Thursday, July 8, 2010

Teaming up, except not at all

Holy gamejack, you guys!

Well not really. I don't know if the people following this saw the weird journal that commented in my last entry, but I feel like it was somebody who thought this was a ARG tried to get me in on their's. Some weird religious thing. So weird. I haven't been to church in so long, even before all this happened and even though I tried everything when it started to I never thought 'know what will help? Praying. Lets pray that Jesus or whoever will strike Slenderman down.'

I mean the last time I tried to imagine that something fake was real it worked and now it's trying to kill me.

Not that I'm putting down religion or anything. Whatever works for you is cool. I'm just saying I don't think the answer to beat this thing can be found in religion. In Seeking Truth, that Zeke guy's blog, he makes a lot of references to the Bible and stuff, but to me that make it harder to believe. As much as I'd like to think that blog is real, but all the angel of death stuff kind of turned me off. I never heard anything like that about Slenderman. But then, what people believe tends to become true, so I guess it's possible. Haven't heard of the door he has to walk through either, but it seems like he has to deal with that.

All this stuff makes me think about all the other people dealing with this and how hard it is to tell if it's real or not over the internet. I feel like everybody wants all the people fighting this to 'team up' or something and I'm just not sure how I feel about that. Like I said before big groups are more dangerous then just going around by yourself. I mean 2 people are ok but a whole group just makes Him stronger. I made this blog to help, but I don't know if I want to team up with people.

At the same time I feel sort of weird just watching people run around freaking out and not doing anything. I have a hard enough time commenting on other people's blogs, I don't think I could ever be like 'Hey guys, come to New York and we can hang on stoops and watch each other's backs! Yay!'

Evil is following me and I'm watching it tear people's lives apart and I'm shy.

What the fuck is wrong with me?

In any case a short blog entry today. A lot of stuff has happened in the last few days. I got a few interesting things in my P.O. Box 1 of which made me go to Florida. The person I was suppose to meet up with wasn't there. Slightly disconcerting. At least I got to move around some. All the travel has made me tired. I need to get my thoughts together and then do a real entry. I'll post more about that later. At least I didn't see anything too bad, though it was worrying. If anybody knows a Daphne Shawlts tell her I came to look for her, but I guess I missed her or something. Also, again, anybody who has any question or anything leave them in the comments and I'll get back to you as quick as I can.

For now though I need to find a tall roof top and sleep.

- M


  1. i really don't know what to believe of this, but i've seen things that weren't real but were in a way. so i may never know, but i wish you luck nonetheless.
    btw- the seeking truth guy says that if you were stalked as a child, ur targeted as an adult if u got away. i really don't know if this is true. i played in the woods alot with a buddy, it was fun.

  2. 'Weren't real but were in a way' is actually a great way to describe all this I think. Slenderman wasn't real until everybody started thinking about Him and made Him real I think, but there's always stuff out there that's manifested by people, just not stuff as strong. Maybe that's what people were seeing as kids, just stuff they were so afraid of it became real, but didn't have the power to stick around for as long as Slenderman is today.

    The whole about being stalked as a child is sort of fishy to me because I don't believe Slenderman was real until about a year ago, but like I said maybe it was something like Slenderman. Then again, kids have imaginary friends all the time, and play out in the woods all the time, so just because you had both of those doesn't mean Slenderman is going to target you.

    My advice to you, don't think about it too much. Go read some fantasy or something. Or play some Halo. Whichever is good.

  3. The pathetic thing is as a child my imagination never went farther than the trees, so my imagination just stayed there with them. I had an imaginary friend but I KNEW she wasn't there. It was quite sad, the only time I ever had any imagination was when I in my own little world. Just me.

  4. I think that's what imagination is. Your own little world. If you know it's not real it's ok. Especially since your imaginary friend was a girl.

  5. To be fair to Zeke, he doesn't believe any of the religious stuff either. It's what other people are telling him.

  6. Hmm, when I was a kid and I felt that sensation that comes with the animal hind brain telling you that you're about to be in big trouble, whether real or not... and this is weirdly embarrassing to admit, now, I would do a few things depending on the situation that I suppose are like mental exercises. If it was dark out, and I was mostly by myself, I would imagine myself as a tiny rabbit and concentrate on projecting that appearance on anyone who drove or walked by. Fast and impossible to catch. As I grew up instead of that, I'd focus on being impossibly huge and intimidating. Not that I would change the way that I dressed or acted, but whenever I adopted either practice I would be left alone.

    I experimented with the idea of raising this imaginary bubble around myself for a number of reasons. Taking the time to focus on imagining yourself completely surrounded by such a thing usually gave my mind time to calm down and better assess the situation, and made me feel safer. When it was cold out, sometimes it helped me to feel as though I was staying warmer.

    Lastly, when I felt that something was lurking -- either under the bed, in the closet, or outside the window -- I would focus a friendly presence wherever the fearful presence was coming from, in the form of a strong ally who would rip the threatening presence to shreds. Sometimes I would tell the fearful presence that it could only stay there if it meant no harm, otherwise it had to GTFO, and that was enough.

    Anyways, TL;DR I practiced a lot of ways to keep things like this at bay as a kid. And while I was in quite a few situations that make me wonder how I managed to get out unscathed (with strangers and just in creepy situations), I always managed to come out on top.

    Sorry this is so long! Your post brought back some memories that had fallen completely by the wayside for me!

  7. You know, I'd like to talk with you personally, but for now all I'm going to say here is that you should look into hobo signs( I know I know, but just think on it and hit me up)

  8. Terry - Yeah I use to do that kind of stuff to. I was a pretty normal kid, but I was sort of uncomfortable without my brother so I use to have to calm my self down by pretending I was hiding places and surrounded by stuff as well. Kids do that and I think it's how they practice how to be adults and avoid the real evil in the world. Or maybe we were just weird kids. Either way it's coming in handy now.

    Premmy - Hobo signs? I'm not a hobo. I just sleep on the street (sounds way better).

  9. I'm religious, but I know enough about God to know that He's not gonna take down slenderman when He's given us the tools and killing experience to do the job ourselves.
    If you're gonna pray, pray that you'll be ready when you meet him and even then, only do it when you're ready.
    And the capital He is for God, not some wood elf thing.

  10. "The whole about being stalked as a child is sort of fishy to me because I don't believe Slenderman was real until about a year ago, but like I said maybe it was something like Slenderman."

    Interesting you should say that, I have a small theory on that matter. It may be that when the collective belief of mankind reached that critical mass & that slender bastard made the journey from figment to phantasm, it wasn't just in the present. This may be a little metaphysical, but I think it's possible that once it became real it became real for all time, not just from the present onward. Either that or as you say, the evil presence melded with some already existing malevolent force to form what we now know as "Slenderman". It must have existed in some form beforehand, as the evidence far predates the SA topic.

    I'm bummed I'm so far behind, maybe someone will see this anyway & be able to make some sort of use of it.

  11. The first comment about bring targeted as an adult because you got away as a child makes me think of the horror films Nightmare on Elm Street. The kids were being stalked by Freddy, which was "new" to them, but really they just had repressed memories from when they were younger kids. Maybe that's what's going on. people /did/ have interaction with him; but just don't remember it.