Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Keep running

It's been raining here a lot recently and still been hot. I go places and I smell like a wet dog. I don't think I've actually been inside for about 4 days. I got another email from a person asking for help, but they never got back to me and I think it was a fake. They had a 'just another fool' email but said they had never heard of Slenderman before now. If Slenderman is following you, you've heard of Slenderman beforehand, it's been passed on somehow (except with Anthony, which still bothers me). Even so I've mostly been wandering around the city, thinking about the Hawkers, and my brother, and the fucking trees. Also Zeke from Seeking Truth is gonna go open that door he keeps talking about so that should be pretty exciting/horrifying.

Not to mention the fact he probably won't come back alive.

Anyway enough of this shitty personal stuff, time to actually do a lesson. A lesson I thought I had already taught, but obviously had not pressed hard enough, which is you need to keep moving and you need to run. I mean really people, it's 1 of the 3 rules, this shit is important! I know it's hard to just up and move and start going on the run, and I know it's hard to be on the run, but know what's harder? Seeing everybody you like die or disappear. I'm tired of having to tell people to move and run and then seeing 2 weeks later they're still in their house. You need to leave and you need to leave as soon as you can. Because if you stay near the people you like when Slenderman is following you, it's like you've killed them.

Like I said, I know running isn't easy. you need to remember you're going to need food and water and to stay sharp when you're sleeping outside or on the street. If you're young try to team up with somebody else so you'll be safer. Bring warm clothes even if you don't live some place cold. Be careful who you talk to or go with. These are important things to remember. You don't want to be running from Slenderman and then get picked off by some homeless guy.

But then people still don't want to leave. They're afraid that they won't make it, or don't want to leave the people they love, or think they can stay and fight.

But you won't make it if you stay, and the people you love are screwed if you stay.

As for fighting, I don't know about that. I'm not a fighter, I don't do that kind of stupid hero shit. That's good for some people, but I have no idea if it will actually work, or if you're just running into death. At this point we don't know enough about Slenderman and what can hurt Him, or even if there's anything that can, to go off and fight Him. Without the proper research we don't have enough information to go fighting Slenderman, so it's better for now to run.

Because if you don't run you will die.

In the comments for the last entry Elizabeth asked (I read your blog by the way, Elizabeth, and you need to start running) 'About how long does one survive if they don't run?' The answer is about 2 weeks. People can get picked off pretty quickly if they're minds snap and He takes them, but usually if they really just sit around and let Slenderman get them like most of the people who made early Slenderman blogs it takes about a month in all, 2 weeks after they really start seeing Him.

Slenderman likes to play with His food.

Then again some people are different. A few months ago I met a girl named Shandi who lived out in the woods. I found her house 1 day when walking down a road and I saw it out of the corner of my eye. I almost didn't go look at it, but then I saw it.

A huge red (X) on the up stairs window of the house.

Like I said I'm not a hero, and I'm not about to run into a forest, but when I see a house covered in operator symbols I'm gonna go investigate. I mean what if there were people in there. I can't fight Slenderman, and I'm not so much for teaming up, but I can't just leave other people to fight Him alone. I can't live with that.

I pretty much ran the whole way to the house. The door wasn't locked and I went in. Every room was empty, the wood of the house was rotting, and everything seemed odd and wet. It was like the house hadn't been lived in for 40 years, though it looked like a new 1. Small, but not an old style. Then finally I made it up stairs, to the bed room in the middle of the hall between 2 others and saw her. She was sitting on a wooden chair, her hair sandy blond and thick and greasy. She clothes were the faded colours of the house and her glasses were smugged and dirty. She stared at the same spot in the wall, her hands in her lap and she was so still that when I 1st saw her for a moment I thought she was dead.

She didn't talk to me until I went right next to her and asked her a few things. All the time I was there she only told me a few things about herself and she didn't talk very much. Everything had started happening to her about the same time it had started happening to me. The house hadn't always looked like that, it had been normal. But Slenderman had been in it a few time, tried to set it on fire, basically attacked it from all sides. Her mom, dad, and sister had all died. She didn't know what had happened to her friends. She was home schooled so she didn't really have many anyway. After her sister was killed, who was 9, she had gone crazy, tried to kill Slenderman anyway she could. Tried to burn down the house herself when He was in it. Nothing had worked. Shandi had gone into the woods and tried to shot herself after all that. But it didn't work. He moved her back to the house too quickly. She couldn't live and she couldn't die.

After that Shandi stopped caring. When I lived in the house, mostly because I felt too bad to just leave her behind, she barely ate, or slept or did anything besides sit in that chair. Sometimes she talked to me, or told me stories she made up, but that was about it. She never even got the notebooks. She was too strong to be taken, and too weak to beat him.

She had lived in the house without running for months, and she was still alive. Then 1 morning I woke up, the room dark with His large form blocking the window.

He looked at me. I don't know how something without eyes can look at you, but he did, and he knew. He touched my shoulder too. It felt like being touched by glass or some soft, burning liquid. Everything went white and fell apart for a minute. Then he walked out of the room and by the time I made it out into the hallway and into her room, He was gone and so was Shandi.

I guess that answers Elizabeth's other question 'How close have you gotten to it?'

This doesn't mean that you can live as long in the house as Shandi did, keep in mind. Shandi was unusual. Like I said it usually only takes 2 weeks. But even if you're strong, if you think you can wait him out in your house, you can't. He'll get you in you stay still, even if it's after days, or weeks, or months. He'll find you, and He'll know where you and everybody you love is, and He'll kill you.

So that's the lesson for today: If you see Slenderman run, and keep running.

As always if you have any question or comments email me or leave them in the comments. For now remember to stay safe, don't listen to your dead brother, and maybe think good things about Zeke. I'm gonna go a place to take a shower or something.

- M


  1. Thank you so much. I kind of figured that's what touching...
    Well. Honestly I've been slipping and calling it him. Which scares me tremendously.
    But I figured that's what it'd feel like.

    I'll run.

  2. It's not a good feeling.

    Run as fast as you can. From your blog it seems like He's gotten pretty close to you.

  3. You needn't worry M, I passed mih on just fine...it's all about your Omens, and how long they've existed.

  4. Passsed him onto your brother. You think It Worked? It didn't.

    Omens? If you're so sane and together how about you clearly tell me what that means.