

    Also I found it a little more respectful then just hollowed. They're dead and what's left of them is under the control of an evil being I think they at least deserve a cool name.

  8. Ah, so that's what Hallowed meant in this context. Wondered if it was a typo.

    I think the deal with water is that he has no trees nearby for a pick-me up. Plus, no where to stand. Yeah, I know he can float, doesn't mean he can do it if what he's floating over keeps moving.

  9. HE CANT DEAL WITH WATER, that explains why i dont see him even though i live in a forest, its becouse i live right next to a river!

  10. And yet, Morgan's brother from Compile truth, a tentacle from the water killed him.

  11. The tentacle from the water doesn't necessarily belong to Slendy. Actually, it is far more likely to belong to the Ichor (EAT).