Friday, July 2, 2010

The notebooks

Back in the city. Took a train and got back and slept up high for a few hours. It was good to rest. At 1 point tonight I saw a sign that said 'Slender', then the bus blocking it went by and it said 'Slenderizing drink' or something.

I'm a dumbass.

Seriously though it's hard figuring out what's just crazy people writing on the sides of buildings and what's people actually being followed by Him. If there's somebody else in the city that's being followed by Him then I am in big trouble, because the more people He follows the stronger He gets (that's also why it's not good to travel in big groups). But if it's just crazy people the only trouble I'm in is getting my stuff stolen (still bitter!). I mean if it's somebody has the notebooks then it's ok, just come clean about and don't write cryptic shit. If I have to read 'sees me' 1 more time I'm gonna kill somebody. Why can't anybody just write 'An evil being is following me help!'?

It's weird. When this all started I never thought to start a blog. That's how so many people deal with all this, but I just always had that little notebook. I'd write things I didn't remember. Things I did remember. Things that I didn't understand and didn't want to. It was all to feel safe. When I wrote I felt safe and less crazy, like maybe whoever was following me would lay off for a day. May brother drew on his wall. By the time I left the house his walls were completely black. Small spaces of white in between the drawings and words. I traced the walls with my hands, trying to feel where my brother had written all these things. My brother didn't draw. He liked math. The walls were so warm and felt gray and sinking. I felt like I could fall into them. I left after that, my hands covered in black, my notebook on my bed.

It's so that we feel safer. Humans have to do something in order to protect themselves, to feel in control. So we do whatever comes naturally even if we don't realize or remember it. For some reason when He comes for us we write and draw. We get the notebooks. The bad thing is that's how we pass it on. A person writes about Slenderman in their notebook, and then somebody finds it and learns about Slenderman, and it starts all over again. It's how He gets new people. It's how He moves.

So I guess the lesson for today is, if you get the notebooks, don't write it on the side of some building where everybody can see it. Write it in a notebook. And then bury the notebook. Because you never want to infect somebody else. If you haven't already by staying near the people you love while all this is happening.

- M


  1. one question
    iv read every thing there is about slenderman on the internet, watched every blog went through every picture and yet nothing is happening, i mean take a look at my room i have tonnes of reasearch on him posted up on my walls i even have paintings ofhim i have drawn mt self and nothing. NOTHING!
    but yet he goes after mt best friend for a year and then he suddenly just leaves her alone even to she knew practaly nothing at all about him. she simply watched a 3 part documentary on youtube about him and a month later she phones me freaking out about him but yet i done so much research on him that its almost overwhelming.

    1. Good. Be happy about that. This isn't some prize, "Congratulations, Der-Ritter666 is following you." This isn't fucking Tumblr. This is an extraplanar creature hell-bent on injecting terror and insanity in the human race. paint your walls, burn the paintings, and get into My Little Pony or something. The more meaningless, the better.

    2. I think that is the precise problem. People believe the lives they are leading are meaningless and thus wish to believe in something that gives their life meaning. Perhaps that is why the Slenderman can thus exist. The need for meaning in many people's lives and one common image that they can all focus on. Far better for Desiree to find something meaningful in her life than to get into something meaningless.