Sunday, July 4, 2010


I've started commenting on other Slenderman type blogs. Not very many, just some that I think may be real and look like they really need help. I doubt that the people who write them will read any of them, or that they're even real people being followed by Slenderman, but still, I feel like I should say something. Not everybody will find this blog, or take the time to read it. I feel the need to give some advice. I'm tired of seeing people die, that's why I started this blog! I feel like something is shifting about all this, people are starting to take control (by the way have any of you seen what's happening with that Zeke guy who's the detective? So fucking badass! I don't care if it is fake, I just want to read a story where somebody shoots Slenderman. Him asking for the other blogs and stuff! Research finally people doing research! And him commenting on that girl's blog? She seems like somebody who is outliving Slenderman somehow, so I'd love to see them team up! She's a pouty high schooler who loves colours, he's a snarky detective who's lost his kind-of girlfriend, together they fight the ultimate evil! Block buster fucking movie. Watching this shit is pretty epic, but then it's probably all fake so it's sort of that sick sort of thing where the guy who lost his arm to a shark loves Jaws because he likes seeing the shark get killed).

Sometimes reading all this stuff is a little weird for me. It's like when you have a bad accident, and then watch people having the same accident again and again and again. It makes me remember stuff that I've buried far away in my mind. People loosing people, people being chased away from their homes, all that stuff that I've tried to make myself forget just so I can get to sleep at night. I find that a lot of these people tend to be men who are loosing girls they like.

That doesn't stir stuff up. At all. Yeah.

In any case I've seen a few people ask the same question over and over which is 'Why do people act normal when Slenderman isn't following them and then start to talk in code when they are?'

I feel like this is a 2 part question, the 1st part very simple, the 2nd part a little more complicated.

The 1st part's answer is because stuff is normal before Slenderman is following you. Even if you feel like your life is going out of control and bad stuff is happening to you before, nothing rivals Slenderman following you. You're whole life falls apart in a way you would never think it could when this stuff happens. And before that happens, even as stuff starts to get weird, you're life is still pretty normal. A weird feeling starts to form, but not too bad. Nothing most people can't deal with.

Then it all starts to get a lot shittier.

When Slenderman really starts to follow you, when you see him, you start to lose it. Slenderman is so out of the ordinary, so out of how people are suppose to view the world and what's in it, that seeing something like that (a tall guy with no face, you will, as they say, shit bricks, my friends) that some people lose it at that moment. And that's when Slenderman gets them. When you're trying to place Selnderman in your understanding of the world he takes control. People get hollowed out. He takes control of them, if only for a little while. It's how he interacts with the world. He takes people, he turns them from normal people into his puppets. Doesn't matter if this happens over a period of minutes or months, some people just can't take it.

And he takes them.

But people aren't always as cool with that as others. They try to fight him off, or a part of them that's still them does. Some people are only susceptible to it when they sleep they're so strong, but some people only have small pieces of themselves that are still them. And those people are pissed off.

Pissed off at Him.

As you would be at any being that's trying to take over your brain and make you into a meat puppet.

And that's where the codes come in. Our brains start to kick in, know they need to protect themselves and the messages they send to the people they want to save. They makes things into code so that He won't know, so that only them and the people who they're sending it to can read it. This sometimes backfires, as these people are already pretty far gone and the codes don't make much sense. It's easy to get frustrated with this shit. Even I do sometimes. I wish they could gather they're thoughts together the way they do with the none important stuff, but they can't and their brain takes over and make all this stuff complex so that it doesn't get found out.

It's easier to just say 'Go up high to the tower I made for you to live in until you get your shit together, it's safe there, here's where it is', but it's also a lot easier for Him to find you then.

They have to choose what is right and what is easy. And they, or the part of them that's still there, chooses what's right.

That's right I quoted Harry Potter!

I'm not all living on the streets and running from evil beings that are the embodiment of all we fear.

Ok you guys, the place I'm at has played the same Katy Perry song about 100 times now so I think it's time to leave. Will post tomorrow if I can. Things have been busy over here. Like I said something is happening and He knows. I have to be on my guard. I may post my email here if anybody needs me, or maybe my P.O. Box. For now I have to go before bad pop music hollows out my brain worse then Slenderman ever could.

- M


  1. Hey M, I found your blog through your comments on Watch This City Burn.
    I've got a couple of questions, out of interest. Partly because I've found myself drawn to these people and I want to use my reasoning to help them.
    The first relates to Watch This City Burn and its parent blog Dreams In Darkness. I just wanted to get your opinion on Damien's mental state. Do you think it's actually the Slender Man that's done this, because I suspect that due to his mental illness and the unusual meds he was on, he's had a psychotic break. I just wondered, with your experience, what you make of it?
    Secondly, Zeke Strahm, the guy is a badass. Like you say, if it's true then he's onto a winner so far. Have you suggested that he look at your blog, possibly for advice or even just to compare notes?

    Keep up the good work, M. I hope to learn more so I can diseminate your knowledge to those in need.

  2. Hey Jonathan. Thanks for looking at my blog. About your 1st question I'm really not sure. I don't know Damien, and it's hard to tell if people are having mental break downs, or being followed by Slenderman, or both. I will say that when you get really into Slenderman, you tend to be a target, so the fact he had a Slenderblog and then his friend died makes me wonder if it is Slenderman.

    The thing I really wonder, though haven't asked, is if 'the crazy guy who hacked his blog' is Ted (who really didn't die and we are being lied to like earlier in his blog), or just him blanking out and trying to fight Slenderman while he's trying to control him. The fact is, Damien, unlike somebody like say Zeke Strahm, isn't trust worthy and that makes me unsure about anything he writes. My theory is that either it's all him bullshitting us, or in a few weeks, to months, everybody around him will be dead.

    Talking of Zeke Strahm, I have not given out my blog to him. I feel very weird being all 'Hey, dude, come look at my blog and learn all my secrets. Oh, by the way, sorry about your dead girlfriend! Know what cures that? Sleeping on top of high buildings! It's all in my blog, take a look!' Like some fuck on Oprah or something. Th whole thing with the door and everything is pretty new to me, so I don't know if I could help Zeke anyway. My basic strategy with all this is 'Run!'. Zeke is a lot braver then I am.

    Thanks for reading again! Glad to be of help. Remember, like I said, when you get into this shit you become a target, so you should be careful yourself.

  3. Hey M!!!

    I just want you to know Im doing my best to help those who are being stalked by Slender Man. I already know alot about him, so this PROBBALY won't change how likely he is to come after me. Anyway, I wanted to tell you something. You said he uses Fire for His Purposes. have you tried using Cold against him??? try hidding out in cooler areas. That might help.

  4. hello im with you.

    you most likely wont respond but I've made a personol blog of everything i know about him
    i have even learned that he does leave behind evidence even though people say he does not leave anything.

    i have learned many things about him if you want the info i need something from you first not much though. i think i have been looking for you for a long time now...

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  6. not money or anything like that just info

  7. Pretty sure Katy Perry is one of its servants. Just saying.